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Handful Of Boot Animations Released To Fit On The Galaxy Nexus


There is a huge amount of development for this phone and we are loving it.  The latest goodies are some excellent boot animations that have been readjusted to fit the Galaxy Nexus’ humongous screen.  Above we have 3 of our favorites that you can flash or replace over your existing boot animation.  Along with those above, there are many tantalizing choices, so please head on over to RootzWiki to see the full list.  

Bokeh | Azul | Andromeda

Instructions on installation:

  1. Download .zip and place on your phone’s storage.
  2. Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery.
  3. Locate the folder containing the .zip file.
  4. Install .zip and then reboot. Enjoy!

The developer has stated that the files are all flashable in ClockworkMod Recovery, but non-rooted users will have to use adb in order to push it to their system.  Have fun and good luck!

Via: RootzWiki

Cheers SeaNanners and D. Kover!

  • Kevin Parlee

    -Note- I realize it says Droid… but really don’t care, the Prime is sweet

  • Kevin Parlee

    What Happened to this 
    I still want it as my Boot Animation

    -Note- I realize it says Droid… but really don’t care, the Prime is sweet

  • rayray

    so do I have to be rooted to install these?

  • nice, when i get around to rooting my gnexus, i’ll add one of these.

  • Ahsan
    • 2ceedz

      Ewww, thats just gross….. glad I didnt wait  🙂  I dont get the ‘hype’ with white phones… guess that’s for the chicks…  😉

      • 2ceedz

        Wow, that sounded really sexest… sorry, didnt mean it to sound like that… I just dont get the white phones, but the females I know do like them more it seems (for the most part).

        • fartbubbler

          don’t worry. the only people that would think that sounds sexist are stupid chicks.

  • Anonymous

    Will these work on other phones? (tbolt)..

    • 2ceedz

      They should, but have the gnex’s resolution, maybe your only ”issue”.

  • Nice, wish I could decide between the gnex or razr lol

    • 2ceedz

      Ive had both here, both are great.. blur just killed it for me… as I came from the DROID…. but brother-in-law just exchanged his for a GNex… and seems real happy with it (once i got volume+ installed – LOL – sad)….
      He could just be happier because he knows I can ‘fix’ it like I do mine and I did with the DROID. 
      (Thanks Peter Alfonso!!)

  • Cool very nice!

  • Jim McClain

    I dont think any of these are as good as the one thats one it

  • Back when I had the Droid, having a good boot animation was cool because the phone rebooted itself so often 😛

  • Strange request but does anyone know if there is a knock off of the Razr Boot Animation for the nexus?

    • Sius

      You can find one in Rom Toolbox in the Marketplace. Not sized for the Nexus but it works.

  • Kat Selezneva

    They do look amazing! 
    Galaxy Nexus story: rumors and facts http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2011/12/galaxy-nexus-story-rumors-and-truth.html

  • Guest

    Why can’t they make live wallpapers as cool as the boot animations?

  • Anonymous

    Touch enabled Clockwork Mod Recovery for the GNex – sweet


    • Anonymous

      Woah, that’s awesome.  Thanks!

      • Anonymous

        flash it via fastboot. Works okay – I downloaded mine before he fixed the flashing issue at the top of the screen (it’s still alpha), I’m downloading his updated one. But he’s going to change the font to Roboto soon – that would be awesome.

        • Anonymous

          Does it work ok for Alpha?  If not, I’ll probably sit on this one for a little bit.

          • Anonymous

            I only flashed the Andromeda boot animation with it so far – works fine. The first version I downloaded had a flashing issue at the top but the dev posted a 2nd one late last night. Fixed it. It’s a lot easier to navigate with the on screen buttons, but not earth shattering.

    • PC_Tool

      Got it.  It is a beautiful thing. 

  • Imtheechelon

    These would be great as live wallpapers on my G-nex, is there a way to save them as live wallpapers?

    • Anonymous

      No – they need to be written as an app for that, however, check this out. Stock boot animation written as a LW.


      • 2ceedz

        Thanks mom really wanted this as her LWP… wonder how itll effect battery life, we’ll find out…

        • Anonymous

          live wallpapers drain battery, but are pure eye candy. And it’s always something to show off to (stock) iPhone owners

          • m0stwanted1

            These are boot animations not live wallpapers.

