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Who Wants a $65 Official 3000mAh Extended Battery for the Galaxy S3?

An official or “genuine” 3000mAh extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy S3 made an appearance today over at MobileFun, a UK smartphone retailer. It’s listed at $65, which isn’t cheap, especially since you can pick up a backup standard 2100mAh battery off of Amazon for as little as $10. But hey, if you aren’t in a position to carry around backup batteries, then maybe this beast is something you can’t put a price on. The version being sold has the matching blue back and is NFC-ready.

Anyone interested?

Via:  MobileFun | Phandroid

  • motorcyclekopp

    I’d spend that much (on this minutely extended battery) IF it came with wireless charging built into the new back.

  • Jackson

    I cant just pre order this with no idea when its gonna be shipped! Days ? Weeks?months?YEARS? I really need this tho

  • Skinny_Lora

    eBay has “standard batteries” for the S3 for $4. And double-extended batteries for $7. (It even includes a free new “back plate.”) All with free shipping.

    Not sure why I would pay Verizon $65+tax+shipping.

  • Cory

    Just thought I would let all ya know, this battery is not out yet. The MobileFun retailer site says the battery is for pre-order only and it will ship when they become available. Unfortunately they don’t know when they will become available. Sorry to break the bad news.

  • i want it
    i want it. I WANT IT.

  • rubthebuddha

    I’d tap that. I have to give two charges per day anyway. I’d rather not have to charge it while at work. Then again, free electricity …

  • Okki125

    Coming from the Thunderbolt, I wouldn’t mind the extra thickness (although i would have to buy a new case or skin for the wife’s phone) but would LOVE the extra life. i currently get just short of 2 days out of a charge which is way better than the 4 hours I had on the TB.

    $65 is a bit pricey, but I would likely suck it up. at $35~$45 it would be a no brainer; especially if it came with free shipping.

  • Billymak

    I continue to get terrific results from my 4600mAh Gorilla Gadgets battery. Im a moderate user and average 1.5 to 2.5 days on a single charge.

  • $10 spare battery in the wallet trick FTW!

  • Trevor

    I’m not throwing money at the screen, but I’m slowly passing money towards it.

  • rose945

    I an Interested in winning

  • Gimp_Ninja

    WILL. BUY.

  • Glen86

    I purchased the 4300 mAh Hyperion battery from Amazon and then placed it inside the Seidio Active case for ultimate hard skeleton with soft bumpers. For added protection, got $3 replacrment back to cover SD and sim cards. Used Dremmel tool to create space for battery installation and Seidio case covering that. Saves $60 for Seidio extended battery.

  • Sure, I’ll take it. 🙂

  • Sure I’ll take one.

    Thanks !!! lol

  • Keefe K.

    Now that would get me through my 12 hour work day with no issues. Sign me up. I would even rock it no case just so I could have the juice.


  • I’ll take one. even write the review….

  • Mina

    Yes please yes please!

  • My wife would love it

    • Jim McClain

      my wifes GS3 goes over 24 hours with the regular battery, damn thing is amazing

  • Jim McClain
  • mikera67

    Me! Just got the note 2 and giving my s3 to my son for birthday present, he wrestles in high school and the sat matches are from 7am to 6 pm, normal batteries never make it, pretty please!

    • David Rosen

      now i’m sad…

      • hkklife

        Me too. Back to my Hyperion battery. Oh well. Sammy still should’ve had this thing available at launch back in the summer.

    • kwick

      Dam that makes it fat and then i will have to but a new case ooo well i guess i am stuck charging it twice a day

      • Jimneezy

        damn twice a day? what the hell do you do with your S3? I just charge it once and use it all day moderate to heavy use

    • nightscout13

      Thanks for the photo. Not even the OP had a photo…..

  • For that price, I’d rather get a portable charger capable of giving me 4, 5 times charging ability.

  • I’ll take one! Oh wait, this isn’t a giveaway? Fackwors!

  • Leon O

    I would totally love to have even more battery life from the best phone going!!

  • Jim McClain

    I just picked up a trexcell 3800 for my nexus last week on Ebay , thought I’d give it a try, it does put a little baby bump on the back of the phone which is no big deal to me, but I got the battery, the phone back and a black phone cover for 27.99 with free shipping , so far I’m getting over 24 hours at a time with it.

