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New DROID RAZR Commercial Airs Just Before Launch, We Wish it Showed the Phone More


The DROID RAZR campaign is about to get kicked into overdrive with tomorrow’s launch looming. In this latest spot dubbed “Payload,” we get the expected massive action sequences that have accompanied the last 2 or 3 DROID launches. There is a motorcyle, a car chase scene, futuristic trucks, ninja moves, a flash bang, and of course, sharp objects. It’s another impressive production, but one thing we have started to hope for was once again left unfulfilled. We want to see the phone more. We want the DROID arm, talk of what it can do over the competition, and the phone itself blasted all over your face.

Now, these campaigns are obviously working as the DROID brand has been uber-successful, but some times I wonder if the adoption rate would skyrocket again like it did with the OG if the phone and its capabilities were shown a bit more. When we posted up the anniversary of the original DROID last weekend, everyone took to the comments to drop in their favorite commercials. People actually remember specific spots as the reason they bought that phone. Now that’s how you leave a mark.

Then again, this was just a teaser, so there is still a chance that we get overwhelmed by features in the next few.

Cheers xblast and Drew!

  • bnevar

    Actually, the physics in the commercial are WRONG. When the box slides out of the back of the armored car it should still be moving in the direction the car is moving. It would appear (from the perspective of the car) to move in the opposite direction as the car, but it is in fact still moving forward, and therefore could not slide up into the waiting van. 

    To test this, pay close attention the next time someone tosses something out of a moving car. It will actually continue bouncing along in the direction of the car before eventually coming to a stop.

  • Joannecreedon

    Too bad that with all the money spent on that commercial, the powers that be didn’t budget for a grammarian. The phrase is “fall into the wrong hands” but the tag line reads “fall in the wrong hands.”

  • Me

    I’m a faithful iphone user, I just want to know what kinda helmet the guy on the bike is wearing in the commercial…

  • Mariana_us

    the male star looks really good………..wonder who he is?

  • Anonymous

    i was pissed cause i thought it was a new movie instead it was the phone this commercial was epic

  • Anonymous

    I really miss the og droid commercials with the “idont” and “droid does”. Need to bring that back

  • PowerofPicture

    Countdown to Ron posting another opinion piece about how the commercial didn’t “inspire” him.

  • funny

    blasted all over your face


  • Anonymous

    Very cool! The Droid X teaser with the guys in space suits has my vote for best Droid commercial so far. I also thought that one was cool because it flashed that code at the end which was used in the r2d2 scavenger hunt.

  • Wow, Awesome commercial 🙂

  • greatest heist commercial!!

  • Granted

    Wow….you said the word “uber” in a post. Ask I can say is DAMN that wade stupId! Not much else could describe the use of that insanely lIke-oh-my-God-for-realzzz-lIke-yeah dumbass word. You just dropped another notch in the world of reputable tech websites.

    • Jeff

      learn to spell

  • Anonymous

    i kinda like it, also its my home town…SAN FRANCISCO!!!

  • Anonymous

    They should do a comercial like the idont comercial they did for the OG Droid….in a world of idont, Droid does….and show of some of the functionality of the phone, like getting the phone wet and show that it still works…something like that….

  • Anonymous

    What the galaxy Nexus commercial needs to be:

    Iphone dude watching a movie on his phone.  image is dinky and letterbox bars are huge.
    Hot girl with nexus says some cheezy line and shows the man the phone showing the same video, but much larger, and in full screen.


  • hatethanet

    Memo to Motorola and Verizon: Show useful stuff that the phone does instead of all this stupid wannabe action crap. Actually, they can keep the action spy theme but have the guy use the RAZR in different ways to defeat the bad guys and get out of trouble.

  • GotSka81

    I hate to admit it, but what kellex is describing is exactly what Apple does.  Look at any of the iphone commercials…it’s usually just a white background and an iproduct, talking about how siri is the coolest thing ever and how we can’t possibly live without it and we’re apple and we thought of it first blah blah blah blah.  If it isn’t a simple white background, then it’s the phone being used by someone.