          • Anonymous

            Read what I posted. I sent 2ceez an XDA link for a LIVE WALLPAPER of the boot animation.

            Reading is fundamental.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really digging the “Galaxus” boot animation. And it seems fitting considering my phone is a Galaxy Nexus after all…hahah.

    In the process of getting that boot animation set up right now.

  • Anonymous

    Tim, how about a review post comparing and reviewing custom GNex ROMs? There’s nearly 20 of them now floating the interwebs…thanks!

  • Lataviadaddy

    Been had the azul machine for a week Kelex ur behind in times bro

  • Joconnor1981

    Itll be cool..if there was a ghostrider skull gif

  • Anonymous

    Stock HD and Andromeda are my favs…thanks!

  • Ulnek75

    would be nice if these were usable as live wallpapers

  • Could we use these as wallpapers?

  • waveGuide3e8

    I’m rooted but still trying adb push, because I figure if I stored it in data/local it’d be easy to delete at any time and return to stock. However, the filesystem is read-only; I can’t adb push to /data/local at all. I tried mounting the filesystem but I must be doing it wrong.

  • The middle animation looks straight out of a scientology video

  • John

    The flux capacitor one is bad ass

  • This is exclusive !!! The best thing to watch while your phone goes in and out of consciousness …

  • Anonymous

    wait. WTH?! SeaNanners? I am pretty sure that is wrong/imposter…

  • Shugaman

    This is embarrassing….

  • Kayvon Khaledi

    Should mention you have to scroll through the whole thread as he posts many many many more through out it.

    • Anonymous

      yea the flux capacitor one is pretty BA. i chose the blue plasma (something or other)…goes excellent with the holo/roboto theme of ICS.

  • Other install method: extract bootanimation.zip from the zip files and replace the one in system/media using root explorer

    • Anonymous

      I support this method because it allows for saving the stock animation in case you want to go back.

  • Anonymous

    shmeh. I love the stock one too much.

    • Phlame

      mr too!

      • Phlame

        me too?

        • Anonymous

          me three*

    • Then you, like me, should get the Stock HD one

      • Anonymous

        I already have it…? 😀

        • Anonymous

          Isn’t the Stock HD one already on the Galaxy Nexus by default? Or is it just the regular one? It looks pretty damn good for a regular one though.

          • Anonymous

            Not exactly.  Some people improved the original a bit with some tweaks, apparently.

          • Anonymous

            Ahh…okay. Will have to give that one a try, as well!

            Also, quick question: Is there an app that will allow a user to pick a boot animation from a list of installed animations?

            So say…if I wanted to use the stock animation one day, I can without having to re-flash that animation. Or is “flashing” the only way right now?

          • not sure if theres an app but you can just replace whatever bootanimation.zip you have with a different one with root explorer at any time

          • Jason

            I just downloaded the ROM toolbox pro from Jrummy yesterday and there is so much you can do with that app. It is $4.99 for the pro but there is a section in there for changing bootloaders in the app! Definetly worth checking out and I’m really happy with the purchase.

          • m0stwanted1

            Good to know…thanks.

          • Anonymous

            I’m not aware of any apps to just change the animation.  I think you have to flash it.  Maybe ROM Toolbox Pro, that Jason recommended, has such a feature. 

        • Anonymous

          The “HD” versions are retouched versions posed around various forums.  I haven’t tried any, but apparently they look a bit better.  See http://rootzwiki.com/topic/12868-hd-original-galaxy-nexus-boot-animation/ as an example. 

          • Anonymous

            how do you push it with adb? I am nawt rooooot’d

          • Anonymous

            Assuming the location is writable by the shell user (that would be adb in this case), then the process would be the same.  Though, I don’t know if /system/media/ allows the shell user to write.  If that doesn’t work, you can always push it to /data/local, but I don’t believe the animation would stick after an OTA update or installing a ROM (if you ever decide to get into that scene).  Of course, if your phone ever reverts back to the stock animation, you could always push the file again, so it’s not a huge loss.  Did that help or do you need some full on ADB instruction?  If you need more ADB info, just reply and I’ll pass you some links.

          • Anonymous

            I am going to get into roms. I just haven’t yet. It doesn’t matter. I am waiting for something special in terms of roms.

