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XOOM 4G LTE Upgrades Experiencing Delays

After waiting almost 7 months, Verizon XOOM owners were finally given information about upgrading their device to 4G LTE. The early promise made by Motorola suggested that you would have your device back within 6 business days – that no longer appears to be the case.

A handful of readers reached out last night and this morning to let us know that Moto was informing them of a delay. No specific details were given in these emails, but we are getting varying reports of the severity of it. One of our readers said that his XOOM made it to the Moto upgrade center on 10/5, so even if his XOOM is back by this Wednesday, that isn’t technically a delay. Some said that they sent theirs in almost week ago though, and are not scheduled to receive it until the end of this week.     

Dear Michael,

We wanted to let you know that we are still in the process of completing your upgrade. We apologize for the delay and will send you an additional notification once the device has shipped early this week.


Motorola Mobility Customer Services

We will let you know if we received additional details.

To be honest, I’m not surprised at all by this. When Motorola announced that there would be a future hardware upgrade that would require users to physically send in their XOOMs, this was almost expected. Even if the number of devices sold was no where near other tablets, manually opening up and installing hardware into a device has to take some serious time.

Cheers Mike, Tad and Rufo!

  • Anonymous


  • Tvsteinbeck

    I received my xoom back when expected but I still only have 3g. After an hour on the phone with Verizon tech suport, still only 3g. They gave me a, problem ticket number, and told me they would call back in two or three days, maybe, with an answer. One tech said I needed to upgrade my data plan, the other said I didn’t. They did try upgrade to 4g but it still only got 3g

  • EcoDan

    The whining on these sites is amazing. Get out a little and get a life.

  • Jesse

    rec’d my Xoom today and followed the instructions to the T and I still have no 4G. called VZW and they dont know whats going on!!!

  • Gfacekilla

    my update went as planned. Sent the unit in last Friday and it came back today. And got another dock for free. So far waiting for the 4G to kick in. Thanks Verizon and Moto

  • Aaron

    I can not complain…

    I sent mine in last Thursday late and it arrived today. I got an email when then recieved it, another when they shipped it. One week 5 business days (4 if Columbus day is a holiday). They even replaced the plastic SD card door my son pull out and lost (I stuck a note in telling them what happened).

    FedEx tracking was accurate too and from Motorola.

    Tonight I sent my wife’s xoom in.

    Since, the upgrade I have not seen any issues. 4g is fast 30 mbps up and 24 down.

    I bought mine and my wife’s for $400 each though a work discount about a week after they came out. We both love our xooms.


  • Bobby

    I submitted my claim the morning they were available.  Did not receive my box until the following week and sent it in on the 6th.  FedEx shows that it was delivered the morning of the 7th but Motorola can’t confirm it.  I called the support line and they don’t know where it is and it will take 48 hours in order for them to put in an inquiry to locate it.  Not sure how to express my frustration on this.  

  • Caveman419

    I finally got mine back today and I should be happy, but I came home from lunch to find my $800 XOOM sitting on the porch. FedEx dropped it off without requireing a signature. It was leaning up against the outside of my door for everyone walking by to see. I am lucky that it was still there. This is how loyal customers are treated. Horrible service, just plain horrible!

  • Dan

    after notification my device shipped on the 6th only to get an email apology to disregard that shipment notification, and a second shipment notification which says my device was shipped, and after talking to customer service for them to tell me that they couldn’t tell me when it would be shipped this is disappointing. 

  • popug

    got email at 145AM EST saying it shipped from Motorola, checking the fedex tracking # provided on moto site gave same BS as it has since the 5th when it originally ‘shipped’.  Read last post and did the reference search and it’s already in NJ and will be delivered today — boooya

  • Shane Mahon

    For anyone still waiting on tracking information, try doing a search by reference from the FedEx website.  You might be surprised.  🙂

  • Anonymous

    So I have been checking my moto service order, and I sent my Xoom in last Wednesday and they received it  Thursday, nothing happened over the weekend as expected and then unexpectedly on Monday, being a holiday, they installed the sim card (my xoom showed up on latitude).  Today the device shipped via fed ex and is sent priority overnight and is expected around 10:30am tomorrow.  To me that is not so bad not that i use a ton of data being on a 1gig plan, but having the 4g should be cool.  All in all might be the last moto device i get for a while at least while Sanjay is making the promises.