    It’s almost insulting…Verizon looks at us as a bunch of morons who look at these commercials and say “ooooooh shiny” and go buy the phone.  Give the product a little credit, Verizon.  Stand by your phone instead of trying to distract us with explosions and ninjas.

  • The best thing about to original spots and it still used here and there was the line “In a world that doesn’t; DROID Does”  This was one of their best lines ever but with the i*hone using pull downs and with so many phones without keyboards the lines between them are starting to blur.  That may be why don’t hear it as much.  There is nothing new really they just getting faster and faster.

    • Granted

      Everything is fast in The Matrix.

  • I would think that the reason why they don’t show more of the phone here is because they want you to go to the store and see it for yourself..

  • Jdbailey18

    say what you want about the add. when that thing zinged out of the box at the end it gave me the chills

    • Dbarden31

      Haha you too huh?!

  • Benjamin Mackie

    I would kill for that motorcycle helmet

  • Lgreg64

    No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative. Gets the people going.

    • Jdbailey18

      ^^^ love this lol 

    • This would be their point look at the shear number of comments to this post about a commercial missing what a lot of people say are things they need to know.  Now imagine the thousands of end users at home that are going to tell co-workers and friends about a phone commercial.  Pretty sure i*hone commercials are not water cooler talk.

      • Anonymous

        Someone never saw Blades of Glory

    • Anonymous

      Go f**k yourself san diego

      • Adam Elghor

        wrong movie dude…..

  • B

    The problem with Android phones is that it is hard to differentiate yourself based on the specs and features, because every manufacturer has something similar.  The original Droid sold by the features because it was the only competent Android device out at the time, but later phones did not have much to stand out from the pack.

    Motorola and Verizon are selling the style of the Droid  RAZR, like the original RAZR.  They want you to know that it is super thin and the most desirable phone on the market.

  • Anonymous

    for any who dont remember the epicness and similarity i speak of here ya go  😀   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9fXYQjwR0w

  • Dbarden31

    People are right! The commerical doesn’t show you what the phone can do. But it shows you why its worth having. Idc what it is, if something is in that high of security I WANT it lol.

  • Haven Greene

    BEST Droid commercial/teaser… EVER.

  • Anonymous

    like a few of you guys already said, i am pretty sure this is just the launch commercial that actually shows the phone.  remember the original droid had one like this and the other droid razr commercial too before it launched that featured it getting dropped from fighter jets.  if after this they push commercials similar to the droid does ones then i think this phone could sell as well or even better as the og   😀

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, you know…as much as most everybody here likes to bag on Apple, at least their commercials tell you information about the phone. I have an OG and have no desire to get an iPhone as a replacement, but seriously, this commercial told me absolutely nothing about why I should replace my OG with the RAZR. At least the Nexus promo lists the cool features they want to show off. It’s like the Bionic arena commercial…the reaction of my friends in the movie theater when we saw it was, “What the hell was that?”

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I think the majority of people here would agree with you.  It’s a cool looking commercial, but doesn’t reveal one iota of information about the phone itself.

      • Anonymous

        That’s because it does it all, hence, all the security.  🙂

  • 3rdpig

    I’m sure that will be a very successful commercial, if and when 14 year old boys every have the ability to sign service contracts and have a lot of disposable income to play for them.  Until then, VZ needs to look at Apple’s commercials.  You know, the one where they show the phone, a function on it and a human using it.

  • Stupid

    • Anonymous

      I second that…totally stupid…I’m done with droid phones…nexus ftw

  • Dominick DeVito

    Verizon and Motorola have flooded the Android market, thus watering down the Droid brand.

  • Screw the phone, I want that bike!!!!!

    • Dbarden31


  • sean

    EHHH… better than the crappy Bionic commercials….

  • No kidding, it’s like trying to find gameplay footage in a video game advertisement.

