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DROID 4 Price Confirmed for $199 on Contract, $549 at Full Retail

After first reporting news earlier today that the DROID 4 would be out next Friday, February 10 for the Star Wars: Episode 1 3D premier, we now have a confirmation on price. Our sources told us $199 a week or so ago – that price is now confirmed in Verizon’s own system. We also have the full retail price of $549, making this one of the more affordable LTE devices on the market today.

Is this the 4G LTE slider that you cannot live without?

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  • Dlfarris7507

    does anyone know if there will be an extended battery???

  • Rnmpoole

    according to Motorola, they have no release date on the DROID 4 yet. Still waiting.

  • Anonymous

    Where is this equipment guide online and why can’t I find it?

    • Anonymous

      Google – Droid 4 User Guide. 

      • Anonymous

         Actually, I found out that that its from an internal Verizon site that is not able to be viewed by the public.  Thanks anyway though.

  • djembeman

    I played with the RAZR MAXX for a little while yesterday and it’s amazing!!!  It’s still extremely thin, even with the larger battery.  I thought the Bionic had a snappy responsive screen, but wholly cow, the MAXX just can’t be beat!!!  The only thing that I thought was weird was the blue tint on the screen, but wasn’t too bad.  I’m guessing it was the “Nano-Coating.”  If I was due for an upgrade right now it would be very difficult to decide if I’d get a Droid 4 or a RAZR MAXX.  I’m glad Motorola has put out a great variety of phones, we were waiting for a decent 4G phone for months before they finally released the Bionic.  Now they’ve finally caught up.  Motorola, to me, makes the best phones available.  I’ve tried LG and considered HTC, but they always seem to fall short.  Samsung phone software has always seemed buggy in the way it responds to touch and the screens always look over-saturated.  I’ll be sticking with Motorola as my first choice.

    Droid Bionic, Stock-Rooted

  • akhi216

    So no news about the Droid Loyalty Program?

  • Aelopez90

    I am getting this phone because I was simply not impressed by the hardware of the Galaxy Nexus(Don’t really need NFC…yet.). I’m still holding onto my OG Droid and it’s on it’s last legs. I was very impressed by the Razr and I am glad that the Droid 4 is pretty much a Razr with a keyboard. Also knowing that the Droid 4 will be soon upgraded to ICS sealed the deal for me. I’ll be picking this up next Friday.

    • Tergiversator_Maximus

      I am in the exact same boat, down to the OG Droid on its last legs.  I’m upgrading in a few weeks and I really wish the Nexus were the obvious choice, but I think Droid 4 is probably the answer.

      • Anonymous

        I can tell you that as someone who enjoyed HUGE developer support on the OG Droid, that the Droid 3 is nothing like it.  Sure there’s a few roms, but only 2 of them even have recent updates.  Still no working ICS rom, no CM7.  Most forums that were wildly popular for the OG Droid are DEAD for the Droid 3.  I am thinking a lot of this is due to blur and locked bootloaders which have given the dev community a curve ball not to mention nobody bought the device.

        Just watching Droid-Life’s articles on all the cool mods for the Nexus and nothing about the D3 spells it out very well.  If you really liked how the OG Droid was supported by the dev community, then you go with the Nexus.  I’m not kidding here.  You’ll feel like all the magic is gone without the huge dev support like you saw on the OG Droid.  If I could get rid of the D3 today and slip into a Nexus without my wife killing me, I’d do it in a heartbeat. 

        I know you are talking about the Droid 4 here, but I believe the same situation will apply unless for some reason it becomes wildly popular. With the Nexus being as popular as it was though, I’m thinking not many are going to be in line for the D4.

        • You know, Nexus this, Nexus that, but does it have a Motorola-designed hardware QWERTY keyboard?

          • Anonymous

            I’ll go one step further on your comment: Do the Nexus have a hardware keyboard, period? NO. This is why I won’t even consider it. I’ve tried several phones with soft keyboards, and they don’t cut it. Try ssh’ing or typing emails or document editting with a soft keyboard and it just doesn’t work (at least not well). If you expect to use your device like a pocket computer, you need that physical keyboard. 

          • Highfive.

            Especially the ssh comment.

            Note how many other models with hardware keyboards don’t even have the cursor keys, like HTC Desire Z for example with its D-pad. D-pads might be great for menus and whatnot, but editing a shell command line or moving the cursor in vim with those is a pain.

            DROID2 and its successors provide the best keyboards I saw yet in the smartphone market.

          • Anonymous

            A freekin men!

          • EarnYourLeather



          • Anonymous

            Just giving a word of warning from the view of someone who went from an OG Droid to the D3.  The silence in forums and lack of dozens of devs pumping out great stuff for your device is deafening.  If you liked the OG Droid because Motorola kept it up that first year and made you feel like you weren’t getting bested the week after you purchased it, then you are going to be hugely disappointed.  The true successor to the OG Droid is the Nexus.  If you want the buzz, the dev support, the unlocked bootloader, support for all the new and cool stuff that Google is going to release, the Nexus is it.  The keyboard argument does not make up for it anymore for me.  My OG Droid still gets more buzz and support than my D3.  That’s pretty sad.

