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Walmart Document Shows HTC One Arriving on Verizon This Month, Replacing the DNA

htc one official2

Remember how disappointed you were the day that HTC announced the One and that the only major carrier across the globe that had decided to pass on it was Verizon? Thankfully, your disappointment may be short-lived, as reports yesterday suggested that Big Red would indeed carry a variant of the One, but that it would arrive later after it passed through testing. Or will it arrive right on time?

According to a Walmart wireless department document that crossed our path today, the mega-market is expecting Verizon’s variant to arrive in March (this month) alongside those headed to AT&T and Sprint. Once it does, the One will replace the HTC DROID DNA on shelves.

So what do we think? I’m not exactly sure what to think. My mind keeps saying, “If this phone was coming to Verizon this soon, why wasn’t it announced back with all other carriers?” But I guess you never know, maybe Verizon and HTC were continuing talks and weren’t ready to mention anything back in February.

I was also wondering if Walmart hadn’t simply mixed up the HTC One for T-Mobile, but when they specifically claim that the this Verizon version will replace the DNA, you can almost throw that idea out.

So…are you ready for Verizon’s HTC One? Before saying “yes!” – let’s let this sit for a few days and see what happens.

walmart htc one

Cheers ___!

  • HarryMyhre

    i seem to remember that Verizon HTC Touch Pro2 was on the market for about a month and was then yanked.

  • I hope they make another Droid DNA with similar build to the HTC One, I love the wireless charging and 5″ screen on the DNA. I really love not needing to plug my phone in…

  • Nope, bummer.

  • kenny

    I have heard that Verizon told HTC not to put a expandable SD slot in the DNA . Verizon is also the only carrier to come out with a new HTC phone with a quad core Processor in the last few months. What I am getting at is the purpose of all this is money. They new they were going to get the new phone but had HTC release this one so they could get as much money as they could then release the new HTC 1. Remember they way they released the Droid Razzr and then a few months later released the Razzr MAXX. It pissed people off who had just the bought the regular RAzzr with the lessor battery.

  • Well, don’t know if it’s anything to go by, but Wirefly.com has had the Droid DNA for $50 with a contract for quite awhile now, and considering that Verizon stores are still trying to squeeze $200 out them might mean something. Maybe Wirefly knows something we don’t. Why else would they be basically “liquidating” the DNA for $50 a piece? Definitely something to keep our eyes on.

    • powdereddonuts

      I bought two for my wife and I last month off of Amazon for 49.99 each under contract. Not bad for an awesome phone.

  • Chris

    Personally not the biggest fan of the look of Sense 5. But every Android site I’ve read recently says the front speakers are amazing, as is the build quality and display. I would love to head to a Verizon store and test it out. if I can get used to Sense 5, great. If not, I’ll probably just put stock on it!

    • Derek Traini

      Sense 5, for me, actually isn’t that bad at all! I put it on my DNA and it is really great. Most of their apps look much greater than any version of sense before.

      • Chris

        I was not a big fan of the new settings menu and the app drawer widget and all of their new icons. Maybe I’ll get used to it, but I’ll find out soon enough!

  • Joe

    Why do these companies feel we want giant screens? 4.3-4.5″ is large enough. Get a clue, i don’t want to carry a gigantic phone in my pocket.

  • sith77

    f u verizon

    sincerely DNA owners

  • NemaCystX

    I just had an epiphany

    Remember when HTC announced the HTC One and the website showed a red version, but it was later deleted shortly after the announcement.

    I think that may be Verizon’s exclusive deal in order to carry the HTC One (just like it got Wireless charging exclusively on the HTC 8X)

    I think (again) why HTC deleted the Red one was because Verizon hasn’t announced it and it would raise questions as to where or who would get the red variant. Atleast thats my conspiracy theory lol

  • NemaCystX

    Knowing Verizon, the reason they didn’t announce it with the other carriers is so they can continue selling the DROID DNA, because remember how Verizon was supposedly not biting since it was too similar to the DNA? That could be false, HTC needs every market they can with the same industrial design to be able to fight the likes of Apple and Samsung. It just doesn’t seem fair that a single company can be allowed to sell its identical product on all carriers and others can’t, thats just unfair competition in my opinion, even if its because of the carriers demanding exclusive variants to set them apart. It only hurts the OEM selling it, probably one of the reasons why HTC is hurting right now, too many variants and not enough sales on each one to keep a profit. Just my opinion

  • S2556

    DNA Fire Sale would be cool!

  • cb2000a

    I have to say that I like the style of this phone better than the S4.

