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Download: “Nexus” Notification Sound


As someone on Twitter said when we tweeted this just a few minutes ago, “The ‘DROOIIID’ sound is so 2010.” What about a “Nexus” noise though? Ready to give it a shot? One of our long time readers asked his friend to create something along those lines and this is what he came up with. I’m liking it.

Download:  Nexus_Notification.mp3

To have it show up in your Sounds list, use a file manager like Astro to move the downloaded file from Downloads to Notifications.

Cheers Keith and to Johnny McKinney for creating it!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds a bit like a Reaper from Mass Effect.

  • ravik212

    Ooh no. Thats just’s horrible. This is like the Rebecca Black Friday of ringtones. My OG had the droid ringtone till the day I got my Nexus. Its time for a change.

  • Man, am I the only one that likes this? Guess I wont have to worry about too many people having this kickass sound next to me then. Thanks for this DL!

  • xxdesmus

    …and you wonder why Android users get made fun of (says the Android user). That’s just embarrassing.

  • Italia1918

    does anyone have the old spice commercial ringtone? lol im serious that would be a great ringtone

  • Rickkane

    Nexus sound doesn’t need to be friendly because the Nexus is such a beast that it doesn’t give a f=ck…just like honey badger.

  • Anonymous

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  • dkbetts

    My ear drums puked in their mouth.

  • Raven

    I was so bummed that my Droid 2 didn’t come with the Droid sound that I had to transfer it over from my OG Droid.  Then, even my wife who is a total non-geek but wanted a Droid 2 for doing email on had to have the OG Droid sound as well.

  • John

    Sigh. I hate these type of notification sounds. Oh well…. I’m sure some person out there likes it.

  • WAldenIV

    Eww… I’ll stick with my Christian Bale “GOOD FOR YOU!” notification.

  • Jacoblmueller

    That is awful.  Am I the only Android owner who isn’t a 12 year old boy?

  • weapon x

    Thats weak, stupid weak. That’s just a nexus trying (and failing miserably ) to be as badsass as a DROID. I think the DROID sound is iconic. It’s unique, singular, unmistakable ….badsass. That’s why I rock it on my shiny new white DROID RAZR. DROOIIID

  • strudel

    Ha sounds like the navigator robot from wall-e…yes captain.

  • dc


  • Anonymous

    I would be ashamed of myself if anyone heard this coming out of my phone.

  • Anonymous

    I use “Pleasant Ding” from the Motorola Cliq. 

  • dugpol

    i like a softer approach, maybe the distress beacon from Icarus I (Sunshine)


    • Anonymous

      Man, I liked that movie and always thought the distress signal would make a good alert tone. THANKS!

      • Anonymous

        Hey! LOL!!! There is the Nexus tone and 3 songs inside that mp3 file. Otown (We Fit Together) and some others. Did you get that?

        • dugpol

          i DL’d the mp3 linked from the youtube vid http://www.sendspace.com/file/4pyt1e thats not what you’re talking about though?

  • That was rather…..um…..interesting? LOL

  • 好文章,转啦

  • Anonymous

    This sounds incredibly close to the Vega notification noise that is already on the Galaxy Nexus, does anybody else hear that?

  • Not really feelin this

  • was happy i didn’t have to hear “DROID” anymore.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Nice try, but after using it for a few hours going back to regular old droid notification

  • Act of God


    *internet retro

  • Anonymous


  • Aaron Fredricks

    you tried…

  • Chad

    Sorry, but the Nexus notification sounds are beyond terrible and IMO somewhat feminine sounding.

  • mons

    I appreciate the effort….but this is terrible.  The DROID sound is iconic.  Everybody knows DROID.  Not many people know Nexus. 

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Love the droid sound, will always have the droid sound. The Gnex sounds are actually pretty cool, but the first thing I did was zedged my way to all new individual sounds that I like or am used to. Either way, personal option so good thing there’s a bunch of choice.

  • Wow, I don’t understand the hate here. At the very least, it’s a funny sound to have for a text message.

  • xformulax

    you’re reaching…. shits gay.

  • TheRealDeal

    Where is the button to ‘Hate it’?

  • rocketdaddy

    Definitely one for the collection. Thanks!

  • IntlGrizzly

    Nah, not working for me

  • Ian

    Heard this. Didnt like, but liked the idea, so I made my own based off the tune in the Samsung Unpacked Teaser.

    Short: http://db.tt/P4QlsiLw
    Medium: http://db.tt/JoADZeqj
    Long: http://db.tt/lMxTBI1S

    • Nex

      That’s pretty nice I’m gonna use the short one, thanks

  • Anonymous

    Surprised you can hear it… TROLOLOL

  • Sp4rxx

    pretty gay actually – all the time they spent perfecting the nexus they couldn’t get that to sound better?