          • DroidTruth

            Dude are you copying and pasting this everywhere because I swear I’ve seen this message all around the boards. I’m sure people are aware that the D4 isn’t going to have the same support an unlocked phone will have but you have to realize that not everyone is concerned with that. There are people out there that would take a keyboard over an unlocked bootloader. It’s all about preference. Not everyone has chosen an android phone for the same reasons. 

          • Tergiversator_Maximus

            Yeah, I’m starting to lean in the Nexus direction.  I really wish it had a physical keyboard and I’m concerned I’m going to miss that, but the hands on I’ve had with the Nexus was awesome and if they get the three pin car dock out in the US, then I’m pretty much sold as I spend a lot of time getting into and out of my car and I’ve wanted that kind of integration since I got my OG Droid back in 2/2010.  Thanks for the advice.  I’ll end up making my decision after some hands on time with a D4.

          • Tergiversator_Maximus

            I went with the Galaxy Nexus.  What a good decision.  I’m still debating picking up an extended battery because I’m mildly concerned about potential troubles with the future 3-pin car dock (whenever the hell that finally ships), but not terribly worried.  It’s a lot of fun and I love ICS.  I’m also pretty excited about not having to wait forever for updates.  Thanks for the comments and advice – it definitely played a part in the decision.

          • JonHL

            And I actually skipped on the D4 and got the Razr Maxx. Love it. Love the battery. Love using 4g and not having to switch to 3g to save battery. 

          • Tergiversator_Maximus

            Yeah, I haven’t had to resort to that yet, but it’s a possibility.  I might start using WiFi more often, but I kind of want to see how high I can go on data this month without doing anything more than usual browsing, videos, music, etc.  I can pretty much always make it through the day especially if I top off at some point at work, but I would love to have the Maxx’s battery life.  That would be a hell of a phone Nexus Maxx.

          • Anonymous

            A keyboard can’t get you past crappy blur software and lack of support.  Period.  For your sake I hope you prove me wrong with the D4. 

          • Anonymous

            Actually Moto said they were going to slow down the relase of devices.  I’m sure it’s been reported here on DroidLife somewhere (I read it on another android forum).  So they will be supporting current devices and not releasing as many (they’re getting the ones out they had planned).

          • Anonymous

            Let’s hope that’s the case!

        • Anonymous

          I second that.

        • ‘Not to mention nobody bought the device.’ I would like to see your facts to back this up, because it was definitely sold out for more than a month at the end of the summer…

          • Anonymous

            No facts.  Just based on forum participation, dev participation, etc.  Sorry but I see the D4 in the same boat.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for your long post (not).  I didn’t finish reading it.  Most people don’t care about roms, etc.  I have an unrooted D1 and I”m happy with it.  Yes it’s on it’s last legs as others have said, but it’s still ticking.

          Droid 4 all the way!

          • Anonymous

             Actually most people here probably do care about roms.  Its part of what made this site what it is today.  Are you new?

  • Kristofferxavier13

    I was excited about this phone until I got my gf the MAXX… its a pretty impressive phone… Ive always liked a physical qwerty though… I will say that it pisses me off that screen resolution always stinks on sliders… i might be sold on the MAXX for myself come April

  • Skinja99

    Global Capable?

    Somebody please fill us in:
    Will I be able to drop a pre-paid international sim into the D4 like I can with my Dinc2?

    Thank you!


    • Marcus Schoen

      Yes, the Droid 4 is global. I believe the sim is locked for the time being though but that could just be a misconception.

    • Anonymous

      as of now it IS NOT global.  vzw said ‘later this year’ they will make it global.
      as of now there are no LTE phones that are global.
      but maybe, just maybe, they don’t want you to know you can put a foreign sim in, but you still need the phone unlock code… could be itneresting.

  • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

    Hooray for a somewhat reasonable retail price. I’ll grab this at full retail and save the available upgrade price in case they decide to pull a bigger battery out of their ass.

  • Jebb Long

    I have this strange feeling this is going to be the most disappointing device to date in terms of battery life. Such a letdown that no mfr or carrier acts as if they know what consumers actually want (esp those of us who have basked in the glory of a pure google experience phone).

  • DroidMaxxMan

    Hey Kellix, do you have connections with Moto? If so can you ask if they’ll be releasing a Maxx version. No joke.

  • Kanundrum

    If they have the razr MAXX then I do not see what they could not incorporate the same battery of the MAXX into the Droid4. When it comes to having a Droid4 MAXX I am sure this will almost be a sure thing. 

  • Future

    can this do, talk and data at the same damn time?

    • akhi216

      If you’re in an LTE area it will.

  • This phone would be a no-brainer if it had a Maxx version. Give us a Maxx version and I’d take it over the Droid Razr Maxx. If a Maxx version/other Maxx phone doesn’t come out in the near future, I’ll get the Droid Razr Maxx. But I will miss the physical keyboard and smaller form. 

