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CAT Unveils the B15 Smartphone, a Rugged Beast of a Device


There are always those headline grabbing devices that get launched during events such as CES and MWC. After those, there is the CAT B15. It’s a 4″ device, boasting a tank-like armor coating around itself that protects from falls, scratches, hot/cold temperatures, and dust. Powered by a dual-core 1GHz A9 processor, featuring a WVGA display covered by scratch-resistant glass, the devices only holds 512MB of RAM, which some would find unacceptable these days. 

The phone is clearly not built to please the eyes of the average consumer, but if your job requires some heavy duty lifting from your device, the B15 is sure to stand up to the test.

Launch is expected in March, for around $450-$500.

Via: T3

  • The CAT B15 is now available in the US as well for pre-order and will ship by 4/22/2013: http://www.net10wirelessphones.com/Rugged-Cat-B15-Android-Smartphone.html

  • I have the B10 right now use it everyday out on the Surface coal mine site in the dust, rain, snow whatever and have Not had a problem at all. its fell out of my shirt pocket and hit down on to the Tracks of the D-11T i run then down onto the ground pick it up works Great like the day I bought it. I make my calls, text, facebook, and youtube and its just like any other phoen to me. Looking forward of getting this New B15 looks a little smaller than the B10. Hope i get the same Great Service out of it on the Job site!!!

  • Michael Quinlan

    As someone who could benefit from a ruggedized phone, this tank-outside toy-inside approach really pisses me off. The target market for ruggedized phones spends all or most of their day away from anything resembling a desk or computer. As such, they need a smart phone that can handle tasks most of us would preform on a desktop or laptop.

  • the devices only holds 512MB of RAM, which some would find unacceptable these days.

    ehm, look around and see how many ppl have iphone 4/s 😛 but ok, i have 2gb in my phone and ill never go back to less 🙂

  • ROB

    Sounds like a Casio Commando…run…run very fast

  • It is funny because my company was looking for smartphones for the crew that works in an area where they need it to be intrinsically safe. Durability doesn’t mean crap if you have a chance to blow up a unit…


  • pcloadletter

    Only if it had 512 MB of Ford…

  • Hillybob

    Is it intrinsically safe?

  • Rodys Gonzalez

    As CAT Engineer & Android fan,,, Its fun to see this post,,, I build Excavators,,, but making Android phones ought to be kool too,,,

  • If they had paid as much attention to the hardware as how to protect it, I’d be tempted to try it.

  • Sledracer1y

    I had two iPhones with otter boxes. I blew through them in less than a year each. I have had a Samsung rugby smart for two years with no problems. Would I like better specs… Of course but it was 100.00 from AT&T. Sell me a waterproof and shockproof phone with a warranty on it and ill pay good money for it without question.

  • thedonxr

    Looks like it runs vanilla android, that’s a win too bad only 512mb of ram though…

  • Captain_Doug

    I’d consider it, but alas, it has OG Incredible specs. If it had a 4.3″-4.5″ qHD LCD screen, even a snapdragon S4 dual core and 1 GB of ram I’d consider it.

  • Looks like it was designed as a work phone, and nothing more. These are Droid X specs…

  • Bobby Cornwell

    512 MB of RAM is definitely unacceptable. I mean even my Thunderbolt from more than TWO years ago was better than that

  • Now thats what you call a Brick

    • Ibrick

      What’s that now?

  • MikeCiggy

    When will someone actually create a rugged smart-phone that has the power of these other smartphones. It’s going to be bulk they have room in there for the best of specs. This + better specs + water proof and you can sell a lot of them to many industrial industry’s.

    • Joey

      Yea! I know a lot of people in the grammar and spelling industries that could use one. Although the phone is bulky, I’m sure they would all get together to purchase them in bulk. 🙂

    • zurginator

      Yes, but all of that bulk is taken up by the damage absorption crumple zones ‘n stuff. Add specs to something like this and it’s going to become huge.

  • I actually think it looks very cool but at those specs no thanks.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Cameras on work phones are invaluable now days. Especially in the repair industry. With this operating system they can have all of the pictures go into the cloud and can be made available to everyone with the phone.

  • Yep, get a decent phone then a screen protector and an otterbox. 512Mb hard to believe there is even a phone made today with that amount of ram in it.

    • JoshGroff

      Otterbox Defender has a built in screen protector (some sort of heavy duty plastic?,) and commuter series includes an adhesive screen protector IIRC.

  • storm35x


  • Only if there’s a proprietary app that allows me to control the backhoe remotely

  • jayray78

    Cheap phones are king in construction. Yeah, they break but they are cheap. My company buys them in bulk. $30 a piece.

  • John Burke

    They lost me at 512RAM

    • Big_EZ

      Minimum 1gb, even for mid range devices. 2 GB is were the real fun starts.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      I agree. However the demographic they are going after probably doesn’t care how many GB’s or MB’s it has, and what in the world is a GB or MB anyways??? 😉

      • Big_EZ

        But they do know when their phone is sluggish.

      • Cowboydroid

        People are going to care real quick when their phone starts hicupping in the field because it ran out of RAM.

    • basically the same spec’s as my X2, which runs everything fine that this phone is marketed for. It’s not bleeding edge, doesn’t need to be, it’s a different market. Doesn’t list the battery size? What that group of people want, is a smart phone, that’ll last 16 hours of use, it needs about a 2700-3000 sized battery, and it would probably be a great phone, for it’s intended use anyway.

  • Geoff Atteberry

    I don’t understand the point of phones like these when for less money, you can buy a decent phone that’s worth using and put it in an Otterbox…

    • Stevedub40

      I agree. Every year or so a “rugged” phone gets released, but the specs are so underwhelming that the thing performs like crap. Would it kill them to bump the RAM up to 1GB?

    • BSweetness

      While that might be true to a certain extent, an Otterbox does not provide the same level of protection that a phone like this has, especially when it comes to water resistance and temperature variations.

      For most people, an Otterbox will provide plenty of protection. Phones like this are made for others who often find themselves in more demanding environments for smartphones.

      That said, I think a truly rugged phone with top of the line specs would sell fairly well, even to those who don’t need all of the protection such a device offers.

  • If it doesn’t have tractor treads or hydraulics it’s not a CAT.

    • Emily Boyd

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    • Unless it’s in a truck. A real truck, like a Peterbilt, Western Star, or Freightliner, not the International they badge engineered.

  • Masterminded

    For a ruggedized phone, it has a quite stylish industrial design

    • It kind of does. Almost looks like something Motorola would put out. Just a bit thicker.

      • LionStone

        That thing is a weapon! 🙂

    • TheOiulkj

      I agree. Definitely cooler looking than that gzone thing by Casio.

  • Sven Enterlein

    Beat all the flip phones you currently see out on construction sites… I’m sure there are takers.