  • Rob

    I sent mine last Tuesday I think and I got the same email. I can’t even find my friggin’ RMA actually so I don’t even know what the hell my status is. Oh well.

    This is kinda annoying though, first Moto takes months to get their LTE equipment in for the upgrade, now they take longer than they promised (both then and now) on the turnaround time. And then they throw a free dock? How about free activation and a month or two of service from Verizon? But I doubt they can pull that off, they make the phones and tablets, not the network.

  • Rob D

    I sent my xoom out on the 3rd, Moto received it on the 4th, I received a email on the 6th with a tracking number and it showed my xoom being delivered on the 7th, On the 9th (SUNDAY) I received a email from moto saying “””””””Dear ROBERT,
    We wanted to let you know that we are still in the process of completing your upgrade. If you received a notification yesterday with tracking information please disregard. We apologize for the delay and will send you an additional notification once the device has shipped early next week.
    Motorola Mobility Customer Services”””””””””””””””””

    And still no XOOM it is now the 11th

  • Pauldroidr2d2

    Motorola has lied to all of us from the beginning. This is no different.

  • Anonymous

    I’m afraid I’m in the same boat.  I’ve been very vocal about my displeasure on another forum.  Basically I ordered the box on Thursday (9/29) and that was supposed to be shipped overnight.  It was never shipped until late Friday and I received it on Monday (10/3).  Shipped it out the same day and it arrived on Tuesday (10/4).  Was told on Thursday (10/6) that it was completed on Wednesday (10/5).  I heard nothing at all until last night (10/9).  I was first informed it was delayed.  Then I was informed that it was shipped but it has no tracking number.  Given the other stories I’ve heard, it’s unlikely that it’s been shipped and likely won’t until tomorrow.  It’s the theory of a few of us that they are holding shipments weekly and are shipping them each Tuesday night.  I suspect a lot of us will see them on Wednesday.  That’s not overly acceptable but as long as we get them back whatever I guess.  The lack of useful information has been very problematic. Their tracking site sucks, tbh.  Case in point the tracking site tells me mine was both upgraded and shipped on (10/5).  Uh, sure it was.

  • Anonymous

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  • Daniel Archibald33

    Nothing but a bunch of whiners on this post. You should be glad that you are getting this upgrade for free! I however got my xoom back last thursday. I sent it on monday and got it thursday morning. Motorola is a great company. sure they have had their down sides but there have been more ups than downs.

    If moto sucks so bad then why are u even worried about it??

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t the best part.  Just wait until you get your unit back with 3.2.2 on it. First, make sure you write down the apps you put on because if you are using the same gmail account for both XOOM and phone, it will not re-sync your apps.  Took me 3 hours to figure out what was all still missing before sending it in.  Oh in that 3 hours on LTE I went from full charge to 71% charge. #imadbro

  • sent mine in on the 3rd they marked it rcvd the 4th, and i also got the delay email. When i called moto i was told it was  ready to ship and is just waiting for FedEx to pick it up before they upload the tracking number, all sounds like BS and a PR spin to me,  

  • I sent this in as well.  One thing people have to realize is the day you got the box unless you handed it right back to fedex odds are it missed that days outgoing.  Now we have late afternoon pickup at a local store so i dropped it there.  I got the box on Monday, sehipped it out that evening  It was actually powered on while at moto’s facility. I caught a glimpse of it on latitude.  So you figure the first day that really counts was the 4th so there is 4 days.  Monday is 5 tuesday 6.  They are just letting people know it will be more which is actually pretty decent of them.  I for one will be calling Verizon and asking for credit each day it is late since I knew when i bought it i would have to send it but saying 6 days and not hitting that is not ok.  So if mine is not here Wednesday which give them a full 6 business days, well 4 with a day of shipping each way I will worry then.  Mine already has the new SIM card ID listed I am thinking there is something else going on  It would be nice to find out what the delay is though.  Maybe its just volume.

