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Pictures From Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 Event in NYC

Galaxy Note 2 Event NYC

Samsung’s big Galaxy Note 2 U.S. launch party is in full swing in NYC, and Dave is there snapping pics and wondering if Verizon will ever announce a date for their variant. We had heard that pre-orders for theirs would open tomorrow, October 25, but there has been no official word to confirm that. He did manage to capture a picture of the Verizon-front-branded Note 2 though, in case there was any last doubters hanging around.

So until that happens, enjoy a few pictures. If they do announce it, we’ll be sure to pass that information along. 

[nggallery id=14]
  • elchamaquito86

    Noo waitin.. picked mine up last night from t.mo.. shits bad ass

  • Butters619

    Where are the pictures of Tommy Trash and Kanye?

  • c31

    I’m preordering through verizon right now. http://www.shop.verizonwireless.com/galaxynote2 should work!

  • I’m trying to pre-order it now..but seems there is only 16gb version available

  • Verizon is releasing it last because they have to stamp verizon on all the buttons so it will take longer to manufacture -_- 11/29/12…..maxx hd or note II?

    • duff60901

      They need the extra time to cram in as much useless software as they can so they can make you pay full price to keep data AND make money on useless apps. Thanks again Verizon.

  • a.youth.in.Asia

    Verizon : we NEED to put our carrier logo on it!

    Samsung : we have available room on the home key, and that’s all you get.

  • Eric33

    Its one thing for Verizon reps to not know when they will ship the phone but its really terrible that some reps dont even kow about the note 2. The freaking launch event is tonight for god sakes.

  • I’m still not buying it till I see the 5″er from HTC I’ll wait it out for a month I suppose

  • Eric33

    The whole world has this phone now so that means Verizon’s customers will be the last people on earth to get this phone.

    • joseph johnson

      Haha so true. I get my phone through work so I don’t have a choice but seriously, what is Verizon waiting for? This phone has been out like a month throughout the rest of the world

  • joseph johnson

    First of all, I’m glad that Verizon is getting this phone at all (it was kind of up in the air for awhile) but how about an announcement from Verizon on when this is coming out? All the other carriers have already announced thier launch dates with most coming out this month. So WTF Verizon? I hoped the Note 2 launch party would prompt Verizon to spill the beans but it looks like we still have to wait…

    • yarrellray

      Verizon is full of dog poo and crappy reception

      • joseph johnson

        Yeah if I was paying for it I would have kept Sprint but since I get my phone through work I don’t have a choice. Its free so I don’t complain. I sense Verizon is getting to be too big for their own good and they feel they don’t have to be as timely as other carriers. Its a good way to lose your customers though…

  • Vu

    I’ve been told by verizon live chat that they will start selling the phone Oct. 29. That is what they told me. I don’t know about the Nov. 29 date, nor I know what I was told was the truth.

  • lipo

    how much is it gonna cost in verizons a least 300 and is this note 2 will be the iphone 5 killer

    • duff60901

      Probably why they are waiting a month. They dont want Apple to sue them for not selling as many as possible before Sammy kicked their a$$.

  • Don’t feel bad Samsung. Here is the iPhone 5S.

  • Kellex, Pre-Order’s DO start tomorrow. Release date will be 11/29/12.

    Source: I Work For A Verizon Wireless Premium Agent.

    • fanboy1974

      Release date is 11/29??? You mean to tell me that the HTC DLX/DNA is going to get released before this?

      • Does it sound far-fetched? I’ve had customers waiting on the Galaxy Note 2, none on the HTC DLX/DNA. The HTC is more of a geek thing.. (Note that that’s bad)

        • Theguyreplyingtoerick

          I don’t think it has to do with HTC being a “geek thing”, but more to do with the fact the the public (including people who don’t follow phone news) have all heard and seen something or another about the Note 2. The DLX/DNA on the other hand is only know about by those of us who go on phones sites and follow rumors.

      • Frank Fritz

        Thats based on a MAP leak which is not 100%. 11/29 but could be sooner. 10/29 date is wrong. Why would vzw do a pre order for 4 days? Think about it. Erick is correct. Anything can change of course.

    • Frank Fritz


    • That’s what I like to hear. Thanks. 🙂

    • vu

      I just talked to someone on live chat. they said they will sell it starting 10/29/12. not 11/29/12 o.o

      • TheFirstUniverseKing

        Hopefully the 10/29/12 date ends up being true. I don’t want to have to wait over a month to get my hands on this. I’ve already waited long enough.

      • fanboy1974

        I hope your right. A month in phone years is like 3 human years.

