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Verizon Drops HTC Thunderbolt to $49 for Current Customers, Tosses in Extended Battery for Free (Updated)

With devices like the HTC Rezound (Vigor) and Galaxy Nexus headed to Verizon stores within the next few weeks, we are starting to see prices of their predecessors get slashed. The DROID Charge dropped to $199 on Friday and now the Thunderbolt is joining the party.

If for some reason you feel like you can’t wait for the Rezound, then by all means jump on Big Red’s first 4G LTE device that has quite the developer following. For $49 (current customers), you can get the device and a free extended battery (a $49.99 value in its own right) if you purchase online. If you are not a current customer, the price is appearing as $149 with a free battery tossed. This is easily one of the bigger price drops we have seen in some time.

*Note – In order to see it at $49, you have to be logged into your account.

*Note 2 – Many of you are only seeing it as $149. Could be an error, will keep an eye on it.

Update:  Looks like the $49 price was just an error. Silly Verizon.


Cheers DL App tipster and Tim!

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  • GaGator

    T-Bolt is $39.99 for new Verizon customers on Newegg.

  • Sschwaben

    Appears to be another Verizon mistake……surprised they didn’t advertise it on their new 5G OOPS network.

    • Anonymous

      Just like the Thunderbolt itself.  Oooohhhhhhhhh SNAP!

  • Jojo

    just got off the phone with vzw (rancho cordova). price is $249 for current customers (even with me who are upgrade eligible).

  • Anne

    They are not honoring this, FYI. I just spend 45 minutes on the phone with them.

  • Shane Boddie

    I have the Best Buy buy back on my Thunderbolt and I hope to use it for the Nexus soon.

  • Oddly for me, when not logged in it is showing up as $149. When I log in to our account and start the upgrade process, the price jumps to $249, someone has screwed up over at Verizon (Not that we’re actually upgrading to this phone).

  • same here $149

  • same here $149

  • senor swagg

    anyone here anything of a launch date on the htc rezound (hopefully vigor) .. im still weighing that and the nexus to see which one to go with 

    • senor swagg

      hear ** dam that is terrible 

  • Anonymous

    I love how people make it such a personal thing, like VZW is not only a person, but a person that thinks like them.

    VZW has in the past, not only sold some crappy phone, they continued to sell them for quite some time and even had multiple generations of crap (think of the old Chocolate line of phones). They don’t care how “good” one of their more educated users are.  They care if it sells.

    But seriously, there are new phones coming down the pipe.  So it is nothing more than moving the older products down stream and now hoping to use this as a lure to pull that feature phone guy forward.

  • its $149 for me

  • Harbo99

    It is showing me $49 when I log in but when I add it to my shopping cart it asks me if this phone will be upgrading a device or a new device.  If I select upgrade, it charges me full $569.99.  If I select new than it charges me $249.99.  I don’t see a way to add it for the $49.00 price.

  • Skilcher

    Just goes to show what a crap phone that is from HTC. Disappointed. Still have my Dinc and loving it still (rooted of course). Now just waiting for the next big breakthrough… Hopefully this January. :-}

  • Djlowproz

    it still shows $249 for me and im logged in to my account too.

    • Djlowproz

      nevermind i was looking at it thru my upgrade.

  • sounds like big red saying “well since everybody hated this phone, lets make it cheaper to sucker in some more unknowing victims!! Good riddance to these POS phones!”

  • Trombone Dixie

    I hope the Vigor phases out the Tbolt. My Tbolt’s ear speaker blew out and I’m holding off on an upgrade. My brother got his DInc replaced with a DInc 2. Hoping Verzion does the same with the Vigor for the Tbolt. Already planning on dropping the bigcks on the Nexus. Having both the Nexus and the Vigor would rule.

    • Trombone Dixie

      *holding off on an exchange.

  • they aren’t selling at $49.

  • Could the person this screenshot is from have an unused NE2 $100 credit that is being deducted?

  • sorry

    Maybe that’s through the best buy website just like the flyer. Oh sorry we here at B B fscrewed up. You can’t have it at that price. All orders will be cancelled

  • Anonymous

    Thats because you need the extended battery for it to last half a day.

  • VZW is dropping stock of crappy outdated phones.  With the wave of HD phones coming out, they will have to give these older phones away.  Soon, you can get a Bionic for free with a $1500 credit on a 2 year contract.

