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Google Confirms Glass Will Work With Your Eye Prescriptions


As many have asked, will Google Glass work for those that need prescription eye wear to see? Google went to their Project Glass Google+ page to set the record straight and yes, there will be a solution. Seen above is a member of the Glass team, rocking some sweet frames with prescription lenses and Google Glass. 

We’re still perfecting the design for prescription frames. Although the frames won’t be ready for the Explorer Edition’s release, hang in there — you can expect to see them later this year.

It’s exciting to know that we are nearing the launch of this product. With Google I/O around the corner, I think we are really going to see this technology take some of the spotlight this year.

What’s great is that this might actually convince Kellex to get a pair.

Via: +Project Glass

  • Prescription Sunglasses

    Prescription Sunglasses

    I need to choose a frame that suits me and I found one that works. I noticed that rectangular frames suit me, but somehow look a bit too much.

  • opti-grab optional

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  • JohnPA2006

    Hi I wear a knitted beenie hat, wear a internet connected video HUD device on my face.
    I like to wear traffic cone orange shirts, and enjoy being mistaken for Corey Feldman after 20 cheesburgers (cheezbergers?) I can record every square inch of my moms basement ( I mean my apt) and live stream it to my friends.

  • JohnPA2006

    I’m sorry but if I see one person wearing these things in real life, I may just beat them with a stick. This angers me almost as much as people using iPads like camera’s out in public.

  • Pedro

    I was thinking Mandy Patinkin.

  • It’s seoul from Homeland!

  • Core

    there’s an eerie resemblance to corey feldman there.

  • wm snyder

    so tim that would cost kellex $2400.00 to go to google i/o

  • Stewie

    What I find interesting will be how the eye tracking will work through the lenses that may have a heavy prescription, I know it only has to see the eyeball, but if imagine someone with the coke bottle lenses …. but yes, I think it should snap onto existing frames as well, no reason we should shell out more than we already do for scripted lenses (you would think VZ runs most optometry places and frame houses with the fracking markups…)

  • I’ll be shaving immediately. I don’t want to take any chance that my big beard makes me look anything like this big dork in the article.

  • M_Ed

    What is up with all the cool facial hair in almost every Google glass picture?

    • Joey

      It’s fun, except a few of the mustaches, some were rather frightening.

    • wm snyder

      they need the facial hair to create a static field energy field to power the device you know zero point energy

  • mplacido9

    I could see Kellen wearing those…. But only if they were white.

  • havrin

    The guy in the picture looks like Corey Feldman with a beard LOL

  • Kevin Lemen

    No offense to the guy in the picture, but in relation to comments about size of the device, I’m sure there was reason behind picking a guy with a relatively large head/face. Put this on a petite woman and the size of the device will be even more undesirable.

  • Mark Wilk

    Would love something that can “snap” on to the side of existing prescription frames or a “Google glass frame” for those of us who wear contacts some days and glasses others.

  • normmcgarry

    Look at that beautiful beard.


    Let me know when you smash them into my contact lenses.

    • wm snyder

      with your bio current they will be able to super impose the images into your contact you will have one red eye and one natural

  • epps720

    Doesn’t look AS weird. Blends in a little more with the glasses

  • Reggie T

    This will be the new bluetooth earpiece lol

  • onojam

    Will it work with monocles?

    • JoshGroff

      I sure hope so.

    • KG

      Like a sir?

      • Droidzilla

        Ah good sir . . .

    • Butters619

      Mr. Peanut approves this message

  • Austin Warren

    Can’t wait to get some free stuff at Google i/O!

    • Joey

      I hope you’re referring to the knowledge, attending I/O purely for free hardware is a lot of douchebaggery.

      • Austin Warren

        Considering it’s only $300 and I’ve never been to San Fran. Both.

      • Sock

        With a $1300 registration fee, I’d hardly call that hardware “free”

        • Joey

          $1300? The fact that attendees are not guaranteed any gadgets classifies any ones that they do receive as “gifts” or “free”.

  • Jordan Marrie

    Like anyone needs convinced to grab a pair of these.

  • This is good, but hold on– I already have frames that I really like and paid for. I’d prefer to use Glass with those than to have to get NEW prescription lenses for a pair of frames that — while they have the incredible Glass mounted on them — I don’t like as much as my own.

    Hopefully this solution they’re exploring includes an option that merely attaches to my own specs.

    • I can see Google partnering with frame designers years from now to integrate a smaller package directly into the frames. DO that and I’m sold.

    • Keith G

      Yes! Lots of smart people at Google are probably thinking the same thing. I expect we will see that eventually.

    • Shane Redman

      I believe the Verge did a “Day with Glass” video and they talked about this–partnerships and what not. They said that the actual eye piece is detachable with 2 small screws and can be added to personal frames.

      • sirmeili

        I would rather an easier way of removing it. With some places saying they will ban them, or just because I don’t think I’ll always need them, it would be nice to be able to quickly remove them while still being able to actually see with my glasses.

        I don’t think that carrying around 2 pairs of glasses is acceptable either.

        • Pedro

          Yeesh! Complaining about hypothetical options for an unavailable product that may or may not be acceptable in random locations.


          • sirmeili

            wow…..complaining about someone else’s post that is more a comment rather than a complain? You must have way too much free time on your hands.

          • Pedro

            Actually, I have just the right amount of free time. Work, family, health. I balance them all.
            It’s a blessing.

        • dray

          Its the reason I don’t wear sunglasses anymore..lol… when I take them off I need my normal glasses. Needed to carry a bag for two glasses…I felt like a chick.

    • wm snyder

      clip on coming?

    • michael arazan

      Not to mention those who wear prescription glasses like myself also have a pair of prescription sun glasses and also back up glasses too. Would be nice to be able to mount it to any glasses you prefer, plus regular people wear sun glasses everyday and have a couple pair. Also what about people who wear helmets when biking, rock climbing, motor cross, or any activity that you need a helmet for, the helmet might obscure your g-Glass while wearing them.

  • aBabyPenguin

    Very cool, I can’t wait for I/O this year.

  • Thomas

    Looks like Eric’s dad likes ’em

    • Dee Mann

      Hahaha halarious!

  • Still not convinced. I’ll wait for version 5.0 when the sensor and all hardware are small enough to fit into the existing frames. This is the Zack Morris phone of digital eyewear.

    • JMonkeYJ

      ha! great description. i hope i can hold out for more advanced versions, but i’m not sure if i will really be able to hold off. for non-glasses wearers like me, they need to get it small enough so it’s a monocle. i really don’t want to wear an entire glasses frame if i don’t have vision problems.

      • Agreed. If i’m wearing my contacts (which is usually 95% of the time), I want even less heft than my prescription frames. If I’m wearing my prescription frames, I don’t want any added heft. This is a great concept, but just like the first cell phone, walkman, MP3 player, video game console, etc, it’s still far too big for what it does. Especially if its going to be on my face. If their whole concept is to streamline our social and digital experiences by bypassing the gadget or by making the technology less intrusive, they still have a ways to go IMO.

  • masterxchief

    Nice, now I an added excuse to get these