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Verizon Ups Regulatory Charge $0.03, Will Pay Difference for Life of Contract Instead of Waiving ETF

There was a whole bunch of Regulatory Charge talk going on around these parts over the last week or so, and we’ve got some additional information on it today to pass along to those of you looking to exit your VZW contract.  If you need to catch up on this story, you’ll want to read this post first, followed by this post.

According to our sources, Verizon did indeed up the Regulatory Charge by $0.03 and did not offset the cost in another area.  That technically counts as a material adverse effect since it raises your bill and should allow you to exit your contract without paying an ETF (early termination fee), except Verizon is taking another approach.

At this time, they are willing to credit your account for this new 3 cent charge for the life of your current contract and are denying requests for free early terminations.  So basically this menas that Big Red would be handing you back $0.72, assuming you have an entire 2 years left on your contract rather than let you walk away without paying a fee.

While I’m no lawyer and am not about to make any predictions on whether or not they can legally do this, I will say that this appears to go against their own customer agreement which clearly states, “…this agreement has a material adverse effect on you, you can cancel the line of Service that has been affected within 60 days of receiving the notice with no early termination fee.”

Update:  I should point out that in order to get this credit, you would have to call in to their customer service department.  They won’t just automatically  refund you the difference from this charge.


  • James Jackson

    You can actually get out of your contract using this increase.  I should know, I just did it this week.  I have been going back and forth with Verizon Wireless since May in regards to the increase, and have spoken with reps all the way up to the Executive Office.  Finally, I escalated the case to Legal Arbitration with the BBB.  I was contacted by a Verizon Wireless Executive and was offered an out of my contract with them covering all early termination fees.  Legally, since there is no definition for the “materially adverse effect” listed in the contract, it is up to the interpretation of the customer. 

    It CAN work. 

  • Hi, 

    Thanks guys for sharing information about that Verizon Ups Regulatory Charge $0.03, Will Pay Difference For Life Of Contract Instead Of Waiving ETF. 

  • Driftergrandma

    They will credit your account all on the same bill 3 cents for the life q of the contract.

  • Driftergrandma

    I called a rep this morning and they have been trained to just credit your account for the fee increase so there is no longer an material adverse effect. They sure h
    ave all their bases covered, that is all I can say.

  • Jasonparodi

    I had this exact situation happen. They informed me that if i wanted to escalate this further I would have to speak with the legal department. When I asked to be transferred I was told that I would have to have my attorney contact their legal department. I asked why I could not speak to their department myself and they told me I was not authorized to have the number. I have filed a Better Business Bureau complaint and am awaiting response.

  • Zipperwound

    So, has anyone actually gotten out of the contract?  Sure there are plenty of supposed know it alls on here that say it is the law, but has anyone been successful?  I do have a pending BBB and FCC complaint, but not sure where that will lead.  Verizon is supposed to respond soon.

  • Guest

    so i just spent 5 hours on the phone with verizon and they told me that it is on my bill located under surcharges which in my contract says that they may change without notice and at anytime and it does not give me the right to cancel my contract without ETF that is also the same thing that the VP of relations told me as well  so i was just curious as to how to cancel still because i dont think this is a valid way to cancel or im just getting f****d by verizon

  • Olivercox

    I got out of contract over this, Closed my account signed up 2 days later and got month to month with unlimited data….

  • Welcome to verizon, losers. Ask them for lube when you go re-up you contract next time lol.

  • TheJudge

    PAY Attention everyone:

    What Verizon is *attempting* to do is present you with an offer…an offer:

    TO CONTRACT.  If you refuse to have them pay the 0.003 cents *which is your right* 
    the charge WILL materially affect you.

    Everything in life is all about contracts people.
    You have the right to refuse to contract, which will make their offer null, and then
    ask yourself what do you have left? 

    The option per the agreement (when you signed) not as of today, that states what
    the OP has stated, time and time again (taken directly from the terms and conditions)

    It’s that simple.
    Of course no one from Verizon *wants* you to leave, but that isn’t their call to make.

    Grow some balls if you want to leave and leave.

    Assertiveness + confidence.