    • Anonymous

      I dropped the box off at a Fedex Kinkos at 3:33pm.  It was at the Elgin facility at 10:09AM the next day per Fedex’s tracking number.

      The problem is NOT fedex.

      • I agree I dropped mine in a dropbox at 3:45PM on the 3rd. FedEX showed it delivered at 7:54AM the next day. The RMA site didn’t show it received until the 5th. 

        What a joke this has become.

  • RLJSlick

    I called their support number and actually talked to someone, and they said that it would still only be 5 business days, and mine was just waiting until Fedex to pick it up. I was also one of those that sent it in on Monday. I don’t believe it at all but we will see.

    • Anonymous

      If you sent it in on Monday then their 5 days expires at the end of the day today.

  • I got the delay email last night about 11:30pm, and three hours later got another email stating my Xoom had shipped out. I still dont see a tracking number but it does seem as if its finished and shipping today.
    Device Received

    RMA Processed

    Device Shipped

    And today at 11:30 am I got a new e-mail:

    Dear HECTOR,Your input and advice are crucial to helping us improve the Motorola XOOM 4G LTE Upgrade program. Our goal is to provide you with the best service experience possible.It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a few moments to complete this short survey relating to your recent experience with our Motorola XOOM 4G LTE Upgrade program.It should take no longer than 2 minutes of your time.   Click here to take this surveyThank you,Motorola Customer Care

  • Noalear

    I just spoke with a Motorola Repair Support person. Someone ruined all the FedEx shipping labels so they all have to get redone which may delay anyone who’s tracking information shows shipped but without a tracking number. I’d very much suggesting calling Motorola and expressing your outrage. She told me to expect it to ship by the 14th. Thats a 10day turn around for me. Great job, Motorola. Never again will I buy Moto. 

    • Anonymous

      I believe what you are saying about your conversation with the moto rep, but, I don’t believe a word abou the supposed ruined shipping labels.  I think it more likely that they’re intentionally holding shipments and doing a weekly batch.  What a joke.

    • Weenerbump

      Never buy an unfinished product!

      • Noalear

        * Never buy a Moto product is more like it. Motorola: “Never ready.”

  • anyone else seeing data usage while it is Moto’s Hands? I have a 1GB plan and they recieved it the 5th in the am according to Fedex (Moto site shows the 6th) On the 7th -8th there was multiple usages on MYVerizon of data. Total data usage is 1.64GB. I hope that I will not be charged with this data usage. I wiped the XOOM so their should not be any programs at all running

  • Ray

    I received the same email i think i will call and bitch to verizon and get half off my data this month thats the least they can do.

  • I think that some of you have set to high of expectations. 

    First, 6 days is what the initial email states, and by that it is 6 business days, not counting Saturday and Sunday. 

    Second they have to work with another company FedEx to ship the boxes. I’m sure that there were plans made with FedEx on the amount of shipping. But, how many did they agree upon to pick up?

    Third, all other factors that they can not control. They can expect a certain number of devices to come back, but how many did they receive compared to the number that they counted on. They can not control what FedEx does, but I’m also not stating that they are terrible either. 

    All I know is that when I shipped mine on Friday Sept 30, and they received it on the 4th. I didn’t see any tracking information on that shipment other than the notification from Moto stating that they received it. I am still waiting for mine and technically today is day Six, but I’m not worried about it. 

    I think that there are way too many people just looking to complain and I don’t care if its about Moto products or any other product….. complainers are going to complain. 

    • Anonymous


      Call their support line that they sent with the RMA acknowledgement.
      It says “5 days from the day you ship the tablet back.” For me, that time period will expire in 30 minutes.

      After all of the delays, can it possibly be “unreasonable” to expect them to uphold a single promise?  All of the “issues” that you offer up as excuses are forseeable and avoidable.  Any business worth a damn will have planned for these types of things.  If I ran my business like Moto, I’d be on welfare.

