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Judge Denies Samsung’s Request to Lift Ban on Galaxy Nexus

Not much else to say beyond what the title already says. According to Reuters, a judge denied Samsung’s request to have an import ban removed on the Galaxy Nexus that was handed down last week. This matches a similar ruling she made yesterday in regards to the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

It’s annoying, to say the least. And yes, feel free to be angry with Apple over being the worst patent troll in history. I fully understand that it is the patent system that is broken, but Apple is still choosing to play the game like a shady little <insert word>.

We do not know what the exact patent in question is, but All Things D is reporting that Google has a workaround software patch on the way.

Via:  Reuters

  • Sven Enterlein

    I honestly get the point of companies/people wanting to protect their IP. BUT: It should be reasonable (the patent itself) and everyone should try to discuss this matter outside of court without banning the product in question first.
    And what was that about Apple’s patent on “object oriented OS” on one of the iForums?!?!?

  • Havoc70

    I already have mine so F OFF Crapple@!

  • zer0ed77

    I still want the ultimate question answered… How can Apple claim patents on software they were not the creators of, but thefts of themselves. Money and popularity seem to rule all.

  • iamme

    this phone would be perfect if the battery lasted longer…otherwise i love it….iphones are for old people

  • So, Dailyfinance (no affiliation) just posted something we haven’t seen yet (or at least have confirmed):

    “Following the decision, Google has removed the Galaxy Nexus for sale
    from its Google Play store but has said it will begin shipping again
    next week after being updated to 4.1 Jelly Bean. A keyword to note in
    all of this is “preliminary,” as this ban is far from a permanent,
    finalized affair.”

    That’s right folks, Jelly Bean next week! …at least for the Google Play GSM version.

  • Gcurry

    I’d rather have a NO phone, than an Apple “smartie” phone, under Apple’s rules. Scr. U. Appl.

  • master94

    Just saw the video of the ruling on cnn. Why did the judge walk in talking on an iphone. If she uses apple she is biased against Samsung, they need a judge without a android or iphone to rule on this case.

  • Guest__Comment

    > fully understand that it is the patent system that is broken,
    > but Apple
    is still choosing to play the game like a shady little .

    Really? If you legally held a patent that was CLEARLY stolen by another company, you would NOT want the $40 million award?

    Remind me never to hire you in our legal department.

    • Wmsco51

      Clearly has not been justified

  • nk


  • wtfapple

    so if some one can respond to this so why can i still buy a galxy nexus in the U,S at a store when their is a banned on them. yet nobody at the stores even know about this

    • LionStone

      Because there isn’t a ban on devices already on (VZ) shelves.

  • wtfapple

    ok so their is a banned on them but i can still go to the store n still buy one

  • LionStone

    I wonder how many millions/billions? of dollars apple has spent taking competitve companies to court? I know one recent case they spent/lost 600 million dollars!! Just imagine the “magic” they ‘could’ have created?

  • wmsco51
  • NetworkNerd

    Be sure to read the full post. Amusing.


  • PC_Tool

    2012 and we’re still seeing comments like this?

    Evolution has obviously failed you…

  • yellowcanary73

    If Google or Samsung had any way to sue someone they would be doing the same thing and everyone would be saying it is OK.

    • Yeah, because the would reach a compromise i.e.cross licencing etc, not try to force them out of the market. See the difference?

  • gray

    I tend to think that the whole apple concept tends to kill innovation in anyway possible. Whether it be in their tamper proof machines, or the courts. The less competition the better. I won’t have an apple machine of any kind in the house.

  • Buckoman

    Although it might not happen, am I the only one who wants Google to sue Apple over the notification bar?

    And does Google own a patent for an omni search bar?

    • MooleyBooleyTroll

      It’s open source.

  • If you haven’t seen this yet, check out Sascha’s Rant video on this subject… great video with specific references to each of the four patents:

    • jonny6pak

      Awesome. Kellex should post this one on the front page. This is great! Thanks for sharing.

    • NeedName

      Great video/rant!

  • Knlegend1

    They are probalby sueing over “notification pull-down” O_o !!!!