  • Rizzidy

    $0.72 =/= material adverse effect

  • I left Sprint over this exact same thing, except it was a $5.00 monthly handling fee on all accounts with Spending Limits, which I had. Sprint said they were going to wave the $5.00 fee for me, I told them that our contract does not give them opportunity to wave the material adverse change which in turn waves my right to opt out of my contract with them. They canceled the contracts and I did not pay any ETF’s on my 2 lines.

  • Papoose34328

    i have a family plan. is this per line or for the entire family plan?

  • Anonymous


  • None

    A class action?  Don’t hold your breath.  Directed verdict for Verizon.  Next?

  • Anonymous

    Good, now I can use that extra cash to put towards my new phone. Verizon is the best!!!!

  • Marley

    If the article is gonna use the Customer Agreement as an excuse for an easy way out, they should keep reading…

    What Charges Are Set by Verizon Wireless?

    You agree to pay all access, usage and other charges that you or the
    user of your wireless device incurred. For Postpay Service, our charges
    also include Federal Universal Service, Regulatory and Administrative
    Charges, and we may also include other charges related to our
    governmental costs. We set these charges; they aren’t taxes, they aren’t
    required by law, they are kept by us in whole or in part, and the
    amounts and what they pay for may change.

    So as part of the agreement, every customer agreed to pay it even if it changes.

    • Wireless Fool

      Wait, you mean you expect people to actually read what they are signing?

  • Extaz1987

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  • Wireless Fool

    There is another change on the horizon that may also effect employee discounts, which may also alter the terms of the contract… Money, money, money, money, money…Everyones got a price!

    • Anonymous

      Its already in effect. The $30 2GB data plan is no longer eligible for employee discount the way the $30 unlimited data plan was.

      • Wireless Fool

        That only affects new customers, with new TOS.  Not what I was talking about.

  • Jason Frasier

    the genius lies in this:  they grandfathered all of us into unlimited data instead of converting us to tiered because that could have been interpreted as “material adverse effect”.   Of course this could have meant a mass exodus of anyone wanting to escape their contract.  BUT, not only are we allowed to keep unlimited data but they had a flood of folks sign up yesterday to get in under the unlimited data cutoff date.   we may not like what verizon does sometimes but even the most critical among us would agree this was a brilliant marketing move.  sign up a bunch of new customers AND keep a bunch that may have bolted otherwise.

  • Bill Hughes

    The fact that people are going to gripe and complain over $.03 is what is out outrageous. Really people is $.03 that big a deal? Get a life already! I am so tired of people in this day and age trying to find some reason no matter how meaningless to complain about. Grow up!

  • Jason Paninski

    correct me if I’m wrong but increasing everyones charges by $0.3 isn’t much but it gives the people a chance to back out of their contracts if they are unhappy with anything. So alot of people will back out and instead of switching carriers verizon will pay them $0.72 to stay. but for the people that back out of their contracts and do stay but just switch phones they are forced into paying the new tiered data plans since they canceled their contract and started a new one.

  • JD

    Legally, if they pay the 3 cents than it doesn’t have an “adverse material effect” on you.

    • Anonymous

      The determination cannot be made.  That 3 cents now puts me over, I can never pay off my debt.  Until the 3 cents I was able to do so.  Its the the straw that broke the camels back.  They cannot make that determination.  Also waiving it does not change the fact that its still in the contract.  So even if they waive it for the whole term it does not mean it is not applied to your account.

  • Droidzzz

    Well I don’t know about you, but I ran to my phone to call and get this credit.  I have 9 months left on my contract and can’t wait to use the savings to purchase myself a good ol’ game of Pac Man at my local vintage arcade.  Woo hoo!  I love loopholes! 

  • mysticdarkhack

    Things can’t get any worst, as the world is still in recession, the US facing a debt crisis. To make things harder, wireless carriers are raising fees, getting rid of unlimited data plans to make people pay more for services. Beside all that, every companies is suing one another in patent battle, and what a sick joke to mess around in this tough times. Anyway, you can fill in the blanks, share you thoughts.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not familiar with Verizon’s specific policies, but I do know that when I used to work for another carrier, there was verbiage to the effect that they had the right to adjust pricing +- a certain % with notice to the customer.  If no notice was given, or if the change exceeded the %, then those were reasons to terminate without penalty.  There was actually one instance where a fee did exceed that % and notices were sent out to customers informing that they had the right to terminate without penalty up to a certain date, otherwise it would be assumed that they accepted the change.  I assumed that most of the carriers had this same verbiage, but it’s been a while since I’ve read word for word the Verizon contract.  

