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Verizon Targets November 29 as Launch Day for Galaxy Note 2

Big Red announced pre-orders this morning for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, yet would only go as far as “coming weeks” for a launch date or for when customers could expect to see those pre-orders. When you checked out during the pre-order process, an expected shipping date of November 27 was mentioned, so the screenshot above which pegs November 29 as the official launch certainly makes sense. We should also point out that a number of well-placed readers have mentioned November 29 as the launch date for the Note 2 on Verizon in the comments of a variety of our posts, but we wanted to share this to help back up those claims.

Assuming nothing bad happens over the next few weeks, I’d say the 29th of November is the big day. Can you patiently wait a month?

  • KEN


  • rsdinblk

    I guess I will have to wait. I have the S3 and it’s amazing. Best phone I have ever had. Hoping the Note 2 will be better.

  • Tom

    All I know is that I am tired of keeping track of 2 phones, I have the Thunderbolt for domestic and the Note GT-N7000 for international travel, which I love.
    The other advantage to buying the unlocked version, carrier free is no bloatware.
    If the new Note 2 does not come out global, I’m leaving Verizon for a GSM Carrier.
    Not sure which one yet.
    Love Verizon but tired of their lack of choice when it comes to global connectivity and all the crap they load on a phone.

  • ronniehonduras

    Verizon and its stupid ars branding and screwing up the inherent elegance of Android with their bloatware. I’m readying to jump ship.

  • gotarheels8

    Can’t wait quad core i know i will be getting this beast

  • Hatyrei

    Verizon putting stickers to the home button until Nov. 29? ROFL.

  • Cotton ball + acetone = instant logo remover.

    • PetiePal

      Does this work though…or will it damage the plastic?

    • Don’t know. I know it will remove the ink, but it depends on what the button is made out of.

  • DanWazz

    I just don’t understand Verizon anymore. Why hold of a whole month for a phone that’s probably gonna be pretty popular? That’s a whole month of sales they are missing out on. If it was for a technical reason (gotta produce models with Verizon LTE radios…etc.) but it seems like all they want is to have something “new” for the holiday season.

    • Jared Fulgham

      No kidding. I’m not really interested in the Note II (though it seems nifty), but I just saw that U.S. Cellular, a bleeding regional carrier, has already released it. I don’t get Verizon. The problem with their model (and most other carriers in the US) is that the customer always loses, be it with waiting for the device to drop or for updates. It is sad, because competition ought to be good for the consumer, but in the cell phone market, that is becoming less and less the case. Just sad.

  • bigger&better

    I just got the galaxy note 2 with sprint. Love love love it! Glad it hasn’t been tampered with as far as branding the home button. Sorry Verizon! Hopefully next time you’ll be smart and give the people what they want. Seems like you’ll be losing a lot of business from this phone

    • KEN


  • yarrellray

    I am so glad I am on Tmobile. Verizon sucks rotten eggs and are a bunch of bumbling clueless fools. This might help everyone on Verizon to forget how pitiful looking the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 will look. I will have my beautiful Galaxy Note 2 on Tmobile November 1st the way a device is supposed to look.

    • squiddy20

      Says the “bumbling clueless fool” who can’t even type: http://www.tmonews.com/2012/10/rumor-samsung-galaxy-note-ii-pricing-revealed-in-new-image/#comment-690211617
      You said something about “pitiful looking”?

    • Immolate

      People put up with stupid crap from Verizon because their network is so much better than TMo’s (or Sprint’s or AT&T’s) that it’s worth going to a therapist for battered wife syndrome to have the better network. I’m not in a major metro area and I’ve had LTE since the Thunderbolt was the only phone that offered it. In over ten years, I’ve never dropped a call unless I was driving long-distance. I’ve tried AT&T for work, and I’ve talked a lot to others about Sprint and TMo because I spend too much every month and would like to cut back, but I found AT&T to be unusable and got so many negative reviews from family on the other two that I decided not to risk it.

  • ThatsHowISeeIt

    I keep my phones about a year. This phone retails for about $600. So taking into consideration the ETF after you amortize $600 for 12 months I get a cost of $50 a month. So essentially Verizon is ripping me off of $50 so they have time to defecate on my home button with their turd of a logo. That’s the only reason I see for them to delay this phone by a month after I already paid them when I pre-ordered the phone. Bastards.