  • Patrick Springer

    I called Moto to get some more info on the delay and the guy on the phone was useless.  He told me to disregard the site and they guaranteed that I would have it back by the end of the week.  He was either unwilling, or unable, to provide any specifics on the delay.  He didn’t even ask for my RMA number, he just provided vague info in his broken English.  I guess we will see if this new time line holds true.  Epic fail on Moto’s part.

  • Anonymous

    I sent both of mine in Monday of last week.  Wendesday, one of them was finished and waiting on being shipped.  Thursday the other finished and was shipped the same day and supposed to be rec’d by Friday 10am.  Tracking number rec’d and all and I watched it leave Shaumburg Thursday.  Friday 10am came and went.  Friday night rolled around and I was greeted with an email saying to disregard the shipping info, the xoom was still being worked on.  I checked FedEx again and says destroyed by customer. Meanwhile, my first xoom shipped this morning per an email. 

    So we waited A LONG TIME for this upgrade, it finally gets here and it seems to be another Motorola screw up.  I’m so over Motorola.  Never ever again!!!

  • Anonymous

    That’s why I didn’t send mine in right away

  • They received mine on 10/6, and there has not even been an update on the RMA tracking on their site…

  • Mr. English

    Motorola…..the gift that keeps on giving…..it to customers bent over the counter of a VZW store.

  • Anonymous

    I got that email today also.. then I cried a little.

  • Anonymous

    So I’m the Tad mentioned in the story.
    I sent mine in on 10/5. It was received on 10/6.  I called them last week and the representative said that my upgrade had been completed – and it was just waiting on Fedex to be picked up.

    So I get the email that was pasted above.  I call back and get a nice lady on the phone and SHE tells me that my upgrade is still in progress.

    So wait… last week is was in the box, waiting to be picked up by Fedex.  This week its still in progress.

    I ask her “are you lying to me now, or were you lying to me last week?”
    I had to go up the “escalation path” which is basically another operator in the call center that gives you the same bit of information. When I asked to be put on the phone with someone who could get my tablet on a fedex truck, I was told that there was no such persion.

    I realize that the operators aren’t empowered to action on customer requests.  However, the messages that play during the hold music clearly states that the upgrade process can “take up to 5 days from the date that you send in the tablet”.  Well, I was promised that mine would arrive by Oct 14th.

    Can’t say that I’m pleased at all.  After waiting 8 months for this upgrade, I would like them to finally live up to a promise.  I think that I’ll be waiting for a long long time.

  • Booboolala2000

    My email and tracking have been the same since Thursday. “Received”, and that is all it has said.

  • Anonymous

    I sent my XOOM in on Friday 9-30 and got it back on Thursday 10-6 (4 bus days).  The battery life is only fair now but that is not my biggest issue.  My camera/speaker/flash/power button pack on the back of the XOOM is now coming away from the device and I now have power button issues where it is un-responsive at times.  I just received the survey email and filled it out stating the issue but I think I should call MOTO and see what they will do for me??

  • Anonymous

    I just got my shipped back notification email this am. 5 days as promised.

    • Parrotheadmjb

      Oh yea I got that email too, several days ago; but wheres my Xoom? According to Fedex, the status is ”

      Anticipated ship date:
      Oct 6, 2011″  And yes, today is 10/10/11

      • I have the exact same thing.  Got an email from Moto to fill out a survey about the process, though.  I filled it out very accurately. 🙂

        • Parrotheadmjb

          Hope they send me one of those…

      • Anonymous

        You have an anticipated ship date field on the RMA tracking screen? I only have the shipped date. Mine says 10/5 shipped. (Just noticed no tracking# though lol).

        But I can wait another week. I’m just using the iPad at home and the Bionic LapDock at work, so not missing it as much.

        • Anonymous

          Although here in NY the weekend was a long one cause of Jewish holidays lots of business closed, and today’s Columbus day. But shouldn’t affect Moto or FedEx I think, not a Jewish company right?