  • I see other people’s point, but look at this.  Leave verizon early, go to sprint, service sucks, t-mobile, bought by AT&T, AT&T, service sucks…so really whats the big deal….out of all the options out there, verizon has the best service, but hey we pay for the best.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong. I use both Sprint and Verizon. Sprint has by far the better service. I cannot even get 3G at my house which is in the middle of their 3G territory.

      • Anonymous

        It all depends on where you live. In my area Sprinit is useless, AT&T is so-so & Verizon is the only stable service. To me, keeping my unlimited data for future phones is worth paying an extra $.03.

  • As far as I can tell, the regulatory fee goes to the FCC, not to Verizon’s pockets.

    • Anonymous

      But it comes out of their pockets.  3m/mo out of their pockets is enough to get their attention.

  • “materially adverse effect” is not defined in the contract.  I read it up and down, side to side.  What also is not in the contract is the ability for Verizon to remedy the materially adverse effect.  It does not say that “Verizon reserves the right to credit or otherwise conpensate subscribers for any increase to plan charges and fees and thereby maintain the full terms of the Early Termination Fee.”  In fact, their offer to compensate for the fee is an admission of the “materially adverse effect” of the increased charge.
    I went all the way through customer service, retentions, supervisors, and executive offices and they’ve been trained to stonewall.  They have been told to respond that the change is not materially adverse if they compensate you.  What they have not considered is that if they consider the credit a remedy, they are admitting that they are adversly exffecting the contracts of all of those that do not call and do not get the credit.
    If they have 20 million subscriberlines (hypothetical) and charge an additional $.03 per line, that’s $600,000 more in their pockets.  If 10% of people call and they have to provice a refund, that’s only $60,000 of that lost.  They still net an additional $540,000.
    So, this is not nickel and diming. We’re down to pennying, but if you have enough lines, those pennies add up and they’ll do this all day long, over and over.
    Is $.03 too much? No?  How about $.05?  No?  $.10?  When do you stop them.  If you accept $.03 then accept them increasing $.05 and so on, you are creating a defacto definition of what is NOT “materially adverse” without it being defined in writing in the contract.
    A class action should be filed.  I’m suprised someone hasn’t already.

    • kretz

      Stop bitching about .03/month, and if you do care so much, get your pennies back from VZW and stfu. Not everything in this world has to result in a class action lawsuit.

      • Anonymous

        Its obviously not about the 3 cents. Its about a lot of people that want to get out of their Verizon contract.

        • Abc

          Perhaps they shouldn’t have signed the contract to begin with.

        • Zipperwound

          exactly…Jesus!  Some of you think it is actually about 3 cents!?!?!  NO it is about getting out of substandard service.  My service has actually gone down since signing up and a couple others in my area (rural) have better signal.  When I started the signal was fine but now it is crap!  So you STFU kretz…..

    • Rizzidy

      It doesn’t need to be defined in the contract.  It is settled in the law.

  • Anonymous

    Sprint FTW, again.  :/   If this Bionic is a letdown Im going to switch to Sprint and the Evo 3D

  • mdeblaz

    Are they doing this voluntarily to ALL contracts, or only if you call and ask about it?

    • Anonymous

      You would have to call and ask.

  • Touche salesman…

  • But here’s the shady part: How much do you want to bet that Verizon will only credit those people who complain about the increase? Millions of others will just continue paying their bills without evening realizing that this little increase has been added.

    • MILLIONS OF PEOPLE will waste 3 cents! Gasp! That’s like.. 1/8 of a gumball

      • Rob Patin

        I think you’re missing the point. Verizon can buy an awful lot of gumballs by hiking everyone’s bill 3 cents.

  • This one I guess we’ll have to eat, but why isn’t anything being done to Moto &/or Verizon for not delivering on the promise of 4G LTE for the initial members of us who bought that crazy XOOM.  Now it looks like they’re trying to get another out to market that does have it and yet they haven’t gotten ours yet.  Now that sounds like a contract violation to me.  Are they going to then replace our XOOM’s with XOOM2’s?  Sounds great but I doubt that will happen.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

    • Anonymous

      Farris passed out at 31 flavors last night :]
      On to your comment, I can’t wait to see what kind of regamorrole they try to give me when I upgrade to a 4g phone.