    I agree with @facebook-1648257563:disqus – leave the robotic voices to the ‘DROID’ brand

    • Anonymous

      just clarifying that this is a fanmade thing, not official from google

    • Please at least attempt to read the whole story before commenting.

  • Nice idea but I’m sure I’m now the only person that will say or has said that it would be better if it has a nice  friendly womans voice. ..Let’s leave the robot stuff to the Droid brand.

  • y2k

    Seems you have to be rooted to drop this file into the notifications folder, by default the permissions are r/o which in order to change you must be rooted.

    • Billyrouth2000

      WRONG!!! Use astro file manager

      • y2k

        It does not ive tried and it keeps giving a read only file error.

    • Sp4rxx

      Or, make a media folder then under that put a ‘notifications’ folder and a ‘ringtone’ folder in that on your sd card…. easy peezy ….

  • Anonymous

    Meh. Sounds stupid.

  • CFlemisterIV

    All my notifications on phone are .ogg files … having trouble getting phone to list this file in my notifications … I put it in system/media/audio/notifications … which appears to be where all the others are located … any ideas?

    • I think they need to be .wav files for it to work

      • xformulax

        what? android is ogg native.

        • Davros

          I drop mp3’s in the notification file after connecting to computer and have no problems.

    • Anonymous

      I put it in the notifications folder and it works fine.

  • Nate Myers

    Thats horrible.  I mean… really really bad.

  • Anonymous

    I imagined that the nexus sound would be more friendly. 🙁

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  • Abundis5555

    You can also download this and use a ringtone maker app such as ringdroid, edit it, and set it as notification. Whichever way is fine really.

  • Anonymous

    anyone know where i can get the boot animation for the galaxy nexus?

  • Anonymous

    Since we’re on the topic of notifications can somebody tell me if there is a way to amplify the nexus notifications? I can hardly hear any of them. Or are there any other apps I could use for notifications?

    On an unrelated topic does anyone have a problem using voice to text when responding and these forms? It just flat out does not work for me well it works but the words aren’t even close. Also I can’t long press in area to select the input method like I used to be able to with the droid. Anybody else?

  • Anthony Armando


  • Anonymous

    Can we ask the people who made this to make one that sounds more futuristic yet friendly? It’s hard to explain, but I always see a Nexus sounding like this 
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSRojkk0Nzc, but less like a robot.

  • pass… ~_~

  • Typo

    Nice…Transformers-esque. Off topic…Does anyone have the sound from the Back to the Future movies played in the beginning when the time and date caption is shown?

  • Jason Purp

    It sounds badass, but not for a Nexus. Nexus seems more cheerful and laid-back than a DROID phone. That’s why I like the default notification. If they ever make a DROID Nexus, I’ll use this.

    • jason6g

      i agree – something more facebook pop-ish or the words with friends bubbles when the tiles load is what i thought this was going to be

      • Fred Alfonzo

        they would probably get sued by apple if they did that. for having a boring notification sound.

    • Matt Ryan

      I agree, that’s why I have a chewbacca roar as my notification ringtone.

  • Anonymous

    No. Just… no.

    • Karl

      I agree…just imagine what we’d say if an iSheep had a notification tone that said iPh*ne every time they got a text.  

      That is, if apple allows custom ringtones…I don’t even know….maybe that’s the next revolutionary feature they’ll add next year.

    • Tommyr3000

      Hey guys I know this post is off topic but does anyone know for sure if windows media manager will sync pic from old Droid x to sami gal nexus? sorry I don’t have the phone yet (Verizon sales rep) tried yesterday on stores admin locked computer Droid x allowed gal nex would not.

    • Ognexus

      People like me coming off an OG Droid will like it. I put it on. Most people won’t realize it says nexus, so you’re not going to look like a poser.

  • Pete

    and i love the device but battery is horrible. and my device gets hot in area around the camera. does anyone else has that problem?

    • Rader023


    • Anonymous

      Yep same two things here.

    • my dad is complaining a lot about his. i get 8 hours pretty easily. 

      • DroidLover

        8 hours is terrible. That is pathetic. I was going to pick one up this friday on pay day but i’ve heard the camera isn’t great, battery life sucks, antenna isn’t great and today i read there are multi touch problems where you have to turn the screen on and off to make it register correctly. Is anybody else seeing these problems? I am a little hesitant now especially after playing with ICS on a Nexus at the Verizon story. It was a little weird. I thought it was supposed to be more uniform but it was a little confusing. I’m sure i would get use to it but i wasn’t blown away. 