  • Paul Gormley

    So they lock the DNA down with the update so you can’t customize it, then they abandon it out to pasture pretty much giving the middle finger to all DNA owners. Verizon blows.

  • Ibrick

    Sincerely, DNA owners.

  • As someone who views a lot of docs and values an SD card, I am torn between this and the Note 2. Any thoughts?

  • Bionic

    X phone

    • Joe

      Ok, NEG HIM

  • Trevor

    Italicized “Read More” button. Intriguing.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Maybe verizon has been planning where to put there logo since there isn’t a big button to put it on

  • Tim242

    Don’t believe this for a second.

  • Maybe they will call it the DROID DNA 2?

  • jnt

    I can almost guarantee you this is wrong. We have two Supercenters in our area both with their own Walmart Wireless stores. I was in one of them a few weeks ago, not only did they not carry the Razr HD / Maxx HD, they didn’t even know what they were – and this was the *manager*.

    The other store was the same, thinking the older Maxx and Razr were the latest and greatest, not having a clue about the HD’s (though it wasn’t the manager this time).

    Now it’s slightly possible the WALMART is replacing the DNA with the One, since they don’t carry every device. But #1, March will be wrong – someone just transposed that or made that assumption based on the other carriers, and #2, that doesn’t mean the DNA is being killed off of Verizon at all.

    • jnt

      Plus add to that every other piece of information surrounding the One on Verizon to this point…

  • Exactly why I won’t buy another HTC. Dna will live the same fate as the thunderbolt.

  • Dain Laguna

    i feel bad for dna owners.

    not because the dna is a bad phone, but at what verizon puts its customers through. now they’ll be stuck on 2 year contracts with a great display…but not a handset i see many folks choosing over the one if they knew ‘the one’ was coming out a few months later.

    i’m glad the one is on verizon. hopefully it puts a stop to vzw’s antics.

    • LionStone

      I’m really diggin the aluminum body and front speakers. I have the dna, no contract though. If it comes to VZW and I jump on the One, I will miss the wireless charging but its a fair swap.

    • hushdrops

      Yeah but anyone that bougjt a DNA knew that it wasn’t reallyaanything special and should’ve waited for the next gen .model which is now to be soon available, I’m holding out for the one and s4 .

  • Alexander Garcia

    Oh man! Stop gettin’ my hopes up Kel! Haha.

  • Crankintopwater69

    Id trade this 5lb bass I caught yesterday for this dream phone.

    • EC8CH

      only if it’s a delicious bass

    • What’s the battery life like on that thing?
      Looks like it has a big storage capacity.

  • Crankintopwater69

    My dream phone-HTC shell,KLP,Qualcomm 800,and a Sony 8-13mp cam on AT&T or Tmo.

  • So my DNA is obsolete? Thanks HTC and Verizon.

    • T4rd

      Definitely not “obsolete.” Just replaced. The DNA will probably still be sold, just at a lower price. Hopefully this drives down used DNA prices so I can replace my wife’s Rezound with one for $250 or so used B-).

  • The HTC one is the only phone since my gnex that has really peaked my interest. Regardless if i leave or stay on Verizon I’ll probably be getting this phone.

    • Tim242

      Camera is terrible

      • From the reviews I’ve read I don’t think terrible is accurate. The camera on the gnex is terrible. What i read was that the One camera takes decent dark pictures but day time pictures don’t look as detailed.
        That said, I am fine with an average camera on a phone, if i want to take great photos I’ll use my actual camera.

  • Stevedub40

    Man, I know tech moves fast, but I just got the DNA!

    • powdereddonuts

      It’s a solid phone. You will be happy. Hopefully you got it for 49.99 like I did.

  • zepfloyd


    Really Kel? How about they don’t want to cannibalize DNA sales for the next 2 months or deal with immediate PR headaches?

    • Dain Laguna

      then they should stop asking htc to build them one off devices no one else in the states is getting! i hope people give them hell for this.

  • Sam

    Perhaps they meant replacing the DNA at Walmart? I can’t see how Verizon would do such a thing to a relatively new phone. Then again, it is Verizon we’re talking about.

    • LionStone

      That’s how I take it too… just for Walmart they’ll replace the DNA.

  • Nic Romero

    Non-removable battery is a buzz kill for me!

    • Joe

      Try a phone charger.

  • Barlog

    Damn, I was actually happy Verizon wasn’t getting it so I wouldn’t regret not waiting and buying the DNA last month. I had a feeling if I would have just waited a month something better would come out. But oh well that’s how it goes in the mobile world

  • Tyler Casilio

    I doubt it 100%.