  • Anonymous

    And what about us that aren’t on a contract? So I’m stuck paying the .03.

  • i think 72 cents is an alright thing since i get grandfathered in unlimited data. If people are appalled by 72 cents try signing up for a new tiered data plan lol

    • Anonymous

      Tend to agree with you on this.  I think the fee was really just for people to sneak out of contracts if they were unhappy.

      • Rich

        Agreed, They want people to leave and come back for the tiered data… same thing for the 1-yr offer crap

      • Rich

        Agreed, They want people to leave and come back for the tiered data… same thing for the 1-yr offer crap

    • Anonymous

      You do not have unlimited data. Try using the wifi hotspot on your phone and see how unlimited your data is.

      • Unlimited data on the phone, not on a different device.  Duh.

        • Anonymous

          That’s the first justification of no tethering as part of unlimited data that actually makes sense to me.

           You are paying for unlimited data to your phone, and that’s what they are willing to give you.  I bet the contract stipulates in tiny legalese somewhere that the data has to be destined for the device in question.

          • Anonymous

            it does actually.

            The counter is that people argue tethered data does travel THROUGH your phone….(splitting hairs and I don’t agree actually)

          • Jeepguy04

            What sucks is on the atrix AT&T charges tethering for the lapdock even though the data never leaves the phone.  I have no idea what they think you are “tethering” to.  And on top of that you can’t add tethering to an unlimited plan.  They want you to bend over and pay extra and limit your data to 4 GB.  Even though it is your phone receiving and displaying the data just through the slightly larger lapdock screen.  Now that is screwing you over.

        • Anonymous

          I know this has been beaten into the ground.. but it is the phone that is receiving and sending the data. Just viewing it on a larger screen.

          I believe an appropriate comparison would be if the cable company charged you extra to watch your shows on a screen larger than 32″. It doesn’t cost them more to deliver the show to you.

          • Anonymous

            No, an appropriate comparison would be if they charged you extra per tv you wanted services on.  Which, by requiring a cable box for the more attractive features, they do.

          • Anonymous

            Hm, a more accurate comparison would be if the cable companies charged you if you have a Slingbox.

          • nicotinic

            If one could tether 5-8 devices without an additional cost aside from the $30 unlimited data, then a single person with a device capable of tethering could conceivably eliminate the need for a DSL/Cable connection for their home(especially in a 4g area). 
            Verizon is not going to cannibalize their online internet sales to allow you the “Freedom” that you feel you’re entitled to due to semantics and where the data is streamed from or through. It doesn’t make good business sense…at all.I used to tether(for free on a rooted Droid X Froyo) and people in my office would use it, ipods and ipads would get the boot…cause they were ipods and ipads. I liked tethering but I also understand some basics of making money in business greedy style. On a side note: It’s awesome streaming Netflix to an HDTV even if the resolution sucks, just cause you can. DROID X with REAL HDMI FTW! 

          • Anonymous

            Once again, You are paying for unimited data on your device. You are not paying for unlimited bandwidth. The data plans you pay for are based on an average amount of bandwidth your device will use. Tethering and using pc type bandwidth on the device is not in their calculations. This is why they offer a tethering option for those who wish to use that type of bandwidth on their device.

          • in 2009 I was using a Palm Treo Pro with Alltel then Verizon bought Alltel in my area.  I used Walkinghotspot on that Treo and as a wireless tether app. guess what? it connected to 5 devices and cost me 29.99 for life!! What happened was new technology for carriers to take advantage thats it and nothing more. A new way to make more money

          • tjhrulz

            Actually Internet providers once did exactly what Verizon is trying to do, charge people data and then slapping on a fee if you wanted it on more than one device. They had the same argument as Verizon, obviously you can tell who one that war because I know of no IP that charges you a fee based on device count.

        • Zipperwound

          uhm correct me if I am wrong but the phone IS the device.  doesnt matter what you have hooked to it, data is data nad it goes through the phone.  DUH!

