Video: Dynamic Ambient Lighting for Smartphones is One Colorful Idea

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Say, “Hi” to “dynamic ambient lighting” for mobile phones. Through the installation of prototype hardware made up of 40 LEDs onto a Desire smartphone, along with a specially designed application like the one used in the video below, our smartphones have the potential to become a whole lot more colorful and interactive. The idea is presented by a Masters student whose thesis was built around the thought that smartphones in their current state, are limited in how they can present themselves. By using LED lights as part of the hardware, you can make the smartphone experience much more creative and informative at the same time. 

Taking the map app that is demonstrated as an example, the phone can display different colored lights in the direction of what it is you’re looking for. If you are looking for public transportation, the LEDs could light up pink in the direction you need to scroll on the map to find a bus stop. They could show red in the direction of bad traffic or display blue in the direction of a lake or river.

That’s not all, though. Think about some other use cases. I could definitely see game developers and music application developers taking advantage of this technology which would allow their apps to become more interactive and aesthetically kick-ass. Off the top of my mind, if I was playing Dead Trigger and every time I got a headshot, the LED’s could give a big red glowing flash. Oh yea, that would be sick.

This is a “prototype” and far from ever becoming a consumer product, but we still thought it was interesting enough to share.

What do you think about this? Want your phone lighting up like a Christmas tree for all of your notifications and incoming calls?

Via:  Qian Qin



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