  • Mr ilheis

    This will be my new phone. I love my G-Nex and will still use it daily but I’m ready for the One. HTC was the original OEM that took a chance on Android and I would love to help them get a foot out of the grave. Plus the Developer community I’m sure will take a liking to the One.

    • I’m hoping so, too. I’m just wondering what will happen with the bootloader and if S-OFF happens or not…Same boat as the GS4 I’m sure, but look what happened with the GS3. If you have enough people willing to donate, someone out there will crack the bootloader. Not sure there will be enough folks to drive that same kind of thing for the One, unless HTC (stupidly) locks the bootloader for all carriers, not just VZW.

      • Mr ilheis

        Is there is a will there is a way and I’m sure the Dev community will fall behind this device. I mean it’s a flagship HTC device. Takes me back to my HTC Droid Inc (OG). I’m psyched!

        • Yep! Fellow dinc -> gnex -> (hoping for AOSP One) person here 🙂

          • Sirx

            You mind schooching over a bit there–I’d like to hop on this train, too.
            Dinc(8) -> Gnex(2) -> One(1?)

            I’ve gone through so many yet so few phones :-/

          • bujiwam

            Me, too!

        • Tim242

          Awful camera

  • Walmart trains their employees? I’m calling shenanigans!

  • Very interesting. If this is true and the One gets dev attention, maybe I’ll actually be able to run AOSP on an HTC phone on Verizon relatively quickly out the door! I just wish the One had a multi-color LED. I’d trade that for better radios than the SG4 will likely have, though, I think. I’m going to sit tight with my gnex and decide on X/GS4/One. The GS4 will almost certainly get the most dev love, but perhaps the One will be a close 2nd.

    • Dain Laguna

      i would say the x phone will, but since it’ll be running near-asop…whats there to mod? 😉

      • Um, all the features CM/AOKP (etc) provide? 😉

  • DCABuckeye

    On HTC’s site Verizon is an option for carrier select for the $100.00 gift card with a One purchase.

    • So is every other carrier….it means nothing.

      • grittytime

        The option for Verizon wasn’t there when i signed up last tuesday.

      • Ron_Swanson

        Wow. Do you douchebag much? Because you are good at it….

        • Do you know what that means Ron? If you don’t like theHTC ONE, DONT BUY IT Dude. get a friggen Apple or S3 or some other POS.

        • I am? Your coming of as more of a douche than me.

  • Jared Carter

    is it going to have any better battery life than the DNA? 32GB Version maybe?

    • Dain Laguna

      it has a smaller screen, more efficient processor and a bigger battery than the dna. and 32gigs on board.

      • hkklife

        Rumors say only 16Gb internal on the VZW. So same as DNA, unfortunately

  • Austin Warren

    Oh just another rehashed device. Nobody cares.

    • Sqube

      Have you been reading the HTC One reviews? It’s not exactly just a boring rehash of the DNA. It’s a top-tier phone with gorgeous design and some interesting new choices (front-facing stereo speakers, Ultrapixel camera, Sense 5 which is actually not a lumbering mess).

      • Austin Warren

        ultra pixel camera blows, and beats audio sucks.

        • Sqube

          Well, based on your extensive use of the device and your well-reasoned explanation, I can only retire from the field of battle.

          Well played, good sir. Well played.

          • Austin Warren

            1. Beats audio is the biggest gimmick of all time.
            2. I’ve seen samples of camera quality, and everything.

            But go ahead and believe it as something “revolutionary”

          • Alex Smith

            Beats is a huge gimmick, but all reviews I’ve read have commended both the camera, and even against their better judgement, Ive seen the one’s called the best speakers on a phone to date

          • Sqube

            It’s a gimmick that seems to work for the speakers, according to reviews I’ve read.

            The camera isn’t the best in the world, but I’d be interested in seeing a lot more reviews (and seeing them for myself) before coming to a final decision. I’m definitely concerned about the decision, but admire the effort.

            I don’t actually recall using the word revolutionary. I said they made some interesting new choices.

          • zwieblekopf

            Beats audio might be a gimmick, but front facing speakers are not.

            And even a small improvement over the typical phone sound is still an improvement. I’m excited for the day phone audio quality can match my ipod classic, which is admittedly not saying a whole lot.