      • Unlimited data on the phone, not on a different device.  Duh.

      • ….. its still unlimited data on your PHONE

      • oh trust me that has been my argument as well, lol i pay for unlimited, there is nothing in the contract as to how or who uses that data lol, i just mean as far as what THEY consider unlimited lol

        • Guessing you didn’t actually read that contract

        • Jeff Bader

          I find it to be BS that verizon is always looking for new ways to get you to pay more and more.  As of right now my verizon bills add up to about 25% of the national debt.  

          Maybe they should try to get new customers instead of trying to find new ways to stick it to the long time loyal customers.  Here is what verizon gets from me on a monthly basis.

          Bill for my Thunderbolt plan $150.00 (unlimited minutes and unlimited data with corporate mail plus $10 texting plan)

          Bill for my other verizon services:  $380.00 (Fios Internet, Home Phone, and TV,  And also Family share plan with 5 mobile phones with just texting and a 1400minutes shared family plan with Data Blocked)

          This is a grand total of $530.00 per month.  I already pay them for internet on my Smart phone $45per month and for Fios internet at my home (25/25plan).  It would be nice if they recognized this kind of loyalty and didnt charge for additional internet for wifi tethering.  I use my Transformer tablet as my GPS when I travel and I need the wifi tether to download the map info to my tablet in order to keep it updated.  To me that is not worth an additional $30.00 per month now that they stuffed the Thunderbolt update down my throat today that did not include Gingerbread but it included the new charges for wifi Tethering.  

          I just got a Ipad 3G with verizon card (I won from my job) but I cant justify paying for that service too but I could use the Wifi tethering for that device as well.

          I used to know a mechanic who worked for a crooked car dealer who was forced to invent non warranty repairs on brand new cars that would come in for their 3000 and 6000 mile check ups.  These cars were covered bumper to bumper for 1 year or 12,000 miles but the owner wanted $300-600 in non warranty repairs for every vehicle that came in for the warranty new car check ups.  Can you imagine the customer’s suprise when they came in for their oil change and got a $600 repair bill when the car was brand new??

          Verizon is a little like this.  They want you to keep coughing up money like hockesr in allergy season.  Just when you think that you have enough kleenex to cover you you find out real quick that you need to run to the store to buy more.  

    • Jason Paninski

      I got the htc thunderbolt because verizon and everyone else said it is the best phone with the ability to video chat on skype and just the overall best. video chat is still not available on skype and theres still no netflix and not even a home charging dock. thunderbolt was also supposed to get Gingerbread on Q2 of 2011 which ended June 30. its July 7 and i still dont have gingerbread. Thats only a few of the reasons why verizon lied to us. Idc about the $0.72. They can keep their $0.72. I just want a different phone or even a different carrier that may not lie to us as much as verizon. and verizon raising regulatory charge by $0.3 isn’t much but it should be enough to cancel the contract and get a different phone or carrier.

      • mrdoon

        Jason – as a Thunderbolt owner, I understand your frustration but, trust me, they all lie.  I left AT&T to come to Verizon but, before I did, I checked out the Motorola Atrix.  The salesman told me that we were already getting the HSPA/enhanced 3G speeds in my area and that the Atrix would be compatible with AT&T’s 4G LTE network once it was live.  Both were lies – I ran the speed test app on my iPhone 3Gs and the Atrix and I received the same basic score even though the 3Gs isn’t HSPA compatible.  In addition, I have confirmed that the Atrix doesn’t have the hardware to be able to take advantage of LTE signal.  They’ll say and do whatever they need to in order to make a sale. 

      • Stop

        Also, their “q2” might not be yerly as you think, it might be when they do their books, financially. Q2 usa very broad term. Most likely on purpose =)

      • Guest

        BTW… 3 cents is $0.03 not $0.3

        • Jason Paninski

          no. it can also be $0.3 or even $.3

          as long as the decimal is before the 3 its all the same thing. if the decimal was after the 3 it would be dollars. 

          i learned that in 3rd grade

          • Zipperwound

            douchebag…..   3 cents is .03 not  .3, that is thrity cents!  Jason, we need to re-evaluate your school system!

          • Faythus

            who cares

          • Zipperwound

            douchebag…..   3 cents is .03 not  .3, that is thrity cents!  Jason, we need to re-evaluate your school system!