      • above science

        I talked to customer service through chat about the release date and if they will be offering the 32gb and 64gb version…here is the conversation copied and pasted:

        Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative, we appreciate your patience. Your current estimated wait time is 0 min 17 secs.
        Add a tablet to the Share Everything plan for only $10/mo – no contract commitment – data only plans starting at $30 monthly access! Ask me how.
        You are now chatting with ‘Tierra T.’
        You: Hello I had a question.
        Tierra T.: I’d be happy to assist you.
        You: When will the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 be released?
        Tierra T.: Tomorrow.
        You: will it be in stores to purchase tomorrow?
        You: or pre order
        Tierra T.: Pre-order.
        You: do you know when the device will be in stores to purchase?
        Tierra T.: No, I don’t have store information.
        You: ok because someone said october 29th and another person said november 29th.
        You: that is a google search however
        Tierra T.: Oh okay.
        You: will i be able to pay full price tomorrow on the pre order?
        You: i already am in contract and just want to purchase the device
        Tierra T.: Yes.
        You: will the pre order have the 32gb and 64gb version?
        Tierra T.: Yes.
        You: ok thank you for the information…that is exactly what I wanted to know. Have a great night!
        Tierra T.: It has been my pleasure to chat with you today! Please feel free to re-open the chat session if you need further assistance . Thank you and have a great day!

        • Earl

          Tierra sounds hot. Did you get he number?

          • SchwannyT

            You just like her cause apparently all she says is “yes” 🙂

  • So there have been people who have held the device and all but my question is…does anyone know how much internal storage verizon’s version will have? i know there are 16gb 32gb and 64gb options..but it was the same with the S3 and AT&T only has the 16gb versions of both the s3 and the note..so will verizon have both or just one?

  • Michael_NM

    Wait, who’s Dave?

    • I think that is the guy they had at the moto event last month.

    • david weilacher

      Its Dave Kover i believe (kovdev)

      • Michael_NM

        Thank you. That’s good to know. His themes/icons are outstanding.

    • Guest

      The guy that makes the awesome icon packs Lustre and Tersus

  • James

    how about bitching about why we are always the last ones to get anything great, instead of a damn logo, never in my life have i came across a bigger bunch of sissies crying about a dumb logo, it doesnt change the inside, doesnt change the price, and if your bitching about the logo dont buy the damn thing, seriously ppl, there are bigger issues in your life than a logo on a phone you have no idea when will even be released

    • I was pessimistic about verizon availability but its looking good pre orders starting soon reportedly

      • November 27th ship $749.99 off contract…..no thanks !!!

    • how about verizon tattoo my name on your face? would you be the sissy?

  • phil

    stop being a nice little lamb mark. We will purchase it most likely but it’s fine to speak out against their blatent nonsense. On the simplest level, the logo placement is horribly designed, off centered and ugly scrunched up on the sides.

  • Mark

    Take my money Verizon. Who cares about the logo, it’s just a LOGO, get over it people.

    • JetBlue

      It may be a logo but it shows that carriers like Verizon have too much power over decisions like this that they can basically do whatever they tried to do with the Nexus.

      • Bewara2009

        They can do what they please after all its their network :d

        • Surik Katung

          Could they boost radio levels so high you get a brain tumor in a week?

    • William Penderholt, Esq.

      What if somebody stamped that logo on your pecker? Still no issue with it?

      I rest my case. Next!

  • JetBlue

    Better be a way to get rid of that stupid logo. Samsung should not let Verizon bully them around like they are.

  • Wondering if there will be a logo covering sticker available on eBay soon.

  • phil

    can he tell us if the Verizon branding on the home button is on top of the gloss coat or under it? Will it be easily scratched off or rubbed away?

    • Jeff Coleman

      your going to be hitting that button a LOT. I bet it’s on there pretty good.

      • Dan

        bah, ain’t nothin the angle grinder can’t fix

    • You should be able to scratch it off. It was on top of the button surface.

  • anyone confirm a locked bootloader? that might just be enough for me to jump off this sinking ship called verizon

  • verizon better be following some samsung rule or acting like apple aboutthe release!!!!! if they stick their damn logo on the home button I will certainly remove that shizzle.

    • Nick

      Now I have seen it all…

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    That verizon logo on the home button looks like dog-shit

    • Michael_NM

      Why do you feel the need to insult dog feces?

    • At least (I want to stress that) it isn’t red like in the leaked pictures.

    • Art Devega

      After the crappy voice and data reception on Verizon with my Gnex, i will be dumping Verizon for AT&T. Giving up unlimited data, but i cant stand the horrible service.

      • haha.. just switched from AT&T to VZW for the same thing…

        • Mr_Vault

          The two of you should just switch to Tmo and you’ll both have unlimited data and no logo on the button. Problem solved.

      • Franklin

        That is seriously the first time I’ve heard anyone say that. It’s usually vice versa.

    • Mack

      It’s not easy but according to Android Police the Verizon logo comes off with a bit of rubbing/scratching.