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Google Talk is Coming Back Up!

After a brief outage, that most of us on the west coast slept through, Google Talk appears to be returning for many users. In fact, as I crawled out of bed in the last few minutes, I watched my contact list tick from everyone offline to most being back online.

Here is the most recent status report that was last updated at 6:50AM. I would guess that it will be changing shortly if the Google team did indeed fix the issue. Is it back up for you? 

Via:  Google

Cheers Tio and Ryan!

  • cmorty

    People still use this app?

  • kevin

    wait is google talk NOT available for the galaxy s 3?

    • Jarred Sutherland

      You probably just need to install it if you don’t already have it. It’s on the market.

      • kevin

        Im hoping im blind because I really dont see it at all -_- i tried searching for it but its not there. I remember seeing it on my galaxy nexus but maybe you cant get it on the Verizon gs3?

        • will bartlett

          just use google+

        • SubMatrix

          I definitely have it on my verizon galaxy s 3. I use it everday. You’re right though, I don’t see it in the market which is weird. Maybe they temporarily took it down along with the outage?

  • Chris Batson

    They really need to combine this with G+ messenger and incorporate it like iMessage is used or bbm used to be used. It’s way overdue.

    • DeathfireD

      Are you talking about G+’s instant messenger? It’s the same as gtalk. Google merged the two a while a go.

      • kevin

        I think what he means is like its incorporated into regular text messaging. For example in Imessages it uses your email adresse and stuff from itunes and puts it in with the text messaging app that way you know who has an iphone and what not. Seeing how android users need to have a gmail account I think what he is talking about is for the same thing to be applied to the stock messaging app. Idk i personally would love this feature at all. To most people that dont want to use anything but the stock messaging app this would be an amazing feature.

      • Chris Batson

        hmm i still have a G+ messenger app and a gtalk app. I only use the gtalk.

        and yeah kevin (below) that would be ideal.

  • kevin

    Ive heard of google talk but I mean is it really even that good? I never used it at all or anything

    • Devilsephiroth

      Used since my g1. Very useful , when is people know its there .its everyone’s instant messenger for android and gmail users .

      • Jarred Sutherland

        Yup, I have pulled numerous people into the platform and they love it!

  • summit1986

    Back for me

  • TimXer

    I haven’t adopted yet…what’s the best Talk tutorial out there…the little I’ve read so far has made me hesitant of having another number, etc…what are the biggest perks?

  • Mike

    What’s Google Talk? Is it anything like G+ Chat, Facebook, Kik, Google Voice, Meebo?

  • ddevito

    Good – Google Voice is now acting up – I HATE GVOICE FOR TEXTING

  • br_hermon

    Does anyone else find or think that Google Talk is an above average battery drain?

    • Jarred Sutherland

      I haven’t noticed it at all. It runs 24/7 for me.

  • NJShore

    I’ve been using it all morning with no problems

  • i m using it !!

  • jmiranda3983

    still down for me.

    • According to the page it is mostly up

  • Not A Name

    All my friends use facebook.

    • John

      Too easy

  • Carl

    Well…it WAS working for me for a brief period of time but now it’s having issues again.

  • John

    Oh good. I was getting tried of actually working.
    And yes…works again for me now.

  • ozo012

    It certainly was interesting to see folks walking around in my office to speak to someone today.