      • subhelix

        Why do you feel lied to.  Is it the fact that you bought a phone that, as you are sort of referring to, that you did no research into?  Who are the ones that led a company to say that GB would be released in Q2… everything that I have seen states it is the manufacturer of the phone (HTC not VZW).  You never stated that any rep promised to you that in fact you would be able to use video chat on skype the day of activation.  Maybe they did, and if so, that does suck.  I think that you bough this phone on the belief of the things that you have stated, not any research with anything, because things do always have problems.  I just don’t understand why people always have to blame someone else.  You are the one who did what you did.  Act like an adult.

      • Down2Earth

        Uh, Skype with video chat IS working Brosquito!
        You need to search for the app.
        It doesn’t matter if you complain about the fact you “shouldn’t have to”
        Just man up and find the .apk -it works, I’ve used it.

        I doubt Verizon “Promised” you and every other Thunderbolt user Gingerbread.
        I’m sure they hoped (see crossing fingers if all alpha and beta testing goes well) it would.

        The thing is Jason.  YOU are much too gullible and take EVERYTHING that is told to you at
        face value: which is a big mistake.  Suckers get snookered every day…Why?

        Because they do NOT research information for themselves.
        This is why everyone around you beLIEves what the mainstream media tells them to!  (sad but true)

        So…I’d advise you that IF you want to cancel without an ETF: be ready to be on hold
        and to be transferred like a rotten employee from CSR to CSR until you  get what you want.

        Don’t believe what you are told.
        Arm yourself with the information that YOU signed up for at the moment of your 2 year contract’s

        Use their words against them, persevere and you’ll win.

        • Jason Paninski

          yes i know there is a leaked and unofficial version of skype with video that works on thunderbolt only. I’ve used it also. but after the newest skype update it says that my skype video apk is not the latest version. and that doesn’t even matter. I downloaded the official skype from the market and the video chat is only available on a few phones and not the thunderbolt. so no its NOT working in the market app. and I just googled gingerbread on thunderbolt and the first 5 pages(thats as far as i looked) all said gingerbread will be released on thunderbolt Q2 of this year. which ended 8 days ago. HTC or verizon never personallly confirmed it but over 50 different web sites and links all say the same date. so if thats not enough research then i dont know what is. and I’m not canceling my contract because even though verizon lies to us alot it is still the best carrier and the thunderbolt is still the best verizon phone. until they decide to release the Bionic. and yes i did research the thunderbolt and knew at the time of purchase that skype video wasn’t released yet. but the verizon rep said to me personallyabout 3-4 months ago that skype video will be released soon. and at the time of purchase i knew after resarching that the thunderbolt is the best and i still believe that.

    • Hellraiser527

       ahh, but you only get unlimited data through the life of the contract. And when you get an upgrade, you have to sign a new contract….therefore, you will NOT have unlimited data after that…you ever think of that?

      Probably not, too busy just assuming that people are greedy….

      And by the way, when you think about its not just .72 cents…..its .72 cents plus the next time the raise the fee, and the next and the next….etc….

      People like you…..

  • Anonymous

    using similar logic, can customer’s use their unlimited plan and do free mobile hotspot?.. After all, we are not digging into anything MORE than what is available to us and what we already paid for. (unlimited).

    Oh wait.. we can’t.. because Verizon says so!

    • Except your using verizon’s network at a larger rate and using more bandwidth so obviously there is a material adverse effect on Verizon… I’m losing faith in the intelligence of Droid-Lifers 🙁

      • Anonymous

        did you miss the part that I PAID FOR an UNLIMITED plan??

        • Tim242

          Unlimited for your phone…not your phone, your computer, and every other device you decide to connect. If you go to an all you can eat buffet, should your whole family get unlimited food for one fee? Do you get to feed the next table? Take home all you can tote? Some of you people need to get some common sense…somehow.

          • Anonymous

            what are you? a Verizon rep? Your buffet analogy fails.. because unlike taking my whole family each of who is filling up the plate.. all devices connected (if at all there are more than one devices connected) to the hotspot SHARE the bandwidth.
            Looks like you are plain and simply dull.

          • So if everyone ate off one plate it would be okay?