    • Guest


    • More like quasimodo bump….hideous.

      • Jim McClain

        put a tape measure on it , its barely one quarter of an inch, doesn’t bother me at all

    • Tony Allen

      I have the Seidio 3800, and while it definitely lasts longer than the OEM 1750, it’s not a workhorse. The VZW GNex is just a battery sucking monster, strong signal and dialing back to 3G and not using the phone a whole lot could probably warrant you 48 hours. Screen-on time seems to rape the battery no matter how big the thing is. I usually get 10-12 hours with my battery, despite being equipped with NFC, it only works sometimes.

      • Jim McClain

        just checked mine , been on 10 hours and I have 65% battery left , 4 g always on as well as notifications its really not bad and I only paid 27.99 for it

  • Giovanni Quinteros

    Extra is always good haha.. For the most part

  • I would love one.

  • MAV2


  • I WANT ONE!!! I bought a cheap version as there wasn’t an OEM version and I can’t use NFC Tags 🙁

  • You guys are giving one away after you use it for a quick review, right?

  • David Rosen

    I would pay that much RIGHT NOW if it would fit with my current case. I’d love to have a bigger battery and i don’t really trust 3rd party batteries, but i love my case and don’t want to have to get a new one…

    • hkklife

      Where the heck was this official Samsung battery option at launch (assuming it’s really “real”, of course)?
      Assuming it’s real, then yeah, I agree 100%. If that sucker fits under the stock battery door, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. If it requires a modified back, then I’ll go Hyperion for less $ and more mAh. If I have to ruin the S3’s svelte formfactor with an extended battery, then I wanna have PLENTY of juice in that rumpshaker battery!

  • MichaelFranz

    sign me up

  • If only that fit into the CDMA Gnex…

    • Jim McClain

      read my post above

      • NexusPhan69

        Dude. That ebay one is not even close to the same level as this. It’s massive in size and cheaply made. This official one for the GS3 is barely bigger than the stock battery. At least 20 times better.

        • michael arazan

          This will be my friend’s xmas present, he just bought the SG3 today

  • mystikalrush


  • Shane Redman

    Can it be modded to fit my GNex though?

    • Jim McClain

      read my post above

      • Shane Redman

        Thanks, i’ll check it out

  • Mophie blows this away IMO.

  • I WANT ONE!!! I bought a cheap version because there wasn’t an OEM version and I can’t use NFC Tags 🙁

  • Would love one, then I wouldn’t have to carry my charger around so much

  • I’ll take one!

  • Jonathan DeJong

    If it fits in the stock battery cover I would gladly buy one. Having major battery issues lately. The update to JB didn’t help either…

    • Aardvark99

      It doesn’t fit, hence the replacement back it comes with.

    • corthney

      same here. im having to charge my phone 2 times a day now! anybody else having battery issues

  • I’ll take one but i won’t pay that much,

  • Buy This

    FWIW, in my experience, the official or “genuine” extended batteries by Samsung are far more compact, long lasting, and overall worth the extra money than their cheaper off brand alternatives.

    • fixxmyhead

      nope fake ones all the way

    • Agreed. More thought goes into the design. A 4800Mah battery for $25 is nice and all but man is it hideous.

  • Travis

    I’ll take one!

  • arthur2142

    Sure, except for the $65 part…

  • udispyn

    I would love it….

  • htowngtr

    Yea, but how fat is it?

    • Chris Hollenbeck

      That’s what she said (sorry had to be done).

      • fixxmyhead


  • zach wheeler

    does it make the phone any thicker?

    • Obviously.

    • fixxmyhead

      no it magically makes it thinner

      • mind. blown.

      • zach wheeler

        Hmmm, instead of a simple & friendly “Yes, I believe it will”, you’ve decided to be dick to a total stranger asking a simple question.

        Good job at fostering an open discussion where people aren’t afraid to be made fun of for asking a basic question. Hopefully everyone who posts on here will follow your lead and we’ll all just be assholes to eachother for no reason….

        • fixxmyhead


          • zach wheeler

            I’d rather be a pussy than a dick like you…………… you are what you eat.

          • fixxmyhead

            im a vegetarian but the only meat i eat is my wifes pussy