    • Granted

      Haha! Damn straight! And sideways. But yeah, now some game commercials tout how the fact that they are so cool by showing actual gameplay, and that they are unique and so honest doing so. As if they should get a pat on the back for being honest. It’s like those stupid as hell new DomIno’s commercials “hey we listened….”, “well damn, thanks, how long have you been selling cafeterIa style pIzzza, and now now we should applaud the fact that you actually care more about than what’s in or wallets? That’s how sad todays customer service is, it’s considered cool and a great way to advertise by being genuine and actually not blatantly lying to your customers. I tell you, when I finally finish building my human sized blender, all of these crap ass companies have reserved spots in my globe long lines.

  • Me

    I’m a GNex fanboi, but I thought that was pretty bad ass.

  • Anonymous

    Avg Consumer:
    That’s cool and all but I just need to text on it and watch movies late at night when I’m at work. 
    I know the iPhone does that because I saw it in the commercial. It looks pretty easy and I won’t have to steal it from an armored car to get it.

    I’ll go with the iPhone…

    • Anonymous

      [email protected] from an armored car

  • Ruel Smith

    No you don’t, because it’s rather ugly…

  • Anonymous

    If they’re targeting the 12-25 male demographic with these ads, why don’t the save some money and hire a hot bikini model who’s making out with some fat dude who happens to be holding a razr.  They’re both just about as relevant to the phone.

  • Xblast

    Im sure they will do phone demos. this is just the launch. 

  • Mithedhel11

    In advertising its good to be taken elsewhere even mythical places. My droids have taken me many places. Droids are an awesome brand. I say live it up. Good commercial.

  • bigrob60

    Best commercial ever.

  • I  must be old.  I like the Apple commercial’s so much better.  And the one for the HTC Flyer.  But looking at the other comments, I guess this action hero phone stuff works for a lot of people.  

    I think they are really missing out by not pushing MotoCast more.  On my Bionic and ZumoCast, my daughter can stream our DVD/Blu-Ray collection over 4G while we are driving.  Not to mention, I can access all of my files on my computer and stream music as well.  Its a really great feature, and given Apple’s iCould push – it seems very relevant.

    • Anonymous

      Most people don’t have always on computers, or servers. Cloud storage is much more appealing, because you can upload or download from anywhere. And theoretically get higher speeds than whatever your home uploading data rate is.

      • I get that, but I think that the ability to do so would be cause for some to leave their computers on when they might need their content.  There aren’t any cost effective cloud services with storage necessary for movies.  Not to mention, ZumoCast employs real time transcoding that no 3rd party cloud provider will do.  It’s too resource intensive on a large scale.  MotoCast could also be configured to wake computers from sleep to save on power.  SplashTop does that.

  • Ok. when is this movie coming out???

  • Captmilk

    Man what was the budget on that….dam!

  • I lol’d

  • Kierra

    People on twitter loved it… This doesnt hurt the phone 

  • Batman’s new job

  • Iny

    Show the phone, show what it can do, and why it’s better than the competition. THERE.

  • Bauce40

    I bought the OG Droid because of what it did over the competition.  No desire to buy the Razr

  • imagine how much cheaper it would be if they didnt waste all this money on these ads

    • Jordan

      Somehow i doubt this…

      • sure… realistically speaking, marketing and product development are two separate entitites but at the same time it has to have some sort of effect on the products, essentially one has to fund the other

        • Xblast

          That isn’t true at all.

        • Jordan

          Yeah..i think its more along the lines of: Spend more on marketing make more on sales. Spend less on marketing make less on sales.. I think regardless of marketing costs blah blah blah its been noted that new 4G phones are sticking around the $299 price point.

        • JonnyQ

          If they didn’t make any ads, the phone wouldn’t sell as much … which would probably make it more expensive.  

    • Imagine how many less people would see the device since not every cell phone buyer reads sites like this.  My sister wants a RAZR and its because of the commercials she says she see it enough that its the only phone she can think about right now.

      • which is exactly why I don’t watch television.

    • Anonymous

      Imagine, how many MORE customers they would inform about the device and capture if the commecials were more about the device and how the device can make your life more fun and efficent!!!

