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Galaxy Nexus Receives 4G LTE Toggle Treatment Thanks to BAMF


From the same developer who made the standalone 4G LTE toggle for the HTC Thunderbolt, comes a toggle widget that should work for the Galaxy Nexus as well.  Root is required and we have found that it works best on most of the custom ROMs that have been released for users.  We were unable to get this working on a completely stock rooted G-Nex.

Instructions for installation:

  1. Download zip to your phone.
  2. Boot into a custom recovery such as ClockworkMod.
  3. Choose “install zip from sdcard” then “choose zip” and find the LTE toggle file.
  4. Once your find it, install it and reboot.
  5. You should find it listed as an available widget to add.
  6. Enjoy!

If you run into any troubles let us know down below and we can try to help you out.

Via: Team BAMF Forums

Cheers Alex!

  • Anonymous

    Anybody else having trouble with response time on this? It was already slow enough but I find that with this widget it is sometimes taking me 1-2 minutes to switch between 3G and LTE. I have had to reboot my phone once because it was taking so long.

  • tlspatt

    is there any way to uninstall or delete it without flashing back to stock?  I tried to install it–stupidly on rooted stock–and now it force closes my launcher when I try to get to any of the widgets (really missing long press on the home screen now).  root browser freezes and root explorer doesn’t seem to be working for me at all on ICS to search the system folder.  ideas? 

  • MaceWindu

    Buggers on axiom confirmed.Like Uncle Paul said. Do not install if you are on axiom.

  • so i unlocked/rooted my nexus and when i do this, it all works, the message pops up its all done or whatever but when i go to widgets, nothing comes up, im not running a custom rom.  please someone help…

  • mikeym0p

    Share the clock widget, wallpaper (live?) please?

  • 1nF3rn0

    I flashed it twice. First time it did not show up in the widget list. So I did a manual reboot and then again rebooted into CWM and flashed it again…but no result…I don’t see it anywhere in the widget list or anywhere at all!
    Any suggestion will be appreciated.

    Rooted Nexus, stock ROM.


    • My advice to you would be to read the article first…

  • Skyskioc

    Kind of a dumb question but I flashed this and just need to know where do I find the widget for this ? I am running Axium 2.3. I downloaded it and then booted into CWR and flashed the zip and everything installed just fine. Now all  I need to know is where is the widget for this so I can put it on my desktop ? A little help would be apprecieated. Thanks

    • Jordan Kessler

      If it does not show installed after flashing, you will need the ROM developer to re-sign the apk with their keys for it to work.”

  • Corey Foltman

    wish they would make it available for the unrooted nexus. the razr had a toggle for 4g in the market…but i suppose ICS is more intricate than gingerbread…

  • Anonymous

    :'(  I was hoping I wouldn’t have to root to get a widget like this..

  • Jordan Kessler

    Allow this app to: Personal Info, Services that cost money, Your messages, Your location, Network communications, Your accounts, Storage, Hardware controls,  Phone calls, System tools. 


  • Anonymous

    Download unsuccessful. Axiom 2.3

    • uncle paul

      dont bother wont run on axiom 2.3 is screwed up my data. 

    • Anonymous

      Works perfectly fine for me on Axiom 2.3

    • Jamdev12

      Now I have Axiom 2.1 and it works there. I will be upgrading to 2.3 in a few and see if it breaks anything, but I don’t forsee it. DroidTheory’s ROM seems to be the most stable that I’ve tried.

  • Bloodthirsty

    How do you get those custom icons? Root required?

  • Alex Barry

    What background do you use kellex?

    • Anthony Armando

      pixel rain.

  • uncle paul

    Beware if your running Axiom – 2.3 off 4.0.3 aosp base. 
    the widget buggers up your data.

    • Illegitimi non Carborundum

      Seemed to do the same on Axiom 2.1

    • Anonymous


  • Rakoskjc

    if you want 4g off return the phone

    • Jon H

      That’s very helpful! All this time I was just trying to save battery when I drive to work outside of 4G coverage every day. Thanks for the tip!

  • I’d like to give this a shot…if 4g will just work.

  • Ben

    What launcher is that?

  • jeremy

    Didnt work for me on HD Revolution. :'(

  • Sweet! Flashed it Running GummyNex, now radio won’t work! How do I uninstall it?

    • Anthony Armando

      as far as i know, the only thing you can do is wipe data/cache partition/dalvik cache, reflash stock, then data/cache partition/dalvik cache again.

      unless you backed up. i am glad it didnt hurt my stock radio cause that would have sucked.

      • Figured it out, somehow the toggle got stuck in a “no-network” state. Had to go into Settings -> More -> Mobile Networks -> Network Mode

    • uncle paul

      rootexplorer – system/app youll see it and delete it, reboot. 

      • Anthony Armando

        does not work.