  • Best Buy has the Droid Charge for $99 

  • going to chat with a verizon rep soon

  • Dave DeMeyer

    $.01 for new customers on AmazonWireless    http://wireless.amazon.com/dp/B004M5HB6U

  • Mike Jones

    It shows up for 149 for me as well, but then when I added it to my cart, it wants the full 569.99. I do not have an upgrade available until January, so even at 149, its only available to existing customers that have an upgrade available (I am assuming).

  • Anonymous

    Just logged in and it looks like they fixed the math.  $149 is the total they’re showing.  

  • TSL

    If you sign in to your Verizon account first, then click on the “Buy” link at the end of the article above, you’ll see the $49 price. 

  • I see 149


    well yeah kellex…look 249-100 = 149 not 49…their math doesn’t make sense…

  • Is this Washington DC math? $249-$100=$49?

    • Wendell McAdoo

      I believe it is Texas math.

  • Mr. English

    Buying a Thunderbolt and a Xoom this year alongside an iPad has taught me one thing. Any time HTC or Motorola announce a landmark new product and tell people to go get it….wait. Their flagship products aren’t worth the plastic they’re molded from and it pays to wait 5 or 6 devices into the fight. As The Who said….Won’t Get Fooled Again. (oh, and my tbolt gets 17+hours battery without rooting now even though in the first few months it would barely get 4, that at least is a major improvement.)

    • Anonymous

      So they fixed the battery issues then? My Girlfriend is looking at phones and doesn’t want to pay too much. But she will not let me root it and needs good battery and performance, as she uses it for work.

  • Anonymous

    WOW – I paid $249 for a one year deal six months ago – now it is 50 bucks – geeeez~
    At least my contract is up in Jan so I can get me a PRIME baby!

  • Shugaman

    Still showing $249?

  • Lumpysherman

    I’m still seeing it as $249 when logged in and I’m eligible for upgrade with discount.

  • Typo13

    i just logged in and out and its still showing at 49.99

  • Typo13

    i see 49.99

  • hatethanet

    Bought mine on craigslist so no contract for me. Can’t wait for the Vigor and Nexus Prime so I can use my upgrade.

  • I’m a current customer, but the #HTC #Thunderbolt still shows $249 online. This article is a misprint… This is for new & not current customers. Check the math… $249 – $100 = $149… 

  • I see $149.99 when I log in as well.

  • Anonymous

    Fuzzy math there… $249 – $100 = $49


  • I’m about to screenshot this and take it to my rep and demand i get a new TBOLT for $49

  • Anonymous

    Strange, not seeing it when I log in.

  • Arharris2

    They drop price when the thing they have sold is junk. The Thunderbolt was trouble from the beginning. They have never fixed the Droid Charge problem with intermittant 3G signal.

    • Anonymous

      They drop price at end of life, and the Thunderbolt is EOL (as is the Charge). There are plenty of people that are happy with their Thunderbolts.

      So far every LTE phone seems to have some issue with signal, whether it is dropping the 3G all together, or not transitioning properly between 3 and 4 g.  Since it seems it is EVERY phone, there is probably a driver issue at play here with the LTE radios (or towers, or both)

  • ScottyfromGA

    I see $149 and logged in…..Whoooopsie!!

  • I’m a current customer, but it’s not showing up as $49.  Showing $149

    • Anonymous

      ditto, all my accounts show 149.

      • Anonymous

        Wondering if it’s an error. It’s $149 if I’m not logged in, but definitely $49 when logged in.  Few others emailed it over first so I promise I’m not making it up heh. 😛

        I’m guessing they will change it any minute now to $149.

        • Anonymous

          hey, special people get VIP pricing? Sure’s heck I’m not… :p

        • Garygwhite

          Yes, just logged in and it shows $49.

    • Anonymous

      I’m also a current customer and the Bolt is STILL $249. I went all the way to the checkout where it says ‘Place Order’ and still, $249 with two-year contract.

      So bs.

  • Anonymous

    Vigor on its way! 

  • Anonymous

    From the picture, 249 – 100 does not equal 49 bucks, ha.

    • Billy Jenkins

      It does if you are drunk and/or high. Maybe Verizon had too many drinks before posting that.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, a cheap 4G phone? Awesome!

  • Anonymous

    These prices are falling in line with the expected (postponed) announcement!  I like this!

  • BillyT

    Lol @ extended battery. This phone hurts so bad without CM7. With it, not so bad. Meh, it wasn’t bad for the first attempt. I just feel for anyone who used their 2 year on it.

    • jimbob

      I’m sure glad I picked mine up on a 1-year contact.

    • I’m one of those people. But the ThunderBolt was my first Android, so I am quite happy with it. Now, however, I am drooling at the Nexus Prime and HTC Rezound/Vigor.