        • i dont think any dual core phone is going to get what you would consider good battery life then. I just have batts (one extended). Also Im never more than a few hours a way from a charger. Either im at home, work, or car. So i dont even care.

          I have no multitouch problems. and yea the antenna kind of sucks. but i always had enough to download anything swiftly, even with low bars.

          • pete

            My father has droid bionic and its battery life is pretty good!

          • but thats a bionic…

          • pete

            So what? It has a dual core procesor and 4g lte and smaller battery than nexus.

          • SadNexusOwner

            Dual core has nothing to do with it. The iPhone has dual cores and so do plenty of other phones which get more than 8 hours. Its the LTE and terrible antenna that is the culprit. 

          • Anonymous

            Iphone has battery life problems…

        • Anonymous

          The Bionic’s battery was terrible until they updated it just recently, the same will occur with the Nexus when they optimize ICS.  

    • Dude

      And everyone thought there wasn’t going to be any issues or bugs with this phone….. 😉

      • pete

        Yeah man i was so excited abt it but its kind of letdown.

    • Anonymous

      Not really much heat. And with moderate use..

    • Smr561

      yes its very hot by the camera lens when I use certain apps

    • Anonymous

      This is with moderate use, texting, emails, about 45 minutes of voice calls, web browsing, photo taking, general tinkering, etc.  I would definitely not classify this as “heavy use”, but it was more than I’d call “light”.  I didn’t do any video streaming or anything like that.  I think it helps that I live in an area with blanket LTE coverage, so that the phone isn’t always searching for signal.

      • seems like people are either getting amazing results or mediocre ones , weird

      • Pete

        thats good man1 atleast somebody is getting good results. i will try same thing and see if i can go that long. maybe m using it to much. i mean i havent put it down from the time i got it. and some of the apps arent working either.most of them are video streaming apps.

      • DWM

        Just snapped this from mine (standard battery). Moderate use today in strong 4G territory including over an hour on the phone in various calls. No heating problems on mine.

      • diloS

        6 hours 45mins, 66% battery life on mine today. This is on Revolution HD Rom, set cpu underclock on screen off, CDMA, and standard battery.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, battery life is horrible. Overnight idling drops 30% battery power. My Droid X drops 5%.
      4G is off. I don’t know where the battery is going. 50%+ usage is Android OS.
      Yes, it’s warm around the camera for me too.

      • Anonymous

        How DARE you say anything bad about the Galaxy Nexus!!!

        Unlock the bootloader, thatll quintuple ur battery life. 

        • Anonymous

          It’s unlocked and rooted.  =D

          • Anonymous

            Oh, well then maybe you can use that awesome “ZOMG TEH NFC!!!” that, you know, EVERYBODY uses now(right? doesnt EVERYBODY use it now ALL THE TIME?) and hold ur Nexus up to a car battery and “Android Beam” urself some battery life then. 

  • Pete

    can we a have a vedio with the instructions of hw to set a custom ringtone on the nexus. i m trying and dont knw hw to do it.i have all my music on the device via google music cloud but dont have any music on the device actually. does that make any difference?

    • Anonymous

      Connect your phone to your computer and then just copy the ringtone file to the ringtone folder.

      • pete

        Yeah i thought that i can be done like that but hw abt making custom ringtines using apps from the market! I dont think we can do that with this nexus!

        • Anonymous

          I use cool edit pro to make ringtones. Either way, they’re saved as .mp3 files and work. I put seven or eight on my Nexus that I had on my OG and they all play.

    • Granted

      It’s a sad day in the world of literacy when someone is so lazy they abbreviate the word “how” and turn it into “hw”……This stupidity along with rampant ebonics will very soon turn our language into nothing more than grunts and people wiping their crap on each others faces to say hello.

  • I love it. Not much room for improvement here.

  • Fred Alfonzo

    the nexus notification sound is so last week. how about a Razr notification sound?

  • Derek Stiles

    Sounds like a Decepticon.

    • It just did not want to be Optimus Prime 

  • WDF


  • Anonymous

    Wow i was just lookign for the droid sound a few days ago and was unsuccessful (..didnt really try too hard lol) 
    now this comes out; sounds kind of lame but better than nothing 😀

    • BTGGTR1

      Try Zedge off the Market, the Droid sound is on there.

      • Anonymous

        Done, ty 😀

      • second vote for zedge. quite useful.

      • Granted

        Might want to read Zedge’s permissions. Ringtone and wallpaper apps are data harvesting and malware-laden cesspools, regardless of their notoriety and public favor.

  • Anonymous

    So doing this! 😀