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New DROID RAZR Commercial Airs Just Before Launch, We Wish it Showed the Phone More

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The DROID RAZR campaign is about to get kicked into overdrive with tomorrow’s launch looming. In this latest spot dubbed “Payload,” we get the expected massive action sequences that have accompanied the last 2 or 3 DROID launches. There is a motorcyle, a car chase scene, futuristic trucks, ninja moves, a flash bang, and of course, sharp objects. It’s another impressive production, but one thing we have started to hope for was once again left unfulfilled. We want to see the phone more. We want the DROID arm, talk of what it can do over the competition, and the phone itself blasted all over your face.

Now, these campaigns are obviously working as the DROID brand has been uber-successful, but some times I wonder if the adoption rate would skyrocket again like it did with the OG if the phone and its capabilities were shown a bit more. When we posted up the anniversary of the original DROID last weekend, everyone took to the comments to drop in their favorite commercials. People actually remember specific spots as the reason they bought that phone. Now that’s how you leave a mark.

Then again, this was just a teaser, so there is still a chance that we get overwhelmed by features in the next few.

Cheers xblast and Drew!

  • bnevar

    Actually, the physics in the commercial are WRONG. When the box slides out of the back of the armored car it should still be moving in the direction the car is moving. It would appear (from the perspective of the car) to move in the opposite direction as the car, but it is in fact still moving forward, and therefore could not slide up into the waiting van. 

    To test this, pay close attention the next time someone tosses something out of a moving car. It will actually continue bouncing along in the direction of the car before eventually coming to a stop.

  • Joannecreedon

    Too bad that with all the money spent on that commercial, the powers that be didn’t budget for a grammarian. The phrase is “fall into the wrong hands” but the tag line reads “fall in the wrong hands.”

  • Me

    I’m a faithful iphone user, I just want to know what kinda helmet the guy on the bike is wearing in the commercial…

  • Mariana_us

    the male star looks really good………..wonder who he is?

  • Anonymous

    i was pissed cause i thought it was a new movie instead it was the phone this commercial was epic

  • Anonymous

    I really miss the og droid commercials with the “idont” and “droid does”. Need to bring that back

  • PowerofPicture

    Countdown to Ron posting another opinion piece about how the commercial didn’t “inspire” him.

  • funny

    blasted all over your face


  • Anonymous

    Very cool! The Droid X teaser with the guys in space suits has my vote for best Droid commercial so far. I also thought that one was cool because it flashed that code at the end which was used in the r2d2 scavenger hunt.

  • Wow, Awesome commercial 🙂

  • greatest heist commercial!!

  • Granted

    Wow….you said the word “uber” in a post. Ask I can say is DAMN that wade stupId! Not much else could describe the use of that insanely lIke-oh-my-God-for-realzzz-lIke-yeah dumbass word. You just dropped another notch in the world of reputable tech websites.

    • Jeff

      learn to spell

  • Anonymous

    i kinda like it, also its my home town…SAN FRANCISCO!!!

  • Anonymous

    They should do a comercial like the idont comercial they did for the OG Droid….in a world of idont, Droid does….and show of some of the functionality of the phone, like getting the phone wet and show that it still works…something like that….

  • Anonymous

    What the galaxy Nexus commercial needs to be:

    Iphone dude watching a movie on his phone.  image is dinky and letterbox bars are huge.
    Hot girl with nexus says some cheezy line and shows the man the phone showing the same video, but much larger, and in full screen.


  • hatethanet

    Memo to Motorola and Verizon: Show useful stuff that the phone does instead of all this stupid wannabe action crap. Actually, they can keep the action spy theme but have the guy use the RAZR in different ways to defeat the bad guys and get out of trouble.

  • GotSka81

    I hate to admit it, but what kellex is describing is exactly what Apple does.  Look at any of the iphone commercials…it’s usually just a white background and an iproduct, talking about how siri is the coolest thing ever and how we can’t possibly live without it and we’re apple and we thought of it first blah blah blah blah.  If it isn’t a simple white background, then it’s the phone being used by someone.

    It’s almost insulting…Verizon looks at us as a bunch of morons who look at these commercials and say “ooooooh shiny” and go buy the phone.  Give the product a little credit, Verizon.  Stand by your phone instead of trying to distract us with explosions and ninjas.

  • The best thing about to original spots and it still used here and there was the line “In a world that doesn’t; DROID Does”  This was one of their best lines ever but with the i*hone using pull downs and with so many phones without keyboards the lines between them are starting to blur.  That may be why don’t hear it as much.  There is nothing new really they just getting faster and faster.

    • Granted

      Everything is fast in The Matrix.

  • I would think that the reason why they don’t show more of the phone here is because they want you to go to the store and see it for yourself..

  • Jdbailey18

    say what you want about the add. when that thing zinged out of the box at the end it gave me the chills

    • Dbarden31

      Haha you too huh?!