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Report: Samsung Galaxy S II Not Making Its Way to Verizon

I know, bad news on a Thursday morning.  According to the Wall Street Journal and confirmed by Verizon spokesperson Brenda Raney, Big Red will not be carrying the Samsung Galaxy S II…at all.   And I hate to say it, but we mentioned this very idea earlier in the week and are not surprised at all.  With our sources claiming that the Samsung Stratosphere is nothing more than a keyboarded Epic 4G variant, and with rumors swirling that Verizon will carry the Nexus Prime (made by Samsung), the SGS2 in their lineup made no sense.  We should also point out that we have pinged our sources numerous times over the last couple of months about the SGS2 on Verizon and they always come back empty.

Verizon would not elaborate as to why they would not be carrying the device, but did mention that they “have an extensive portfolio that offers customers a great variety of devices, including the Samsung Droid Charge.”

In related news, the Galaxy S II will find its way to AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.  Each carrier’s variant is expected to be announced on Monday in NYC.


Via:  WSJ

Cheers Frank and Scott!

  • Kinge

    Stupid verizon. I will move all our bussiness to AT&T.

  • HUGE misstep on Verizons part. There is no such thing as TOO MANY phones in your product portfolio.  People buy phones for all different reasons and 90% of people dont care about having the latest fastest bullshit.  They want a phone is functional for their needs on a daily basis.  Im sure there were a lot of people holding out for the S2 since its been reviewed as “gods vagina” of android phones.  VERIZON!!   YOU BLEW IT!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Eff U Verizon!! I’m done with you! I don’t care about losing my company discount from 2 jobs ago any more. I’m going to a carrier that offers it’s customers real choices. I applaud Sammy if this is because they wouldn’t let you soil their beautiful device with all of your CRAP!! You don’t deserve the SGS2. And you don’t deserve me!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry all but the Bionic is coming at a bad time imo. Seriously who would even think about upgrading now when a Nexus device has a very good chance of showing up on Verizon? I am ready to upgrade right now and probably would buy the bionic if it didnt have moto blur and some other minor vices that annoy me… It might have the biggest hype and most massive ad campaign in awhile or even have a lot of support for being a flagship device but that changes nothing, it still can’t compete with what a nexus device offers even if it were to have better specs, a nexus device woops the rest of the up coming phones. All this being said…..Verizon better get the next nexus lol.

  • This makes sense if you break it down. You have the Bionic coming out, the Droid HD, the Vigor, and now the Prime (which I would say is a big reason for GS 2 not coming to VZW being that it’ll be made by Samsung). Keep in mind, this is all within the next couple of months. There is such a thing as giving customers too many options you know, and I would say that’s a strong 4G portfolio going into the holidays. I wouldn’t curse Verizon, I would say they’re playing it smart. Besides, would you rather have TouchWiz on the GS or pure Android on the Prime? Just saying…

  • Raiderwill

    You Folks are SO FUNNY.. Who can raise their hand and tell me what app/ game out right now or is on the drawing board that can take advantage of Dual Cores? Hmmm? You all are soooo hooked on the Hipe.. Well I have a Rooted Droid Charge Running the GummyCharged 1.9RC2 Rom with the Go Laucher EX UI along with the Imnuts Custom Kernel which converts the File System to EXT4.. When I run/open apps along with YouTube Test on the S2 I am about a Second Slower.. Yeah.. The Charge is pretty damn fast when you know how to optimize it..Has HDMI Out and the only true 4G.. “Verizon” 4G.. oh.. The Super Amoled+ Screen as well.. S2? Yeah Right.. Last Yrs Tech? Yeah Right… Optimize and have it all with the Charge.. Oh.. Use Juice Defender Ultimate for Incredible Battery Life.. No.. You don’t have to Thank Me for Slapping you and waking you up to reality.. The Bionic’s Screen will Never.. EVER.. Look as Brillant as the Droid Charge.. And will be no faster if you the know how to Root & Roll in “Real World” use.. Stop being influenced by  Synthetic Benchmarks..

    • Being a Charge owner myself, I agree. Hate TouchWiz, so I went with Go Launcher. It actually made the phone faster somehow. I didn’t root it either. And honestly, I have been rather impressed with the battery life. Oh, and video is SICK on that screen.

  • DKON88


  • hatethanet

    Not surprised. Can current LTE hardware even fit inside a phone as thin as the GS2? Current LTE phones are all pretty thick.

  • F$#k U VERIZON!

    Ive lost all hope in huanity

  • Kierra

    HHHHAAAHHAAA -_- , Now I wanna see who is leaving Verizon…

  • Wireless Hero

    Who Cares?  It’s a Samsung.

    • Anonymous

      Where is the Unlike button??

  • Verizon is guided by a bunch of non-techie people. Why not give the consumer variety? Besides, if the Prime has a 4.5″ SAMOLED screen, that’s enough of a battery hog and I have little faith that it’ll be that great. If it has that screen AND LTE? Give me a break. At least the Prime will be updated more regularly and for longer than the SGS2 would on Verizon. Google: bring us 4.3″ 720p screen (non-pentile!), LTE, 16 GB internal+SD card, and NFC. 4.5″ screen is way too big…

  • Mr Blurryfingaz

    Who the hell wants a watered down tegra 2 3g version of the sgsll anyway when you can rule all machines. Hate vzw if you must. Their still the best, fastest and rock the best brand of android ever made. Oh yeah haters, don’t forget to thank Moto vzw and DROID for putting android on the map. Can you say unlimited 4g? #grandfathered


  • Are they trying to keep the best phones off their network? Sheesh.

  • Caprich96

    Moto wins again

  • Galaxy_fan

    FRACK YOU, VZW!!!!

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    Maybe the Galaxy S II will be replaced by the Nexus

    • i was going to say that with this news, it would be safe to say that the Prime will indeed be on VZW. 

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  • Ven727

    Wow did they really just compare the Droid Charge to the Galaxy S II

  • J Dub

    Well shit. I can tell you that the Bionic does not interest me. Never has. Just doesn’t pull on my heart strings at all. 


    Verizon has now gone from suck to blow. Thanks big red. You better get the next Nexus, or you may lose a customer soon. Me.

  • Weststates1

    Verizon needs to pull their head out.  I am so sick of waiting for them to come up with phones that are comparable to phones with other companies I can’t stand it.  What is the matter with them.  They are always a day late and a dollar short.  I have nine phone lines on Verizon and I’m thinking about moving all of them to someone else.

    • You have nine phone lines and Big Red is dumb? Like Ice cube once said, Who’s the mack?

  • Sporty

    I’m getting this feeling this has something to do with Motorola. Could it be they didn’t want the competition with the Bionic so they pressured Verizon to ditch getting the GSII?? Can’t shake that vibe….

    • BTGGTR1

      I’m thinking it’s possibly because Verizon insisted on a 4G LTE radio being stuffed into it and Samsung would have had to re-design the whole phone to accomidate it. It’s sleek, slim design would have been ruined. None of the 4G LTE phones out there are really very slim. On the bright side, maybe it’s because they are possibly releasing the Nexus Prime this fall and don’t want to compete with itself selling two awesome phones at the same time. I hope, cause I want that Nexus Prime!!

      • exactly, and that would make a lot of sense…..

  • So is Sprint a good choice carrier? I’m leaving Verizon if they really don’t get the GS2.

    • Dash Speeds

      Nothing really compares to Verizon, especially if you live in an LTE area. 

    • Anonymous

      Sprint’s network is the worst of them all.