      Take a note from Apple and Google they have great commercials that capture what does this device do.  Not another Sci Fi space odyessy wanne be commecial.  The RAZR deserves better. 

  • Garrett

    From that commercial I learned that the phone is thin, and is a droid. They may have put a lot of money into it, but at least the original hardass Droid commercials told me why I should buy the phone.

    • Anonymous

      Agree with you there

    • Anonymous

      The OG Droid commercials had some like this that were teasers, and then they had some that featured the device’s features. But if you think about, a lot more people know the Droid brand now and what it is. So they can probably afford to just play the “Droid” sound and their commercial was successful.

  • I jizzed in my pantz

  • Anonymous

    This is a commercial for a phone?

  • Bert336

    saw that last night, the wheres the Bionic girl at?

    • Anonymous


  • jnt
    • jnt

      not sure why it double posted sorry about that…

    • Andrew Davis

      Hey, that’s my post! Thanks… and I totally agree with it by the way. Lol

  • Anonymous

    If they made this a teaser and then followed up with a more phone centered commercial after its release, their advertisement campaign would be WAY more successful.

  • Sp4rxx

    Kind of off-topic but related to RAZR:

    I ordered mine this morning just before 8am EST.  The website says “will ship by 11/11”.  Does that mean I will have it tomorrow or do I put my hopes and dreams on hold until Monday?

    • Jordan

      same here… with my experience verizon ships fedex so you may see it saturday!

    • Anonymous

      Well that means it will ship, that doesn’t mean it will get to you by then.  Now depending on the proximity of the distribution center to your house, you may get it by tomorrow or Saturday.  They are usually pretty quick. 

  • Dominick DeVito

    Nice Ad, but since we already know everything these phones it’s hard to be excited over the Ad.

    The OG’s first Ad was awesome – mainly because it was mythical.

    • Granted

      That is why it’s not aimed at this demographic. Like “uber” dub “B”! Yawmeenz boI to three tenth degree soon and or daughter?! S.T.C.O.L.

  • Spickle

    that’s a lot of action just to show off a phone. still cool tho

  • I love it.  Moto and VZW are obviously taking a different approach than Apple/Sprint/TMobile/ATT/etc. with their Droid advertising, and it shows no signs that it is a bad idea.  Like you said, the brand is incredibly successful.  

    I’m obviously getting the Galaxy Nexus instead, but I can appreciate the fun that is the DROID marketing.

    • I disagree to some extent. These type of commercials are cool at all. But I think they should have a mix to show why the phone is so powerful. Maybe display it’s speed from texting to watching a show? Something an average user would do. Would be funny to see them going through the app drawer and you see the SuperUser icon slip by.

  • Ray

    the commercial is sweet this could be a real movie!

  • Anonymous

    It’s better than the Bionic commercials. Marginally.

  • that’s a pretty awesome commercial

  • Captmilk

    They did release an informational Bionic commercial……Too bad I  can’t stay connected to 4g long enough to be the “master of all Droids”..lol

  • Rp780

    I thought this was a movie trailers

  • This commercial is kind of awesome. I mean utterly useless if you need to know about phone specs/features aside from ‘too powerful to fall into the wrong hands’. But still, kinda awesome.

    • My thoughts exactly. Spot is awesome to watch, I just want more phone somehow heh.

      • Manuel

        not much different than your blurry photos.

        • At least with photos you can see it for longer than 2 seconds 😛

      • Granted

        Does adding the “B”to your name give you street cred in your burb? Or is it just nerd-cred? Nawhaahsayung B? Man, I’m just so “uber” hilarious!  Yalawnameenzzz?! 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but from what I remember from the Droid X and Bionic commercials, they pretty much don’t get into the phone specs.  Damn shame, they really need to.

  • Anonymous

    his helmet was coldddd!!!

  • Jordan


  • Anonymous

    I thought it was deodorant myself.

  • I’m an Android-turned-iPhone user now (still follow this site closely as I still do like Android, thinking about getting an Android tablet actually), but I LOVED this commercial