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LG Optimus LTE2 Cruises Through the FCC Sporting Verizon’s LTE Frequency

The LG-VS930, or better known to all of us as Verizon’s LG Optimus LTE2, cruised through the FCC yesterday. It’s sporting Big Red’s LTE frequency in the range of 777MHz to 787MHz in case you were wondering. Other than that bit of info, the FCC filing is your standard filing with no other dirty details being revealed.

What we do know is that boxes containing either the device or promotional materials have been shipping to VZW stores and that this phone has popped up in benchmarks in the past sporting a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor. It should have 2GB of RAM as well. We also have known its codename of D1LV for a couple of months now, but LG has reportedly confirmed that to be the codename this morning.

This should be LG’s finest U.S. effort yet, however, it has the Galaxy S3 to compete with (our review).

Via:  FCC | Blog of Mobile

  • Thats a terrible photo shop job. The font is different and so is the quality between the two. The label was scanned, then the LG-VS930 was typed in over top of the scan. Someone pulled a fast one on you guys.

    • Heck, the typing isn’t even properly aligned with the scanned part of teh label.

  • OP1

    I for one; i am waiting for the RAZR HD. have the g-nex and still not too happy with it. True motorola locks their phones but no1 here can say that motorola doesnt provide their customers with accessories for their phones as soon as they come out, and we all know how good samsung is in that regards.

  • wickets

    if this comes out in the next two weeks Im going to get one…..if its really nice i will keep it, and if not i will take it back. I have the s3 on order but I am wavering…..too many people with the same phone upsets my inner snob 🙂

    • Aardvark99

      Oh, this phone? It’s called the Optimus LTE2, **you probably never heard of it**. I had a SGIII on order, before it was cool.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        so you had it on order the same day as the rest of the multi-milliion of us a few weeks ago when PO opened? Yeah, you were way ahead of the curve brother.

  • mmoreimi

    Kind of looks photoshopey

  • Aardvark99

    The killer feature of the SGIII isn’t a technical spec it’s the almost certain popularity of it. All major US carriers with identical phones. Plus intentional w/ the same form factor. This means great community and development support and tons of accessories. Exactly what this LG phone will NOT have.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      fair point

    • Ron

      Wrong. As far as internals go, every version of this phone will have the same internals no matter where it’s sold.
      And the GS3 will have some more accessories, but since no one buys every accessory that possibly works with their phone I don’t think it’ll be a big deal.

      • Aardvark99

        How am i wrong? Didn’t I say the US (OK, *North America*) were identical? The international version is most definitely NOT THE SAME. No S4 but a Exynos Quad core SoC.
        For whatever accessory you do want, you’ll have a decent selection.

        • Ron

          Uhh I was talking about the LG not the S3.

          • Aardvark99

            OK got it, I was referring to the last line of post saying “This should be LG’s finest U.S. effort yet, however, it has the Galaxy S3 to compete with” and other comments comparing this LG to the GSIII.

          • Ron

            Well to sum up, I’m saying what gives the GS3 potential to have tons of aftermarket support is still there with the LG as far as hardware is concerned.
            I don’t think a phone needs to be as popular as the GS3 to have a decent amount of accessories, and you probably won’t have too hard of a time finding some decent ones if you go with the LG.

          • mustbepbs

            My mind just exploded reading your comments. Please unplug your internet and throw your computer away. You’re not using it correctly.

          • Ron

            Well I’m not gonna do that so you can go kick rocks buddy

          • mustbepbs


  • PhonzoXD

    I wish it was the Optimus 4X HD instead.

  • FortitudineVincimus


    LG LTE2 or SGS3? LG LTE2 or SGS3?

    I need to keep unlimited data so it looks like SGS3 pre order wins, but I would rather have this LTE2.

    • mustbepbs

      LG phones are garbage. This will be no different. I wouldn’t be surprised if this shipped with GB.

      • Jay

        The phones themselves weren’t the problem, it was the software. So far it looks like they’ve addressed that problem. And it’s prettymuch guaranteed it’ll have ICS


        • michael arazan

          I had completely forgotten about this phone, and will forget about it again

      • I disagree. Lately they have changed a lot. Although I have no hands on experience the Optimus 4x is a beast !! The UI is very friendly and easy to use. On a level playing field it can give S3 a run for its money. I do believe S3 would still win however its very comparable to it.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Interesting. but for me it’s all about the experience and I hate that LG SKin with a passion. The “Brand new” skin “they say” is better… but I guess we’ll see.