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Best Buy: RAZR and RAZR MAXX Ice Cream Sandwich Update “Delayed,” Rezound Still Happening Friday

So this is not all that surprising. Best Buy notified employees last Friday that we would see Ice Cream Sandwich roll out to the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX on April 4. As you know from reading this site, there is an update headed to both phones, but it is not Android 4.0 and is instead a bug fixer as build 6.12.181. Best Buy apparently got that memo and has now updated their systems to reflect a “delay” on ICS. That’s sort of an unfair tag, as we aren’t exactly sure that this update was ever going to be ICS in the first place. Will both phones see Android 4.0.3 in the near future? Yeah, they will, but probably not for another few weeks.

On a related and potentially good note, the HTC Rezound is supposedly still on for Friday, April 6. Do we really believe that it will happen? Eh, we’ll give it a 30% chance.

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    I have a query,dilemma. I have been using a Droid Eris for a couple years now but recently purchased the Rezound. I still use my Eris since I don’t want 2 mess up my new Rezound @ work,but I use it @ home on WiFi.Should I upgrade it to the Verizon release of the ICS update, since I already have the leaked unrooted ICS update(4.0.3 / 3.11.605.22.710RD/with Sense 3.6)?well to get the official update(when available), I would have to activate my Rezound. So I guess my real question is:Are the differences between My leaked update and the “official” update worth risking my Rezound’s health?

  • Stephen Morrison

    I’m on the leak and I rebooted my phone and notice during the reboot it said it was applying updates. IDK if it means anything.

  • Newpower1999

    It’s Saturday afternoon and still NO ICS on the Rezound 🙁

  • XvierX

    A system update widget would be nice. 🙂

  • In further reports when asked about the Droid Bionic getting ICS, Verizon responded “Droid Bio..what? what is a bionic? Did we release a phone called that? You must be mistaken…”

  • There is no YEAR associated with these dates.

  • bogy25

    Tic Toc Tic Toc…….waiting……….settings……..software update……..check new…..’No New Software Update Available’…..repeat……   ;(

    • nwd1911

      How many time per hour makes this activity obsessive?  I think the number should be at least 10..any less than that and you just don’t care.  Gotta run and check my software update again.

  • Eric

    So far no update on my Rezound yet…… 9am Eastern Time

    • Eric

      Still no update….. 11:30 AM Eastern Time.  LOL, I love all the Nexus fan boys who MUST post something about that phone…. Damn you guys for telling Samsung with your $$$ that it is OK not to have a micro SD card!

      • JeffDenver

        Just to be clear…that was a *Google* decision, not a Samsung one. 

  • r0lct

    Because Verizon would have ANY reason to give BB an exclusive heads-up on updates.  Just doesn’t make any sense they would, ever.

  • Parshooter36

    What timing, my rezound is suppose to be delivered today.

  • yarrellray

    Guess we now wait…

  • IceBergLettuce

    Its so cute how the razr fanboys get bad news about a major software update and 90% of the comments are talking about a delay of a small update to the nexus. comical. its all android, you people need to get a life, or at least, stick to picking on apple.

    • Hmm….

       90% of the idiotic comments are from people who do not own a razr. This update was never promised by Verizon or Moto. Move along. Nothing to see here.

  • djkoz78

    Does no one not notice that Joe Boxer said he got his ics update for his Rezound already?? It’s like everyone is ignoring this! Unless I’m getting fooled & it’s a joke.

  • NG

     i already love my rezound as is..and now it’s getting ICS too? GOOD STUFF 🙂

  • Elguerillo_32

    Screw motorola and verizon ….

  • drinksprite

    ics coming to the razr in a few Weeks? more like a few months haha

    • DroidFann

      htc getting ics before the razr, lmao. Not to mention htc releasing phones that have ics too. Sad day to be a moto owner/fan

      • teaBone

        as opposed to not too long ago when Moto was releasing phones with GB while HTC owners were stuck on Froyo? Yeah things change quick, still got a couple months at least before things get sad though.

  • I work at Best Buy and this is true. Rezound gets Ice Cream Sandwich tomorrow and Razar’s Family get it next week.                                (This is what I keep telling myself because I want it so bad)

  • Lalelo

     I guess they will scream for ice cream

  • Chris

    IIIII. If you read the email carefully you’ll see it doesn’t say anything about ics coming to the razr, it just says” an update “. Separately it says ” ics to verizon devices”.

  • Azndan4

    Motorola sucks.

  • Yandroid

    I was annoyed by this until i successfully got the ICS leak running. Existing ICS ROMs are better obviously, but the blur is significantly dialed down from previous versions

  • bakdroid

    Everyone is up in arms over the wrong things. Name me one other phone on VZW other than the Gnex running 4.0. None. Hell even the Gnex doesn’t have the latest version of ICS. So, blame VZW for all the delays and not the phone manufacturers.