        • Your contract reading skills suck, you don’t even know what you paid unlimited for!

          • Anonymous

            and which is where you missed the point douche! I know what the contract says.. (hence the phrase “we have to do it because Verizon say so”). There is absolutely no material costs for verizon when the same bandwidth is shared.

          • it increases the bandwidth used by you douche

            Before you say “it wouldn’t, I’d use the exact same”, I had internet issues at a recent place I was staying at where only wireless internet was working.  My desktop doesn’t have a wifi card, who needs it when you can just plug in?  Normally.. Anyhow, for that month I illegally tethered my phone to play LOTRO using Verizon’s internet.  Would I have used all those GB worth of data on just my phone? Hell no!  The difference between me and you is, I fully acknowledge what I am doing and do not pretend I am entitled to it nor do I fault the carrier for trying to eliminate such theft.

          • Anonymous

            what a nut job! go and grab dictionary and find out the meaning of unlimited. idiot.
            Unlimited is UNLIMITED.. period!!.. the fact that VZW slides find print in contract is plain deception. Go back to your seat and twiddle your thumbs.

          • its unlimited with fine print not conditional unlimited…. AND THERE IS ADDITIONAL MATERIAL COST TO THEM IN TERMS OF BANDWIDTH.. like I really fail to see how you people are so retarded you can’t see that these services cost money.

          • Anonymous

            “Unlimited with a fine print”…

            you just lost the entire argument. plus.. you have no explanation how Verizon is justified in charing us more for tethering even when we buy a limited bandwidth.

            You are retarted.. not to mention not very bright or educated.. which is probably why you are working for Verizon in the first place.

          • Anonymous

            “Unlimited with a fine print”…

            you just lost the entire argument right there by saying that.. . plus.. you have no explanation how Verizon is justified in charging us more for tethering even when we buy a limited bandwidth. if I buy 5 GB (unlimited according to you).. or 2 GB from Verizon for 30 bucks.. how does Verizon have to pay more in material costs if I tether for the entire 5 GB or 2GB???.. do you have any explanation for that??

            You are retarted.. not to mention not very bright or educated.. which is probably why you are working for Verizon in the first place.

          • A.)  First we were talking about unlimited data, now you’re bringing in the tiered pricing (how many people have you heard of getting hit on for going over the 5 GB?  EXACTLY.  I’ve followed this blog for over a year and haven’t heard of a confirmed case of it actually happening, they only state that they have the right to assume that you’re tethering if you go over that).  How did I lose the argument?  You stopped comprehending after the unlimited part, it clearly states for your phone and to use it on other devices you have to pay extra.  This is like a scooter dealer offering you a discounted scooter that gets 70 mpg if you pay a set amount a month for as much gas as you can use, OBVIOUSLY meaning only the scooter, and you think you’re entitled to unlimited gas to your gas guzzling truck as well?  Even when they tell you it will cost more money if you want gas for your truck and tell you much much that will cost?  You sir truely are retarded, learn to read.

            B.)  As for taking shots at my education, I’m 3/4 of the way to a degree in Physics with a GPA closer to 4 than 3, and most certainly do NOT work for Verizon.  I am, however, intelligent enough to know that when Verizon says you can use all the data you want on your PHONE that doesn’t mean I can cry a river if they don’t automatically give me all the data for everything I can use.C.)  You also clearly aren’t smart enough to understand their business strategy.  You’re buying UP TO 2 GB or UP TO 5 GB.. They make their money because people don’t actually use all that data.  HOW CAN THEY WANT TO MAKE MONEY? You’re ignorant, retarded self clamors! Because they’re a BUSINESS, not a CHARITY ORGANIZATION.  So they pay more in material costs because you actually use the data, what a novel concept.

            Plus, I’m going to really take to heart someone who can’t spell “retarded” calling me uneducated and retarded.  Just because I’m intelligent enough to see what Verizon is doing and not saying GIVE ME GIVE ME GIVE ME does NOT mean that I work for them, it merely means that I have a brain, something you clearly lack due to your inability to see anything on the matter.  It is no one’s fault but your own for the fact that you saw UNLIMITED and thought that it meant absolutely as much as you could possibly fathom to do with it before reading the part that said unlimited on your phone.. Anyway I’m done arguing with you because you have proved that there truly is no reasoning with stupid.  It pains me that so many Android supporters have becomes as bad as itools.. In fact, I know some itools with greater reasoning abilities than you (basically, the ones that acknowledge that they want something so easy a five year old can use).