  • corymcnutt

    Patiently wait? Hell no, but what choice do I have?

    • KEN


  • Yep, still getting it…

  • JWellington

    Farewell Verizon, I am gone.

    • Bionic

      No one cares

      • JWellington

        Ah but I do, and that’s what counts.

      • ThatsHowISeeIt

        That’s right. No one cares what you have to say Bionic.

    • yarrellray

      All Verizon cares about is it’s crappy bloatware infested filled Razr Maxx devices. Verizon is useless and the biggest joke in carrier land.

      • squiddy20

        … because the Droid brand is Verizon’s “bread and butter” (your words). It’s the same as Evo is to Sprint, or MyTouch is to T-Mobile, only with more phones. How do you not get this? Don’t you profess to be “in the know when it comes to technology”?

        “it’s crappy bloatware infested filled Razr Maxx devices” …again, bloatware which can be disabled on any ICS+ device, without root. How many times do I have to say it before your ignorant ass stops using it as a con?

        “Verizon is useless and the biggest joke in carrier land.” And yet, over a hundred million people use their network (voice, data, or both) everyday. Compare that to T-Mobile’s 30-some-odd million. Far cry from “useless”. Do you know the meaning of the word?

        • fixxmyhead

          dude just stop. do u just follow richard waiting for him to make remarks. it was funny at first but now its just sad.

        • Jim

          I think I read in the Razr review (10/22) that Verizon was not allowing us to disable bloatware anymore.

      • michael george

        i agree, if it was for getting my wife and step-son the ipone 4s a few months ago, i would leave verizon because of this stupid stunt. i have the original driod and the new driod razr are a joke.

    • seeyaverizon

      me to

    • Evilerich

      Yeah, after 4 and a half years, I’m going to go to another carrier too. If Verizon doesn’t care about their customer base enough to give even an explanation as to why they need an extra month, which is like a year in tech items like phones, then I must also defect . Don’t know which carrier, but I’m sure my $350 a month will be much appreciated by them. I figured by now, the big V would give us a reason, but I guess the boys at the top think they don’t need us little peons. If enough people jump ship, because of stupidity like this, maybe they won’t be the biggest, baddest carrier…

  • C’mon Verizon take my money already!!

  • nemo

    by the time verizon releases the phone it will be old news. why even bother?

  • fanboy1974

    I’m more upset over the freaking launch date than the $353 grand total I had to put down. I pray that we get this phone in the mail before that date. Almost makes sense just to walk in the store that Thursday morning when they open and spend the entire day with the device than wait for the ups truck to come.

    • I asked the Verizon Rep that very same question in the store. (we all know they don’t have a clue) I asked if the preorder was gonna be like the iPhone5 where folks that walked in on release day had it in hand and the pre-orders had to wait 2 weeks. He mentioned that was Apple specific and Android would be same day…..who really knows but the 29th is horseshit.

  • Counsel Dew

    So… I need to sell my 16GB Pebble Blue SGS III…

    • yarrellray

      I will be selling my Galaxy S3 on Tmobile for 350.00 on Wednesday October 31st..

  • dsass600

    And I won’t be getting it because of that stupid fuckn home button.

  • PalmerAdam

    I wanted this, but by then something better will be rumored in the pipe line for January or February.. oh-well verizon

    • chris125

      and when you buy whatever new phone you get something new will already be in the pipe, such is life with android phones.

    • KEN


  • DJyoSNOW

    By then I’ll probably want the HTC DNA…do we even know the vzws out right price and GBs for the note 2?

    • 16GB only @ $749 after taxes

      • r0lct

        After taxes? Which state?

      • DC_Guy

        Mine was $735 after taxes 🙂


      Do you think it’ll affect the release date of the DNA? That little MAP leak gave 11/20 for it. I wonder if that means it’ll be announced 11/20, or would they actually release two competing phones at the same time?

      • tomn1ce

        They have done it before. They released like 3 devices from different OEM on the same day….

      • yarrellray

        The Htc DNA can’t touch the Galaxy Note 2 with a ten foot pole.