  • Motorola delaying an update????? No way!!!!!!! Best Buy was wrong???? Say whaaat????!!!!! Did they make them return their RAZRs for being delayed????

    • BlueLetter

      “No way!!!!!!!” Is exactly right, because the update wasn’t delayed. Moto never said it was coming this early, it’s not like they pushed it back…

      • xxyoungkid92xx

        yes there was suppose to be an update yesterday that moto said would be pushed to select phones yesterday morning. it still hasnt been pushed the the soak test participants who test the software

        • Hmm….

           Wrong. There was never supposed to be an update. A soak test is not an update, but a TEST. Those get pushed if and when the manufacturer wants to, and very rarely the exact day scheduled.  No update announcement because there is no update until all testing is finished.

          • xxyoungkid92xx

            me and lots of other people are still waiting to test it. we were all in the soak test party. they still havent released one. why do you have to get all technical????

          • because he’s a douche.

          • Hmm….

            There is a major difference between a test and a supposed update as BB announced. Nothing technical about it.

        • BlueLetter

          talking about the ICS update, not this bug fix

  • Ken_P_619

    I remember last time I held my breath every morning when I was waiting for Froyo to hit my OG Droid. I think it was like 6 months later and day after day of checking droid-life that it finally hit. So I’m just going to keep playing angry birds space on my Maxx and wait patiently for this one to final melt (get it, see what I did there, because its ice cream…)

    • I was thinking that same thing. This whole hysteria over getting ICS is a bit silly. The phone is great as is. When the update comes, it comes. It makes the prospect of the 2-Year contract that much more interesting.

  • Bob Martin

    Motorola delaying an update and Best Buy releasing the wrong info about a phone? I never saw that coming. No seriously.

  • Drummer62

    meanwhile still no news for the update to galaxy nexus on verizon. Sure glad that the “nexus” brand gets its updates real fast and directly from google. This will be the last time I fall for that story. I don’t think ANY nexus phone on verizon will ever get updates as fast as the gsm carriers. Maybe once CDMA is gone and we are totally all on LTE will we ever see updates to nexus phones on this carrier.

    • Azndan4

      Which phone on verizon is on a newer version of android than the nexus?

      • chris125

         Which phone other than the nexus is a google phone and is supposed to get updates right from google. You can’t compare the other phones since Drummer was talking about the nexus line always supposed to be updated first. It only took months for the nexus s to get ics.

      • Drummer62

         I was only referring to the Nexus. This update to 4.0.4 or 4.0.5 should have been pushed by now. This phone has been out for many months now and issues are known about it. Google is supposed to update this phone faster than other OEM’s due to the fact there is no skin on top of the OS I thought. It truly can be verizon that is holding up this whole thing as well! I’m just getting aggravated because I am in a strong 4G market but have been unable to leave my phone on 4g because the signal hand offs to 3G and to wifi are terrible and I lose all data for quite a while as it switches. It should not be like this. The leaked version claims to have made this hand off almost seamless. Well I am not rooted but I think all un-rooted users deserve the same luxury and just really wish they would release the fix to all of us already!

  • Doesn’t Verizon send some sort of press release a day or so before the update? And since ICS is a pretty big update, I’d assume it wouldn’t be something just sprung on everyone without an offical Verizon announcement. I hope it happens, but I’m not going to go too crazy if they don’t push an update tomorrow. 

    What is really exciting is that it looks like S-Off is going to happen for the Rezound! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1578334 They took a few volunteers and those volunteers have confirmed that the method works over in the general section of the Rezound forums there. 

  • GA

    That’s why I rom

  • Trollorola.

    But then again, I would take anything from Best Buy with a grain of salt.

  • Pdqauto01

    moto sux A** they are always blaming somone else you dont see that with other companies just moto I got suckered into the xoom fe that still has locked bootloader and no ics and this is a wifi only device so again MOTO SUX A**

    • Daniel Archibald33

       the xoom fe is a piece of garbage

  • DeeMat

    Best Buy has as much credibility as VZW.

  • Butters619

    On a slightly related note, was going to wait to see what moto (or samsung) brought to the table this summer for AT&T, but looks like I’m going to jump on the AT&T One X when it drops unless there is a leak by then.

    • TC Infantino

      That One X looks like a Beast.  I think you will be happy with it.  On a related note, I hope HTC gives VZW a handset that is just as good. I have the Rezound and love it, but I would be willing to lay down full price for an HTC One X version on VZW.

      • I hear we’re supposed to get something of One X quality but “Incredified”. We’ll see what happens.

        • NightxFall

          The rumored “Incredible 4G” is supposed to be close to the One S. Nothing on a One X variant for Verizon though.