          • Dain Laguna

            dude. why are you SUCH a troll. we get it. you like samsung. non one cares. if you dont care about htc, why post so much in articles about them. thats called TROLLING.

            the only camera review on the one i’ve read that even insinuated the camera was only ok was the verge’s. everywhere else its been praised, even if its not the 2nd coming.

            and beats audio sounds great on my evo lte. to each his own. i think samsungs phone materials arent all that great, but you wont see me bringing that up in every samsung article now do you?

        • the Htc one will be a good selling phone if Htc market it well, and the new sense looks great

        • Tim242

          Yeah, that 4 MP camera is awful.

        • fknkev
      • michael o’brien

        I love how with every new version of Sense, someone says…OH, but they fixed it, its not as cumbersome, it runs fast, its helpful. You would think that they would learn.

        • Sqube

          Well, I intend on rooting the device and installing a custom ROM on it as soon as possible. So I don’t really care either way whether Sense is good or not.

          That said, maybe the reason people it isn’t as cumbersome with every new version is because it’s actually becoming less cumbersome with every version. I mean, that is at least a possibility, is it not?

      • Tim242

        Every reviewer says picture quality is terrible.

        • Sqube

          The Verge’s review said that they weren’t impressed with how much noise reduction processing was happen, but that it took quality shots in low-light.

          Engadget: “In short, even though it’s not perfect and we’d love to be able to get more detail from zoomed-in shots, the One’s UltraPixels methodology appears to be completely sound. We’re confident enough in its quality, in fact, to declare the One as our new go-to camera.”

          Phone Arena: “When it comes to the actual pictures, we are mostly happy with the results. Images turned out fairly sharp and dynamic range was good. Letting more light in brightens up the images and on a cloudy day you can almost instantly tell the difference. Colors are definitely a bit oversaturated, nothing too annoying, but not natural either.”

          Tech Radar said that there’s a lot of noise in the images, due to the lower megapixel count,but it had good light levels and the pictures looked good on the phone (which is where most cell phone pictures remain).

          I didn’t see anybody actually call the camera terrible. Could you link to some of those reviews? I’m excited about this phone, but I think it’s always important to think through tech decisions and read reviews from different sources.

  • C-Law

    Walmart doesn’t carry very many phones so I’m sure they replace phone long before eol. Verizon will probably sell this much longer

  • TSY87

    This phone is HOT!!! I like where HTC is going these days after losing their way over the past few generations of phones. The design looks amazing and the hardware seems top notch. And FINALLY someone put speakers on the front!!! now we finally dont have to cup the bottom of our phones awkwardly when showing friends videos and whatnot. I cant believe it took this long.

    The only true deal breaker for me is the non removable battery. I don’t care if the phone can last an entire day of normal usage on one charge… if you have ever gone somewhere that has a high concentration of people (sporting arenas, concerts, theme parks) your battery gets drained super fast and the only real solution is to have a spare battery to swap in.

    • Mr ilheis

      Portable juice packs are becoming more prodominant and cheaper.

      • TSY87

        okay, lets see who can reach a full charge faster, me by swapping a fresh battery or you, plugging your phone to an external battery. Also, have you tried using the phone while trying to charge it with a juice pack… ? not really an ideal situation. Swapping batteries >>>>>>>>>> plugging it into an external battery and waiting hours for it to recharge while it dangles off the side.

        • Dain Laguna

          does that make more sense than having your phone turn off while using it because you have to remove the battery?

          • TSY87

            valid point, but my phone currently takes a little less then a minute to reboot (gnex with cm10). Id rather have it off for a minute vs slowly charging with a cord dangling out of my phone for hours. Not to mention, if you put your phone plugged into the juice pack in your pocket you can really easily damage the USB port as it jostles around.

          • Timothy McGovern

            Oh yeah. Well I think extra batteries are stupid. My point is valid.

          • TSY87

            …you realize a juice pack is simply a battery with a cord hanging off of it right… ? #notsureifserious

          • Tim242

            It takes 10-15 seconds to change a battery and reboot.

          • NemaCystX

            unless your using the element stored inside the battery for NFC for certain apps (which shall remain unnamed) then its a matter of losing that functionality once you swap to another battery that doesn’t have that NFC token

          • Tim242

            I only use OEM batteries. With the larger batteries coning out, extra batteries are not as needed.

    • LionStone

      I have used my dna at sporting events and theme parks, taking hi res images and video, uploading to G+, sharing, etc. and the 2020mAh handled it fine. The 2300 mAh will be even better. HTC got their battery efficiencies down. So glad I don’t have to mess with extra batteries any more.