        • squiddy20

          That is your opinion, which wasn’t even asked. And you insulted me about having “no life”? What a joke!

  • Trevor

    I wish I knew what marbel was.

  • Lars Johasson

    I’m moving to AT&T anyway. I will get the phone a whole two weeks early. That means by the time Verizon customers get theirs, I will be bored with it already.

    • Bionic

      You’re an absolute idiot for going to AT&T

      • TrOLoL

        Why is he an ‘absolute idiot’ for going to AT&T? Because, you’re a VZW fanboy? Get over yourself who cares what another one does it’s their money.

        • Bionic

          Because their pricing isn’t any better. Updates are not any faster, and coverage is worse.

    • Tim242

      You gave us two reasons why you are an idiot…

    • DC_Guy

      I wouldn’t use AT&T if the service was free! Daily dropped calls/no bars, no thanks! I’ll stick with Verizon. I don’t have a problem with them putting their branding on the home button. I don’t care who knows that I have their truly superior service. I don’t like the installed bloatware, but the network performance and coverage is unmatched.

  • Brian Menius

    They sure made liars out of Samsung with that “mid-November” tripe. I have been with Verizon for about six years now, but nothing would make me happier than to see Samsung tell them to screw off into the sunset to never get another Samsung device. At least then those of us who have been threatening to tell Verizon to fly a kite may have the final ammo to do so.

    For me, it’s only going to take someone else offering a “we’ll pick up your ETF” special to go, Sprint excepted. Of course, that’s never going to happen, so I’m stuck with their severe case of rectal-cranial inversion.

  • H.D.

    They need the extra month to print out this stupid fuckn branded butons.

  • Ron_Swanson

    Preordered today over the phone. I was told “sometime” in November….I asked if 27th was the date and she said it just said November. Anywho…..

  • No =/

  • chris125

    I don’t understand why they take preorders a month before hand. Then again need all the time they can get to push their moto droid devices.

    • K L

      They don’t need to push them, Samsuck phones suck no matter how you look at them.

      • chris125

        I think all the sales of the sgs3 alone beg to differ….

        • K L

          Begging for a signal

          • chris125

            I never had any issues with my sgs3. Plus a lot less buggy than moto devices.

          • K L

            Never had a buggy device expect for a Samsuck

          • chris125

            I’ve used just about every phone on Verizon. Moto has better build quality but plenty of bugs and poor support. Fanboy or not even someone like you could see that. Then again prob not

          • K L

            @chris125:disqus Suck on your Samsuck

          • chris125

            haha I don’t even have a samsung device at the moment. Nice try though.

          • KEN

            SUCK THIS, JERKOFF

          • yarrellray

            This guy must be smoking sure would like to know what it is. Motorola is the biggest joke in manufacturer land. They release the Razr Hd and Razr Maxx Hd with ice cream sandwich. Yes they are so great Samsung pisses all over Motorola in there sleep.

          • squiddy20

            Yeah, cause the OS version number is the ONLY thing that matters… How stupid are you?

          • DroidFann

            My SG# has an 85 dbn, that’s pretty good, never a dropped call even on a 400 mile road trip with gps going at same time.

          • K L

            Wow, get a life, i never had a dropped call either on a 3000 mile road trip

          • Devin

            your so gay kid

      • Anyone the is an Android fanboy knows you are seriously mistaken dear sir. Please do get a clue. All specs are at or above anything motorola except build quality which can be debated as I like having a lighter phone with a case.

        • K L

          You’ll need a lighter phone and a case so you can move your phone around trying to get a signal and a case for the cheap plastic Samsuck uses.

      • Tim242

        Is that why $300 Notes sell better than $200 moto’s?

        • Dan

          come come now boys, why can’t we all just get along, moto, samsung, htc, lg, it just doesn’t matter AS LONG AS IT’S NOT F’IN APPLE! They are the enemy, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

          • yarrellray

            That’s right piss on Apple and Motorola and Lg too..

          • squiddy20

            You missed the point of his entire post -_-
            Can you read?

        • KEN


      • billy routh

        I guess that’s why Samsung phones outsell all the other phones. Get a clue, Idiot.

      • KEN


    • michael george

      i agree!

  • Have to as I just dropped $749 on it. 🙂