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Box Handing Out 50GB of Cloud Storage for Free


Here we are again, letting you all know about a sweet deal from Box, who is giving away 50GB of free cloud storage. It’s only for new users, so go sign up with a new email and you are good to go. Even if you don’t think you need it, just do it anyways. Never a bad idea to have a ton of cloud storage with your name on it.

Sign-up Here.

Once signed up, you can grab the Android app here.

Cheers Nick S!

  • Sue Xiang

    Has anyone ever thought of setting up an email for use as a cloud service?

  • dwj

    The offer description reads “for Dell Advantage Loyalty members.” Tried a signup anyway, nothing. Is this sloppy reporting on Tim’s part or did I miss something?

  • nottrustingthissiteever

    Only got 5. This was a waste of a new username. Total BS!

  • Jon

    I got the 25GB last week, but have never used it yet. I wonder if I delete that account, if I could resign up, with my same email, for the 50GB…anyone know?

  • Luckly i have two emails i just got the 25GB now this! This now makes 100GBs of online storage!

  • skg

    did a work and personal email address last week for total of 50GB and now a 3rd email for this deal .. total 100GB !!

  • Jim McClain

    Is there anyway to upload all your gallery at one time?

  • kidheated

    They only allow 250mb max per upload w/ the free 50gb account, just to clear the air. I still got me one, can be useful.

  • Guest

    So new people get all this and those of us who have used it a long time get nothing? dat aint right

  • Nothing like having almost 200+GB of space in the cloud for free 🙂

  • jcassell1

    why wont it let you sign up with a gmail address?

    • Jim McClain

      Thats the way i signed up

  • BubbleSort

    The only thing I use this for is to store my TiB backups.

  • Matt

    Do they have a command line Linux client?

  • Brandon Hadley

    I jumped on the 25 last week, New email and now +50GB thanks 🙂

  • Mark Lewis

    Why do they want my phone number?

  • Scott

    Both Google Drive and Dropbox give you auto-syncing, even though the space is less. Someone tell me I’m wrong if that’s the case, but I think you have to purchase the service to get Box to auto sync.

  • Hmm….

    Sweet! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Tim Swann

    I guess it might make sense to pick this up, but the file upload size limit is a little more than annoying

  • CaptM

    Ok, just logged in from a different computer and used a different email address and it worked (I got the 25GB last week when they ran it, so now I should have 75GB’s, COOL).

  • Bigwavedave25

    I’m starting to like BOX better than Dropbox now, for the simple fact I can get daily email updates for what mods people are downloading that I have posted. If it had a larger file size upload limit [free] it would definitely dethrone Dropbox for me.

  • CaptM

    Damn, keep getting a page error when I try to sign up

  • I need moar gee bees!

    In for 50! Thanks for the heads up!

  • John Burke

    Google Drive needs to step it up – 5GB just doesn’t cut it IMO.

    • mustbepbs

      That’s a lot more than Dropbox. Dropbox gives you 2 GB to start with a few ways to increase it another 1.5 GB or so.

      • msnight04

        Also, Microsoft only gives 7GB to new users. What people fail to realize is that Box limits the size of uploaded files. I believe it is capped at 250MB.

        • 1GB/File maximum when you have the 50GB plan 🙂

          • Nope, free 50GB still caps at 250MB files

          • kindrudekid

            no! its for paid personal users using!
            free 50 gig users still have a limit of 1 GB!

      • Sam Paasch

        I still have my free dropbox account. They give 250mb for every friend you invite and they join. But unfortunately they cap their free accounts to 10gb. I hit my 10gb with their android app promotion back when it was released and was nicely told that I could no longer get more space unless I paid a monthly fee.

        It’s nice to see Box.net go above and beyond that. 🙂

    • Jamal Stephenson

      I’m surprised that Google doesn’t give away 20GB with a nexus device… seems like it would just be common sense to promote 2 great products at the same time.

      • Tiyjuan

        Yeah totally agree, especially since they give 100GB for chromebook devices

        • michael arazan

          I pay $10/ month for 200 gb + 5 free, best deal out there for data cloud storage, dropbox is ridiculously over priced compared to google’s. Also I have DB, Box, Minus and Skydrive’s free cloud storage which also gives me like an additional 80+ gb. I wish Box would let you upload larger files because HD videos from your phone and HD movies are huge amounts to transfer.

      • kidheated

        Agreed. If they are going to force us into using cloud storage, by removing physical storage from our devices, they should at least give it to us to inspire the need.

  • Thank you sir!

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    Did this last week. In fact, it was trying to sign up that I realized I had done so years ago. As you said, new email addy and all is now good on the new offer.

  • If this stacked with the LG promotion, that would be cool.

  • Dan

    Just when I thought the 25 gigs free the other day was a good deal…