  • Stewie

    The issue here is that we allow the use of software patents period.
    They all should be removed, no software patents at all, it is that way outside the US from what I’ve read.
    The issue here is one of advantage, Crapple decided early on that this would be the best way to stifle innovation when they ran out of ideas to steal themselves.
    The ones they actually did create PLUS the ones they stole, or thought they could get, they took and obtained the patent on. And here we are.
    Smaller developers who had something that was done differently or better had not the money to fight such baseless claims by Crapple or any of the other manufacturers in court, and lost out.
    As to the pull down notifications, while Android may have had it before it was implemented in the iPhone, but it’s not who did it first, it’s WHO PATENTED it first that matters in a law case. then you add the “prior art” issue, which is what’s going on here, Sammy / Google will try to prove the existance of similar use BEFORE the patent was granted to Crapple.
    Confused? Sure, even the Judges are.
    Patent reform to include tighter reviews of what is allowable and not, including the removal of software patents will bring ALL of this to an end.
    Lastly, corporations/companies should not be able to hold patents – it should be the actual person/persons who developed the actual item being patented – some have said this would also work, because it would no longer be a company bringing suit, but those persons.
    sigh …

    • NeedName

      Software patents NEED TO DIE!

  • does it really matter? the gnex is 7 months old now ,you can buy one for a penny. its not relevent anymore

    • It does matter, because if Apple is successful, the ruling can lead to further injunctions and suits against Google.

    • jonny6pak

      While the case at hand only deals with the GNex, a negative ruling could set a precedent that negatively impacts other phones and manufacturers. If all phone manufacturers have to continually fight legal battles, or at a minimum patch and update software to get around the patents, then the cost of doing business goes up for everyone. That creates a disincentive for manufacturers and carriers to use Android. It could reasonably extend to user experience issues as well.

    • PC_Tool

      Not relevant?

      The first device with JellyBean…is not relevant…

      Wow. Cool story, bro.

  • MrEnglish

    Think I’ll sue Samsung for giving me a device that infringes on patents and got banned. I’d call a lawyer, but I’ll have to buy a new phone first. muha

  • MrEnglish

    We’re underground revolutionaries now. Woohoo.wav Oh well, court sees merit, there’s merit. It’ll play out in the end.

  • iKing_1

    “We have filed for over 200 patents for all of the inventions in the iPhone….AND WE INTEND TO PROTECT THEM.” —-Steve Jobs

    It’s not like they weren’t warned. They chose to call his bluff, and now the chickens have come home to roost…..period

    • HeartStrong07

      Will be interesting. I own a Galaxy Nexus, a MacBook Air and Ipad …. plan to sell the Air and Ipad to purchase a Galaxy Note 10.1 or Asus Transformer Prime Infinity… rightly, or wrongly … over time … no one likes a bully …

      • iKing_1

        You have every right to purchase whatever you want. But the notion that Apple, or any company for that matter, should just allow their patented IP to be infringed upon without consequence is absurd. As a publicly traded company it is their right and quite frankly their responsibility to protect their legally awarded patents, copyrights and trademarks. Apparently Google understands this well: http://news.cnet.com/Google-sues-Froogles.com/2100-1030_3-5676955.html

        The argument that patent litigation somehow threatens innovation and that Apple is afraid of competition is one if the most illogical arguments I’ve ever heard. If anything, patents PROTECT innovation because a company cannot just sit back, allow another company to do all the heavy lifting, invest in R&D, produce costly prototypes, and incur all of the expense that it takes to bring a product to market, and just steal it without consequence. Competition is healthy, but no company should be forced to compete against their own IP. And before you dismiss this as some Apple fanboy rant let me say for the record that this applies to everyone, including Apple. If it can be proven that Apple has infringed upon another company’s IP, then they should suffer the consequences. But the notion that a company is engaging in anti-competitive behavior because they’ve chosen to vigorously defend their IP is absurd

        • NeedName

          You are a shill for apple, clearly.

          Apple has a right to be *compensated* for any VALID patents that are used by another person/company.

          They do NOT have the right to ban competition. And before you think I’m an Android fanboy. . . realize this applies to everyone! And that’s why we see most every single company besides apple license their patents and not go around trying to increase market share via injunctions by the courts — pathetic. Absolutely pathetic! Apple has abused the patent systems & and is now abusing the court system. To think otherwise is absurd and an insult to logic!

          NOW, be gone shill!