          • Kevin McDole

            Seems like the One S does better in benchmarks anyways. Hopefully the exterior will be closer to the One X than One S.

      • Butters619

        The one thing I worry about is the battery life with the LTE, but I feel no matter what LTE device I get it is going to be a problem.

    • Ken_P_619

      I’m assuming your 619 means you’re from San Diego.  You would really switch over to AT&T here in SD given the bad service connection it gets?  Unless you are already with AT&T and are used to it, without good service (not to mention a faster 4G w/ verizon) the phone won’t be as great.  Obviously my own opinion, but I think one of the reasons people stick with Verizon is because after all the nonsense with bootloaders and spam apps and everything…you just can’t beat the connection.

      • Butters619

        AT&T connection is a bit brutal sometimes in SD I will be the first to agree with you.  Sometimes it makes me want to throw my phone.  First problem is that Verizon plans are more expensive to begin with and my discount wouldn’t apply to the entire plan but just the phone part.  Also, every single person I actually talk on the phone with has AT&T so some months I would really have a problem with the 450 minutes, and the 900 minute plan would be significantly more expensive.  Lastly, I still do have unlimited data although now it is throttled if I go over 3GB, but it still is unlimited and will go up proportionally to their $30 paid plan so they don’t face more lawsuits.

        Also as for LTE speeds, with my AT&T LTE iPad (yes I own an apple product, sorry if you don’t like that), I consistently get 30Mbps download and 13-14Mbps upload.  Not sure what Verizon LTE speeds are in SD.

  • Destroythanet

    Software update delays from Verizon? You don’t say!

  • jak_341

    You got Moto’ed! ROTFL

  • I don’t believe BestBuy!!!

  • The last thing you want Motorola to say is “Soon…” We all know what happened last time they said that with the Bionic…

    • Paul

      Completely different situation.

  • xxyoungkid92xx

    The update that should have went out today to the Soak Test people did not.

  • John Jones

    I would ask my cat before I’d trust anything from Best Buy.

    • sgtguthrie

      EXACTLY! These are the people who called the galaxy nexus the prime in a sales flyer, and after the device had been officially announced! LMFAO!

      • T4rd

        I was in BB just a few days ago and actually saw one of the cases say “Nexus Prime” on the packaging instead of “Galaxy Nexus”.  I was confused, hah.

    • Lalelo

      Best Buy is one big cats-trophy (did you sis what i did there


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    • Joe Boxer

      I just GOT my update to ICS 4.0.3 on my HTC Rezound Beats Edition. Yeah Boi, about damn time! @ 1:26am 4/6/12. =D So happy right now/

      • George

        What was the trick to getting the OTA update?  I tried going through software update and no luck yet

        • djkoz78

          George I think this guy is pulling our leg! His name is Joe Boxer & I think it’s an April fools joke. No one else seems to be paying attention to the fact the he said this.

          • Joe Boxer

            i do not know how to do a screen shots. I’m new at this and just got this phone recently for 49.99. 

          • djkoz78

            It’s real easy press & hold your power button & press your home key. It takes a snapshot of whatever is in your phone screen & puts the picture in your gallery. So try it out a couple of times to get the hang of it. Not too difficult. Then go under settings then about phone then under software info take a snapshot then again under software info there is another tab that says more with the base bin number the Kernel all that information take a snapshot of that as well. Then go to http://www.Droid-life.com & contact them with the info.

          • Joe Boxer

            Sorry for the delay but I no longer have the device anymore.. I traded this morning for the Samsung Nexus Galaxy cause I was having some issues with the phone wanted a larger screen.

          • I think your full of it seeing your the only one in the world claiming to recieve it and keep making excuses

          • pinzero

             Ya – think?

          • djkoz78

            Or you can go to about phone & look at software information & tell us the software number. The leaked ICS that came out about I think over a week ago is software number 3.11.605.22

      • djkoz78

        Please tell me you’re being truthful & not a rooted ROM & belated April fools…. I pray you’re telling the truth!

      • djkoz78

        Alright we need verification! A screen shot of the software basebin number & stuff. I’m sure we would like to believe it’s true, but we’ve been hurt before & speaking for other fellow Android OS users I don’t think we could take that you’re of rejection again.it would definitely kill us. So please post screens for every one.

        • To be fair, I’m running 4.0.3 on my Rezound too…and I could post a screenshot. But I’m running the RUU leaked a week or two back. So some of us really do have ICS.

          • djkoz78

            I think you missed the point of claiming that he got the official ICS last night not a leaked version. So proof is required.

    • Andyrocks

      Made my day hahah, wish i had a cat to

  • Paul

    Yeah, like I believe them now.

  • Anthonysteven

    Best buy assumed wrong and cried ‘ice cream sandwich’.

  • CharlesHussell