      • TSY87

        hmm… good to know. My experience with my nexus has really made me paranoid about being without a wall charger (in the office) or spare batteries when im out and about. All I know is, my friends with Note 2’s which can typically last 20+ hours of solid use normally, will have battery issues at disneyland.

  • Joe

    Fingers crossed for Verizon. I was super pissed when I heard they would be after the rest of the carriers, but hopefully they pull through in a timely manner. It’s HTC One or the S4…

  • ceejw

    I’m thinking this will be the successor to my Galaxy Nexus. I’ll wait and see what Google shows at I/O but I doubt I’ll be able to use anything they announce on Verizon.

    • I would make sure you take it for a test run first before replacing your Galaxy Nexus. I replaced the GNex with the DNA and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get past Sense. Even with a replacement launcher the dialer and everything else about the phone felt off. I sold it after two months and went back to the GNex. Hopefully something new comes out that is stock or close to stock like Motorola just did with the RAZR updates.

      • i myself like sense but each their own, i see mainly moto or nexus( if one ever comes to verizon again) in your future.

      • ceejw

        With sliding messages, nova laucher, a custom icon pack and dolphin browser I don’t think I’ll be hurting too bad. Plus I can’t imagine that it will be long until someone figures out a hack for S-off and I’m flashing CM.

        • Yeah I sold mine the week before cm broke through on the phone but from what I understand it is still a little buggy. Your right though easy to get rid of a lot of the sense. But ultimately what you prefer is your choice. The DNA was a solid phone and I am sure this will be too.

  • Fingers crossed


    That didn’t take long…

  • Greg Morgan

    I can’t believe VZW is killing the DNA already. I thought it was a great phone.

    • blah

      Its a good phone, but not a great phone. Battery life has prevented “greatness” MKBHD says battery life is horrid.

      • Greg Morgan

        I had it for a few weeks, battery life wasn’t “horrid”. Not a Maxx by any means, but not that bad.

    • Butters619

      Knowing Verizon, they will hold on to their Ones for a couple more months while they move the last of their DNAs. Only to put them out to pasture where they will never get updated again.

      • Edwin M

        You make my Rezound and me weep 🙁

      • Greg Morgan

        Right on that one. I think HTC just releases new phones just so they don’t have to update old ones.

        • haha sure does seem that way, doesn’t it? Maybe if they didn’t have to port sense every time…

        • Dain Laguna

          wait wait wait just a minute here.

          if htc had it their way, back at the start of 2012, verizon would have had the one x.

          but nope, verizon wanted something carrier exclusive. so they bastardized the one s into the incredible lte. then to appease verizon, the dna comes out, with little to no fanfare.

          it may feel like htc is doing this…but its verizon. if verizon would just be content with letting htc sell their flagships, you wouldnt feel like the dna was getting pushed to the side.

          • NemaCystX

            your spot on, but I think HTC deserves the chance to finally have a design on all carriers after submitting to the carrier exclusivity variant crap. That exclusive variant strategy only hurts the OEM in my opinion, it costs more on marketing, you have to sell more units since your making different versions and that can all add up to a huge loss if they don’t sell enough of each one.

            Launching a single design on all carriers is what SHOULD have happened back in the early 2000’s its absurd that you can’t get a certain model since its locked into a exclusive agreement with another carrier. If there gonna do that, they need to get rid of contracts and focus more on service to keep the customers.

            Either way, Apple, Samsung and now HTC launching on all carriers could start a revolution of having a single design for flagships in the future on other brands as well.

            but knowing the ones that come to Verizon, the price the OEM pays is having to include a locked bootloader regardless of there stance on them.

            One of the reasons I think HTC announced the HTC One developer edition. (deja vu huh?)

          • The Htc One will be released to all carriers as ONE.

        • Yea right, they hate making $$.

      • That seems more like Wal-Mart is replacing the DNA with the One on their shelves, not Verizon. I see no reason Verizon wouldn’t continue selling both.

        • Butters619

          The One has a bigger battery, better processor, more storage, and slightly smaller screen. I just see it completely cannibalizing DNA sales unless they drop the DNA price to like $50.

          • Yes Can already get the dna for 49.99 on wire flying, I see the dna dropping to 149 or 100 and the One selling for 199 or 249 for the 32 gb version

          • T4rd

            Yeah, it’s more likely they will continue to sell it, just at a reduced price. Probably more like $100 or occasional $50 sales until EOL since it really destroys most other phones with those contract prices (LG Spectrum 2 or Razr M).

          • That’s what I hope for, however I have a feeling it might go for $300.