    • Guest

       Give me a phone that is not going to be supplanted next month by a new version and I would consider it

      • Guest

        the Razr couldn’t be “supplanted” by a device that runs the exact same software, and it hasn’t naturally

        • i’m excited for this phone but, like a lot of the posts here, i know next month another phone will be announced that will probably out-spec the Droid 4 in every way. Droid 5 will certainly ship with Ice Cream Sandwich…maybe NFC…maybe bigger battery…maybe global…maybe unlocked…maybe a 13 MP camera…maybe 720p screen…maybe a different color. 

          The phone companies REALLY have to stop flooding the Android smartphone market. It is REALLY HARD to get excited for any phone…when the next thing is probably months or mere weeks away. Take a page from Apple’s playbook for christ’s sake and release phones after a period of time that lets us enjoy a product but then have time to look forward to the next big upgrade!

          • Tessa

            But the Droid 5 could take another year before it’s released. There was around a year between the the Droid 2 and the 3, and the 4 came out on a faster schedule mainly because Verizon sales of 3G handsets were dying on the vine the way they’ve been pushing LTE.

    • Anonymous

      This phone would be a no brainer if it had the MAXX battery, a better screen (really disappointed they kept the old Bionic/D3 screen, it was a stupid choice on Moto’s part) and an unlocked bootloader. If it even had any 2 of those 3, I think it would be worth jumping on; but as it is, I think I’ll be continuing to see what comes along in the next few months. I’m not saying I definitely won’t consider it, but it’s unlikely right now. 

  • DanSke

    Wait for the Droid 4 MAXX, Purple, White or Unlocked Bootloader Developer Edition to come out a few weeks later. Hahaha

    • It’s hard not to say it, then laugh, and then stop yourself and go “actually, this probably will happen.”

      • DanSke

        Haha, right? I can say that it really wouldn’t surprise me. 😉

      • It’s hard not to facepalm at these comments.

        “Oh look what a joke I’ve just made. It’s hilarious even though we’ve been repeating it on at least 10 different occasions.”

        (Oh and good luck waiting for unlocked bootloader on a CDMA device.)

        • Anonymous

          No offense, but I’m pretty sure you can get unlocked bootloaders if you buy HTC, Samsung or LG. I believe Moto is the only remaining holdout on locked bootloaders.

          • No offence, but I’m pretty sure we were talking about RAZR and other Motorola phones.

          • Anonymous

            In that regard, you are probably correct. I really do not understand Moto’s reluctance to unlock VZW phones. Then again, considering the “no warranty” policy on the GSM Dev Ed, I think it would be a difficult sell anyway.

          • I’m almost sure it would be impossible to make a phone for the USA that is intended to be sold for the full retail price.

            I don’t know the percentage of phones sold @ full retail there, but I doubt it reaches even 15%.

          • Anonymous

            I agree that full retail doesn’t sell well in the US, but that doesn’t address why Moto can’t sell a carrier subsidized unlocked phone on VZ like the rest of the OEMs.

          • That it doesn’t, I agree.

            I would welcome an unlocked global DROID4 and would purchase it at full retail and without warranty (I’m not in the USA, myself, so no warranty for me anyway).

    • Anonymous

      I’m waiting on the Droid 4 MAXX HD DE.

      In all seriousness, it’d be nice if we’d see a decent HTC, Samsung or LG LTE slider come out on VZW. (And sorry, the Stratosphere doesn’t fit that bill with its year old hardware.) I’m really getting tired of relying on Moto’s choices to get a highend slider.

  • Dl

    What do the NE2(30) and NE2(50) prices represent?


      NE2 (New Every 2) upgrade discount. You’ll get $30 or $50 depending on the plan you have. $30 off and the price will be $169.99 and $50 off will be $149.99

  • -= )v(urphy =-

    Minus a Benjamin for still being on GB….makes sense I guess.

  • I’d jump on it instantly if it were global. And SIM unlockable.

    • “Soon” is all they would tell us on global status. Seems like it’s time for some LTE devices to be global.

      • If it were like with Rezound (i.e. with GSM LTE mode support), it would probably be the dream phone for me.

        Now if only they removed that Caps Lock key and put something more useful there…

        • Breadable

           What ever happened to the rumored HTC slider?

          • HTC cannot into sliders.

            Just compare the DROIDs’ keyboards to Desire Z.

          • Anonymous

            I disagree; consider the HTC Merge that never formally released on VZW. The key separation, alone, made it better than the comparable Droid 2 at the time.

        • Tessa

          As far as Caps Lock goes, does anyone know if it’s possible to remap keys?

    • Bob

      Verizon has already publicly stated that the Droid4 is indeed global capable (it has a micro sim slot under the back cover from leaked shots) but that it is not global enabled out of the box. They said they are “upgrading their network” and will enable global capabilities sometime in the first half of this year… now whether or not they actually do it? Nobody knows.. but that’s the scoop.

      • They use SIMs for LTE anyway.

        I don’t quite see how network upgrades can even be a factor, as we’re talking about using the phone in GSM networks, unless they mean that they’re going to enable GSM on these devices once VZW’s LTE network starts carrying voice.

        That might mean support for a GSM+LTE mode (which is double welcome).

  • Justin

    This or the RAZR MAXX… Concerned with battery life on the D4, though…