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DROID RAZRs Receiving “Sim Card Authorization Error” – Verizon is Aware of the Issue

Over the last couple of hours, we have received a number of reports (they are filling up the comments now too) from DROID RAZR owners who are experiencing some sort of micro SIM issue. In their notification bar, they are seeing a message that reads “SIM card authorization error” and “The SIM Card may not be authorized for LTE service. Please Power down the phone and contact Wireless Provider Customer Service.” After receiving these messages, the phone cannot no longer operate on Big Red’s 4G LTE network.

Verizon is apparently aware of the situation, but from what we can tell, may not know the cause of it. Some of our readers are being told that they simply need a new SIM card – would be unfortunate if every RAZR owner in the U.S. needed to order one though.

I should point out that my RAZR so far, has not experienced this.

Everyone’s RAZR OK or are you running into LTE and SIM issues?

Cheers Andrew, Ryan, Jerry and Luis!

  • Droid Razr… happened to me after awaking from sleep.  A feature I normally do not use.  Never seen this before and the weird thing is that the email it had linked with the “SIM card identity verification was a hotmail not my gmail…  Kind of felt like an app to capture passwords.

  • I had a problem with getting the LTE. Lost my data when they put in a new sim card now the lte is agian not there getting a new phone. 

  • Pirfeckt

    Mine just got this error

  • Matt0824

    I just had this happen to me. It’s been 1 month since I received this phone. Can’t seem to shake it off either. Guess I have to call and see what’s up.

  • Alleneugina

    I just took the card out a and put it back in, it worked fine after.

  • Michelle

    what’s coming this Friday?

  • Guest

    hey, who removed my comment?

  • Michelle

    I got the error last night around 11:30ish

  • Doug Backholm

    Hate my razr because of this problem.

  • Dave C

    I had to have two sim cards replaced, it eventually confused the device so much it ceased to exist.  Verizon replaced the device, but it still didnt really work as advertised.  The 4G network is down more than its up in this area.. I took it back today… NO THANKS!!

  • Rkevinadams

    Like the look and feel of my razor but been very disappointed. Snubbed iPhone 4s cause who wants a 3g phone. First had the sim card error. New sim card..still didn’t work. Told limited number of razors were having problems. Engineers working on it. Downloaded update yesterday. Still spotty 4g and lost signals. No consistent 4g experience. Hear varied reports of verizon 4g network problems. Is this phone the problem or the network? Live in Richmond, VA.

  • Robertpek

    After 1 week of owning the Razr I received the error message 3 times in one day. The Verizon Technical Support Rep in Northbrook Illinois says it happens when the Razr goes from 3G to 4G and that it is normal. I do not by this at all. To me it’s definitely a hardware or software issue.

  • Foxslying

    GN no golrilla glass no good!

  • Robslp

    My error message showed up today for the first time. I am in IL. Guess I will contact Verizon.

  • Bobv1971

    I had the problem after I enabled the SIM card lock under Location and Security. After experiencing the error, I disabled the lock, rebooted and I haven’t had the error again. 

  • Smokering

    Received the error this afternoon…..powered phone down, re-seated SIM card, powered back up and seems to be working fine now.

  • Douglb8875

    It just happened to me…..for the third time. First time new phone, but they sent the wrong SIM, new SIM second time, this time, a reset fixed it.

  • Masterrom

    I too have started receiving the SIM card error message as stated above.  Got my phone thru Amazon.com during their penny sales event.  Have had the phone for about 2.5 weeks now or so.  Also, a side issue, aren’t these phones supposed to have 16GB internal memory?  My storage info states only 8GB.  The external card reads 16GB however.  I have not contacted Verizon yet, but looks like I will.

  • Brutality1100

    I woke up this morning with the error I turned my phone off, took the sim card out and put it back in. Now it works fine and the error appears to be gone.

  • stephen jester

    yeah having the same issue, again.. no 4g in minneapolis

  • Jtsativa420


  • Corvettegs

    I have a new razor phone just received it and it has the air on an I can
    get rid of it yes it is very upsetting

  • Monty Waggoner

    Hmm, I noticed that yesterday in the Verizon store. I was playing with the RAZR and Rezound. I thought it was a little BS that the iPhones had internet but the ones I was looking at didn’t. I figured it was so the iPhone customers wouldn’t accidentally see how fast 4G was. Now I know!

  • Carlos7019

    You have to turn your phone off for about 10 min. And it should take care of it

  • Anonymous

    I just got a Razr, It had a dead pixel, Amazon sent me a new one, and it has more dead pixels. Anyone else with this problem??

  • Nerdslogic

    I experienced this. Reboot fixed it.

  • Iheartsavannah

    I currently have no data at all, 3G came back for about 5 minutes but is gone again. I only have the signal bars at the top. Only able to make phone calls and text. Sure hope they fix this fast…

  • Razr210droid

    my razr has Boobs. Really Big Boobs!