    • chris125

      The DNA was a stop gap just to get released before the end of the year.

    • it is a great phone, i see them start selling this in late april or may

      • Also i know some people who bought a Dna, maybe mad about this, but i am not, i am happy the One will be coming all carriers in the states, now i am just hoping that Moto and Lg will be doing the same with their next top of the line phones

    • kixofmyg0t

      Hmm. I remember this happening a couple years ago with another “DROID” branded phone…..

    • NemaCystX

      I personally think this is an emergency product release that is coming to all carriers to give HTC a fair advantage since Sammy has been scoring a release for a single design across all carriers for the past two flagship phones.

      The HTC One is probably a last ditch effort to get them back on track,

      but of course remember how Verizon opted out of the MicroSD slot and extremely small internal storage for the DNA? That could have been intentional because they KNEW about the HTC One even before the DNA was released. They opt out on features to use those as bullet points for future phones, unfortunately when it comes to Verizon, it usually means crappy specs and late devices for what technology they hold inside

    • droidbeat

      True. The DNA is the best phone you can buy right now. But, the One seems better except for its lack of wireless charging. It’d be nice if there were an upgrade special for those who have the DNA.

    • Are you serious, the DNA was a stop-gap phone until the ONE comes out.

  • shelderman

    I don’t care what anyone says, I love the new HTC and even it’s flipboard home screen. It’s a good mix b/w a windows and android plus you can remove it if you don’t like it. Anyway, the body style is 1000% times better than the new S3/4.

    • Tim242

      You can not remove bf.

      • David Yeatts

        Maybe you can’t remove it, but you can use an alternative launcher, right?

        • Of course! It’s running android afterall.

          Also I think the UI of Sense 5.0 looks super sleek, even though it’s probably going to get a decent amount of dev support I will leave it the way it is.

          • NemaCystX

            If the HTC One is coming to all carriers as is, you bet there will be a good amount of Dev support. Look at the S3 thanks to its universal launch.

            It had roms from developers that didn’t even have all the carriers models, some devs even made a rom for every US carrier. I see success for the HTC One because of the beautiful hardware and upgraded Sense 5 that has been toned down.

            We’ll still hear complaints that it slows the phone down and that the battery sucks and blah blah blah.

            Who cares, not everyone gets the same battery life and duh, software, even launchers that aren’t Sense will slow your phone down, its software thats running all the time as your home screen.

            Were in a generation where energy is precious, even if were green, energy is becoming more and more used than it was a decade ago. For the people that say battery sucks, use your battery more efficiently by controlling what is running in the background and turn on/off certain settings that will save your battery life. The problem is, people think we have unlimited energy so they charge and assume there battery should last the entire day with heavy use. Yeah it might work for the DROID RAZR MAXX but look at how thick and heavy that beast is.

            There is a trade off for everything, if you want something a certain way, and the HTC One doesn’t appeal to you, don’t get it, its as simple as that, more for the fans to buy without worry of a shortage

      • fknkev

        … You must own an iPhone or something. Of course you can remove BF. You will also lose all of sense too. The Rom community will probably be able to release Sense Roms w/o BF as well. There is always a way.

        • Tim242

          You’re funny. I have a Note II. I have had many HTC phones, and the Gnex. Out of the box, BF cannot be removed. I’m not talking about custom ROM’s. Most people do not bother with that. It is especially difficult on HTC devices. It takes many months to achieve S-off. Do you have anymore silly assumptions you’d like to make?

          • NemaCystX

            but S-off is mainly just for kernel flashing isn’t it? Not everyone flashes a new kernel

          • You can effectively eliminate it by turning off all the feeds and relegating it to another home screen. then you’ll never see it or get battery-draining effects.

          • Tim242

            You can also use another launcher. But, that’s beside the point. There’s no reason to have a non-removable widget for the 90+% of people that don’t use alternative launchers.

          • That is correct, but it is immaterial. That’s like me complaining that there’s a search function built into the iphone if i swipe left that I don’t want even though I just ignore it and never use it.

          • Tim242

            But this is Android. We’re supposed to be able to put stuff where we want it, or not have anything at all. What about the people that use a lot of widgets and need that fifth screen? It is not the biggest of deals, but it is just a widget. What if they decided to do more of this?

          • George264

            most people also enjoy blinkfeed. the numbers for people using fb and instagram(and people reading the news, on twitter) speaks for itself. I myself love the BlinkFeed.

      • NemaCystX

        until its rooted that is 😛 or enough complaints that HTC issues a software update to make it optional