          • Anonymous

            If you follow the guide for unlocking the bootloader, you’ll have ADB setup.  Even if you don’t go forward with unlocking, that’ll get ADB on your machine.  You could also follow the guide at http://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/what-is-adb-and-how-to-install-it-android/ to setup ADB.  Check out http://www.londatiga.net/it/how-to-use-android-adb-command-line-tool/ for some info on the various ADB commands.  I never bothered with ADB on my OG Droid, but now I’m wishing I did.  It’s actually pretty easy to use and it makes some operations pretty easy, especially when combined with fastboot.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, I just got into it myself and I was just wondering for future reference. Thanks.

          • Anonymous

            stock HD one does look a bit better

  • Anonymous

    The middle one really reminds me of the beginning of an IMAX movie.

    • Anonymous

      ^ this

  • Imns

    The middle one reminds me too much of an old internet explorer logo animation.  In other words.. no.

  • Anonymous

    Is it weird some days I kinda want a DROID eye? haha

  • IamAguest

    Meh… And I own a Gnex. LOVE it and I dig the stock animation.

    • Anonymous

       A lot of us use custom ROMs and don’t like the like the animation. While I am a fan of droidth3ory I don’t like that my boot animation is his name.


    there cool but pointless…ill stick with stock…its rarely a day i power off my phone completely.

    • If you ever had a DroidX running Gingerbread that rebooted every 10 minutes you would know how nice it is to have a good looking boot animation 😛

      • Anonymous

        No kidding. I always wanted to make a simple one that said. “Yeah this again…oops. Sorry, Motorola”

      • Lmrojas

        +1 haha stupid moto. Sad how a BETA build of ICS by some kid on the internet is more stable on my X than the stock softwear.

      • GNEX(MOTOX)

        Touché tim-o-tato Touché… though i never had that problem, i only had the thunderbolt restart problem :p, but i can’t wait to get my gnex this weekend! 🙂 and hopefully the docks for it soon…

    • They’re.

  • JoeInMo

    I guess I just don’t understand all the boot animation hype.  What do these people do… sit around and reboot their phone to look at the animation?  I’d laugh if someone wanted to reboot their phone to show me an animation.

    • Early November 2009… I used to reboot my D1 just to watch the bootanimation over and over… haha. Times were so much simpler back then…

    • Michael Forte

      Well if you constantly flash ROMs, kernels, etc then I guess you would be watching the boot animation a lot.

    • raphael gray

      i have a extra battery for my nexus so im always swapping them vs. being connect to a wall charger. plus you have roms, themes, kernals, radios, boot animations, mods and all kinds of things to flash on any given day!

      • Davidcosmejr

        Off topic.  I have an extra battery too.  Do you have a way to charge the battery without the phone?

        • Anonymous

          Simply Google “standalone battery charger verizon galaxy nexus” They are out there…. good luck!

        • Anonymous

          I should have jumped on that standalone charger while VZW still had it. Most of the time I’m fine, but every once in a while when I drain both my batteries then it’s a pain when I’m tied to an outlet until both are charged again.

        • Anonymous

          i got mine at a verizon store the week before xmas for 29.99

    • Michael Woods

      because you can….so you can make it that much more personal.

    • jason6g

      me either. i have a simple animation that the whole zip takes up a whopping 82kb – i do reboot my phone about every third day, and occasionally when i swap batteries. so it does get some use, but im not about to flash a crazy awesome mini movie that weighs in at 73mb for a *bopefully* brief 30-45 second thing

      • Adam Metzner

        Yeah because 73mb is so taxing on a phone with 32gb of memory. Lame.

    • Bill Mitchell

      I did when I had the R2D2 boot animation 😀 so much fun

    • Prodeuce425

      I never knew this was considered hype…

    • Anonymous

      it’s simple – because WE CAN.

    • When you mess up your phone and it goes into constant bootloop mode, it will give you something to look at

    • Anonymous

      If you can do it, then why not do it? And it’s just a boot animation…also, it’s fun.

    • zUFC

      I hate to say it but the best way to show off the Gnex screen is the boot animation. When i tell someone about my HD screen they don’t understand or see any difference. Then i restart my phone and they see the boot animation and bingo, they get it!!!!!!

      but you’re right, thats all it’s good for. not much else.

    • Hey Joe, wanna see my boot animation? /kicksjoeintheface

    • and if you load a new rom and cant stand their custom boot animation,  why not flash something you like.

  • Ed