    • Monty Waggoner

      Not the worlds thinnest anymore.

  • Joe Smith

    My razr had this pop up today around 11am in Phoenix, then I lost all data, then data came back for a couple hours on 3G around 3pm, and now I am back to having the SIM card error message with no data, and no cell service

  • Alexm22289

    not sure if its just me but recently 2 minutes ago my 4g symbol popped up in the corner of my razr and everything seems to be fine. same with you guys?

  • Scottdroidx

    Are the Droid razrs the only ones affected by this?

  • Alstef

    Had no network connection for abt two he’s.

  • Scottdroidx

    I has it happen to me earlier while I was in New Orleans. On my way to Verizon to see about getting another similar card.

  • Just Talked to Verizon customer service and they stated that the reason for the authorization error was because of the 4G network being down.  Whether or not that’s the reason is to be seen.

    • Jayson M Wright

      I can believe that…… here in Milwaukee, my Mifi 4g cards have been “off again, on again” all day.

  • Jayson M Wright

    Just had the same exact thing happen!!! What I want to know is: Why won’t the Razr revert back to 3g when 4g is not available????? Answer me that!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I have this problem on my phone. Customer service wasn’t much help beyond saying they’re working on the problem. I actually just now got the SIM error again and can’t dismiss it. But I was at least able to get the phone to stay online by disabling LTE. From the home screen, do settings > wireless & networks > mobile networks > network mode > CDMA only. It took a couple minutes to kick in but I’ve been online fine since then.

    • Jayson M Wright

      Will try that and update!

  • Smid30

    Yup same here. had sim error emssage for abput 16 hrs.  for the past 4 hours I havn’t seen the sim error message but I still cannot make any calls, text or surf the net. Verizon custoemr service advised that I geta  new sim card

  • just got it today.. powered on.off and 4G was on for like 10 mins. Gone now! no 3G either.

  • Ram77

    I just got this error today. The only thing I can figure is that my area didn’t have 4G coverage and was expected to have it available soon.  So Ive been running 3G for a bit.  Maybe that could be it … not sure … but I really like this phone, hope it’s a quick fix. 

  • Wnydek

    Its not the SIM card: it’s Verizon. Went through the replacement routine yesterday – then on hold with support for a hour. Said they were working on it – try today. It worked this AM, then errored this afternoon, then came back after a reboot.

    They said it’s an issue with 4G LTE new activations. I suspect its not just new ones, though.

  • Nexusplz

    today mine got this..Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    first the Bionic was playing its 4Gto NO-G games so I returned that in Sept..Now this. WTF Moto?

  • For the record, just stopped by Verizon store, to see if they could hook me up with a new SIM card. I was told that replacing the SIM card would resolve the issue for perhaps 16 hours, after which issue would come back. Which is just awesome.

  • Ghest

    Shop Local!!

  • SplashMTN

    I wouldn’t bother with customer service about this. They have an automated message saying, “We’re working on it.” 

  • Jeroth Behemeloth

    I’m having the same issue.  Verizon told me to go to the nearest Verizon store and get my sim replaced.  I got my phone through Amazon’s 1 cent sale.  I wonder if others with this problem also got their phone through Amazon?

  • newrazr

    Damn, just got the message. So I guess I need a new sim card?

  • cobalt train

    yes i have the sim error and have had my sim card replaced and 1 week later had the problem again, called verizon and was informed i would have to get a whole new phone

  • chris

    I got mine on black friday i was able to access LTE for about 10 days and then ive had this same message ever since with the red “X” on the notification bar and it annoys me a lot, It seems that i cant even get on 3G as i used to before.

  • Rob Z.

    I received the error and followed the instructions. The Verizon Support Representative did not initially know of the issue but after searching their systems did see that there was an issue with the 4G LTE network.

  • Jonathan hernandez

    this started on Monday for me and they reset my phone and it worked. I thought it was because my new phone had shipped from Amazon, first one had a dead pixel, and that it was thinking it was supposed to be in the new phone. Well it was working fine until I put it in the new phone the next day and within a couple of minutes I get the error again. They reset it again and it worked for a bit, at least an hour, left it charging and when I picked it up again there was the sim card authorization error once more. I call and they decide to send me a new sim card, I chose to ship it instead of heading out to the store last night. It just came in and the dumb asses set me the normal sized sim instead of a micro. I call in again and they say it is a network problem when yesterday they said there was no outage and it was my phone. they said a new sim would not fix it. It does not make sense that this is a network issue if it is just the razr being affected. I got this phone for 1cent from amazon so can’t really replace it for a different phone unless i want to pay the current price. So if this is not fixed soon I am just canceling and going back to virgin mobile.

    • Monty Waggoner

      It doesn’t matter if you paid 1 cent or $1000, your phone is under warranty and can be replaced for free. It’s not your fault you got a good deal.