          • iKing_1

            Your ignorance is showing….a company that is legally awarded a patent has been allowed to create a limited-time, LEGAL monopoly of the product or technology in question. That means they have the right to request an injunction upon any product that they feel infringes upon their patents, and they can not be forced to license their IP to competitors if they don’t want to. Anyone that knows Apple knows that they have never been interested in licensing their technology; product differentiation has always been their goal. Your logic is flawed: they are NOT trying to ban competition; they are simply saying compete all you want, but we are not going to allow you compete against us with our own patented technology….this, unlike your faulty logic, actually ENCOURAGES innovation bcuz you can’t just imitate, you have to innovate. This is the purpose of patents; do yourself a favor and get a clue….

          • HeartStrong07

            Not sure … your responses get to my point. I don’t deny Apple its rights, but the exercising of their rights – particularly when others in the marketplace do not appear to be as aggressive – may cost it goodwill and sales in the maketplace. Apple is not the only company that has smart people working for it; however, it does appear they have gone patent trolling … why? Is the emergence of Android truly based on the patents that have been enforced? I might side with Apple, if they were going after Android companies regarding something Apple uniquely created and was core to their very own products. I am not seeing this right as their motivation.

          • iKing_1

            All you have to do is look at Android pre-iPhone, and then Android post-iPhone to discover Apple’s motivation. I’m not a software engineer so I don’t claim to know all of the ins and outs of software patents but Apple clearly feels that Google has lifted various important parts of their patented IP and included them in Android. And what’s worse, they have delivered this IP to Apple’s competitors FREE OF CHARGE, drastically reducing the barrier of entry of said competitors and greatly increasing their profit potential. Imagine if you spent 2 1/2 years incurring the expense of bringing a product to market, someone comes along and infringes upon it, and then gives the technology away to your competitors for free. That to me seems like proper motivation….

          • NeedName

            My ignorance. . . yeah. . .

            You just opened your mouth and inserted your foot.

            An “awarded patent” does not equal a “valid patent.”

            As the UK high court just demonstrated – 3 out of 4 of apple’s “awarded patents” were deemed invalid. In Germany 9 out of 10 of apple’s “awarded patents” were deemed invalid.

            Finally, you clearly know nothing about the US legal system, US law, and how they derive form the individual citizen. . . whom these laws exist to benefit — patents are granted for ultimate “good of the people” not the good of a company or individual, all US law extends from the people and is therefore bo “benefit the people” as a whole.

            Your fanboy is showing. . . rationalize whatever you need to. The only thing apple is trying to do in these cases is *ban competition* — clearly evident in the Posner decision, Apple Vs Motorola.

            It’s pointless talking to apple fanbois like yourself. . . you will rationalize anything and everything to justify your beloved savior’s actions. You all need to wake the hell up!

    • NeedName

      The patent system, at least in the US, is there to *create competition* — to provide more goods for the public — not hinder competition. That’s why they are published publicly. . . so everyone can use them. A patent holder has a right to *compensation* for their patent. . . not to use said patent in anti-competitive ways. Just because apple has gotten to people in CA to give them an injunction does not in the least mean what is going on here is anywhere near correct.

      so move on shill!

    • Wmsco51

      pencil down drawings are not technology

  • Apple are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. The last 2 iOS updates have been blatantly ripping off native Android features and iOS 6 will be no different. Next thing you know Apple will be allowed to patent pull down menus and multitasking.

  • I got the last one in stock yesterday! F u patent troll! I feel like a powerful man having bought illegal merchandise.

  • Guys, complaining here is not enough. Let’s write to the patent office and express our real anger of how awful they did on their jobs. Let’s write to judge and express how we feel she’s destroying the competitiveness of the mobile industry. We need some people with influence in the Android community to lead us. May be the top tier Android related blogs can join force and lead us.

  • NorCalGuy

    The play store online says that the HSPA+ version is coming soon with 4.1 jelly bean i wonder if this will be the update that patches what ever needs to be fixed on the phone, i mean i should not be that hard to push the JB update to that model seeing as the nexus 7 nandroid was ready for the HSPA+ and LTE versions in a matter of hours. I know a nandroid is not the same as built from source but hopefully they push the update and they get back to selling the nexus!

  • GPDX

    I had read an article somewhere the one of the patents in dispute might have to do with the slide to unlock feature. I thought that feature was annoying anyway and disabled it on my G-Nex. These patent wars are really getting stupid.

  • Apple probably payed the judge.

  • The patent in question is the Google search bar on top that searches everything locally too. The update will remove that feature for all nexus owners. I use that feature a lot so I’m not updating

  • CHRIS42060
  • EC8CH

    Doesn’t matter… still having G-Nex.