        • Anthony Armando

          i take that back, its read only and i was using astro, not root explorer. did it with root explorer (remember to mount R/W) and it is gone.

  • MFG

    Strange that it wont work on stock rooted.

  • Anonymous

    Running stock rooted 4.0.2 and the flash of the zip goes just fine, no errors, but I am not seeing the widget.

    • Jason K

      Me either, I did it twice and nothing…

      • Anonymous

        same here

    • Unzip the download on your computer, pull the apk file, and then install the apk like you would for any app.

      • Anonymous

        Found the apk and tried to install it.  I’d be super cool if I remembered the error I got, but I don’t – will have to check back later, but yeah, that’s a no go.  Thanks though.

  • Arwin

    CM9 is the first! Build 1-2-12. LTE toggle on notification bar!

    • Adrynalyne

      Nope. Ihtfp69 has been testing it since mid December.

      Well before CM commits.

  • forgiventhief

    Not working for me on Android Revolution 2.1.2

  • Anthony Armando

    blah, i was so excited to see this i installed it without reading that it wont work on stock.

  • Harryballs1234

    Yup, I’m tired of the Nexus crap too. How about a little RAZR love?

    • Anonymous

      What news has there been? When there is RAZR news I’m sure Kellex will be the first to post about it. The developers are mainly concerned with the GNex, thus it will be getting the most attention. 

    • Anonymous

      With that locked bootloader, it may be a while before there is anything particularly exciting to  report on the development side. 

  • Anonymous

    Ok, what is that wallpaper and where do I get it?? I really like it in the colors I’ve seen. Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      Pixel Rain LW

      • Anonymous

        Thanks 🙂 Happy New Year!

        • Anonymous

          thanks – same to you

  • Wonder how come this doesn’t  work on stock rooted (like me)?

  • Anonymous

    I too can’t get this to work on a stock GNex…

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    • Muddy B00ts


    • Anonymous

      I am surprised there is anyone that doesn’t have a Nexus.

      What’s up with that…

      • Anonymous

        u surprised bro?

    • Anonymous

      41% of DL readers have a nexus. the more nexus news the better!

      thank you kellex

      • Peter Souza

        41% of Droid-Life reader *respondents* have *answered* that they have a Nexus.  A lot of people don’t participate in polls or read every post.  And I can’t imagine why, but some people say they have a device they want to have instead of actually have.

        That said, I love my Nexus.  😀

  • Tabe

    Bah… Does the widget really have to be animated?? =/

    • John

      …& the icon size so big

  • spickle

    which ROM allows you to change the button color to blue?

  • What ROM/mod are you running to change the color of softkeys, I would love if we could customize that. But for now, how do you get them blue?

    • It’s a mod that can be done to almost all ROMs. Instructions coming in a bit. 🙂

      I’m running the CM9 kang ROM though.

      • Any bugs with that?  I’ve been waiting (mostly on Mr. Alfonso) for the ROM’s to develop a bit before I jump in.  I’m not done enjoying stock yet!

        How’s battery life?  Anything else to note?  G-wallet working?

      • Jon H

        KB, in the kang you’re running, does holding search softkey activate voice search? Thanks dude. 

  • Michael Forte

    hey where’d you get those blue text icons on your dock?

  • John

    Just flashed & works great…thx for this.

  • Anyone know why this requires root privileges? I am a pretty experienced dev and I see in the andorid 4.0 System.Settings they don’t have LTE/CDMA as one, therefore making it not that simple. But anyone know what root access allows them to change this?

  • Anonymous

    cool, but I’d actually like a feature like that on the TB to force it to stay in 4G LTE especially for fringe areas.

  • eddieruko

    anyone know what the app is or mod that gets the text to show in place of the app icon?

  • Anonymous

    I used to have an SD card, then I took an MTP to the knee

    • John

      just stop already

  • “Place zip file on the root of your SD Card.”

    …but… the Nexus doesn’t…

    • Habit. “Download it to your phone.”

    • John

      oops..wrong thread.

    • Anonymous

      i still think it’s funny how the OS labels it in the filesystem as /mnt/sdcard

      i was hoping that ifixit would reveal a magical sdcard hidden in the phone. sadly, no.

    • Anonymous

      Yes it is a virtual SD card

  • Anonymous

    Can’t you guys just create a 3rd site and call it Nexus-Life.com?

    • John

      Are you still not banned?

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      G0d damnit bro – relax – the site is for VERIZON ANDROID phones.

      Get a fuck1ng life BRO!!

      • Anonymous

        u mad bro?

        • Anonymous

          I’m sick of reading l1ttle bitches like you do nothing but complain about the GNex. It’s a Verizon Android phone, being discussed on a Verizon Android site.

          Get over it

        • Anonymous

          You’re a moron, dude. Why don’t you go annoy users on some other site?