      • Billy Jenkins

        just another example of how you made a mistake in purchasing a Motorola Xoom for over $500 with a promise of a 4g upgrade when we all know how Motorola is with upgrades.

  • Mtpenguin

    I got mine back in less than 5 business days.  Only problem was that the (now required) SIM card wasn’t registered with VZ.  And their support didn’t know to check, or look.  I found out by searching the internet that that others had the same problem.  All I had to do to activate it was to call VZ and have the person enter the SIM# (that was on the card in the box on return) in the system and it worked.  I also received the standard dock.  So, aside from it taking longer than promised, and not activating when I got it back, and the standard dock not exposing the USB connector, all is good.


  • Zurita1310

    I send my xoomand i got it back fast but with out 4g or 3g I only have wifi. It was useless to send my xoom no fucken data access.

    • Same happened to me.  Call Verizon and ask to have your new SIM number added to your account.  A few minutes later I was flying with 4G.

      • Zurita1310

        We did to my and it didn’t work. Now they are going to send me a new xoom

        • Anonymous

          Motorola doesn’t make mistakes.

    • Mtpenguin

      Call VZ and have them add the SIM# (from the card in the box) and I bet it will work fine.

    • Billy Jenkins

      Well did you purchase a wifi only Xoom? That might be why.

  • I got the delay email last night about 11pm, and three hours later (2am) got another email stating my Xoom had shipped out. I still dont see a tracking number but it does seem as if its finished and shipping today. I sent mine in Monday here is the timeline on the Moto website for my upgrade.
    Device Received


    RMA Processed

    Device Shipped

  • I have mine back already.  Took only five business days.  Must say I did send mine off the day the upgrade process went active. 

  • Anonymous

    not surprised but that didn’t stop me from telling moto support to sit on a parking cone. Ticket Opened09/29/2011Device Received10/05/2011RMA Processed10/07/2011

  • Anonymous

    Mine has been processed, I’m just waiting for it to be shipped back (and no delay email):
    Ticket Opened
    Device Received
    RMA Processed

    • Eric

      same here

  • No Delay email yet, but Moto/Verizon received my Xoom on the 5th, and no tracking changes yet!

  • tehshift

    Not surprised at all by this. Sent my XOOM in early last week and immediately got back an email with FedEx tracking number.  I was excited that the turnaround was so quick!  Until my XOOM was never shipped, and I received an email the day after expected delivery that it was an error and they are still upgrading my tablet.  Now they are sending me Customer Care Surveys about the experience was.  At least I enjoyed filling that out.

  • Q:  How much does the 4G upgrade affect battery life?  Does anyone who has received their upgraded Xoom back notice changes in battery life?

    I haven’t sent mine in yet precisely because of not knowing the answer to this question.  If it affects it at all, I may just not upgrade.  I know 4G affects phone’s battery life significantly.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a little early to tell for sure, since I just got mine back from Moto last Thursday. I will say that I didn’t have it plugged in all weekend, and still had power left when I woke up. Charged it full this morning since I had to take it on some appointments, and i’m still at 86% now.

  • HA!…This is exactly why I don’t buy motorola products! HTC and Samsung all the way. Where is that Nexus Prime already?!

    • Anonymous

      Htc doesn’t even have a LTE tablet. And the LTE GT 10.1 came out a whole 4 months after.

  • Yep, I got my email late last night. This is what the RMA site says: “This device has shipped or is in the process of being shipped back to you. If no tracking information is available, please check back at a later time to allow our system time to update. If you have any questions, please contact our customer care department at 1-800-734-5870 and select the repair service option.Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.” . I hope I get it back before the weekend.

  • Mctypething

    Hey Kellex, u not surprised bro?

  • GotSka81

    Imagine that…moto sucks again!

    • Anonymous

      And six months ago, you morons were all singing the XOOM’s praises.

      I said $800 was a price only a true fanboy would pay and many of you guys paid that.

      Me? I’ll keep $400 and get the exact same experience (and a better screen!) with my Transformer.

  • Another Moto fail