          • Anonymous

            *rolls eyes*.. first you say Verizon has unlimited with fine print.. and now you say.. Verizon “clearly states”… LOL .. make up your mind!!..

            yes, I did start with my argument about Unlimited.. which you so shamelessly support verizon about just because they slid in a fine print into the contract that NO ONE literally reads.. Then you argue that Verizon pays real money when people hog bandwidth.. which is understandable.. BUT.. it shouldn’t matter to Verizon EVEN IF they falsely claim their service to be unlimited.. and they cap it to 5 GB.. and STILL let consumers use data any way they want up to that SAME 5 GB!.. and THAT is the point I made with my very first post!!!.. so no.. this argument has NOT evolved into something different.. When did I ever say that consumers should be allowed to tether unlimited data no matter what??..it is STILL the same argument.. that.. 1. Verizon says we can’t use our “unlimited data” any way we want it.. and 2. even if there is a cap for the unlimited data, consumers should not be charged extra just to use that capped data the way they choose.

            You have made absolutely no valid points to justify why Verizon is entitled to charge extra for tethering GIVEN THE FACT that they limit data.. regardless of unlimited or not!!. so yes.. you did lose the argument fair and square.
            .. and I am surprised when you mention that you’ve been scouting this forum for a year and you haven’t seen people complaining about this.. LOL.. perhaps your bias toward verizon is clearly making your vision selective and convenient??.. SEVERAL if not most (and I believe it is most) people here have issues with this.. in fact if you google, you’ll come across several situation where even law suits were initiated against Verizon’s “unlimited” advertising.
            Most people in the reasonable world do agree with what I am saying here..
            Degree in Physics you say?? still doesn’t trump my education .. and your argument still doesn’t trump the points that I have made..
            so piss off!

      • I agree a lot of people on here have lost all common sense

  • GallonOfJalapenos

    What the hell does this have to with the nWo being 4 Life?


  • Anonymous

    If they pay the 3 cents a month will you have to report that amount on your taxes as revenue? haha.


    • Matt

      they only pay you if you call them on it

  • Guest

    Kellex, maybe you’d like to point out what the material adverse affect is on the consumer.  OH WAIT, THERE IS NONE since they are refunding any effect it would have.

    There is no change in contract here, get over it.

    • Anonymous

      Quit posting as a guest, you’re more of a pest.

    • Anonymous

      But there is, if they aren’t refunding the money automatically.  If you have to call and complain to make the change, than there is a material adverse affect.  The fact that we were not notified, and the fact that they aren’t just upping the charges on all NEW contracts, indicates to me that they are trying to pull one over on us.

      If they managed to get all ~104m subscribers to pay it, that’s over 3m a month. 

      • Anonymous


        • Your second post on the matter states that this is a government tax, so they aren’t even getting the money anyway and aren’t profiting out of it… Unless I misread.

          • Anonymous

            Does it matter where the money goes?  I sure don’t care in this case. 

            It doesn’t change the fact that they are going to charge me more money without alerting me or compensating me, however small the amount is.  Yes, I have the option to have the money refunded, but I, the customer, first have to notice the $.03, realize that I’m being overcharged, call VZW, spend 20 minutes arguing with a rep that likely has no idea what’s happening, and then watch my bill for 3 months to make sure it actually happened.

            If something happens, they shot themselves in the foot.  I don’t see why they don’t just apply to new contracts, notify us, or automatically refund it on existing contracts.

          • If sales tax increases, no one complains that the price of every good bought in a store increases, do they? You won’t call the store evil for charging you the entire sales tax, will you?

          • Anonymous

            Sales tax was raised in the last year or in my state.  When something like that happens, it’s heavily advertised.  Although I still always forget when I’m doing mental math. 5% was a lot easier. :/

          • Anonymous

            Sales tax was raised in the last year or in my state.  When something like that happens, it’s heavily advertised.  Although I still always forget when I’m doing mental math. 5% was a lot easier. :/

          • Anonymous

            Sales tax was raised in the last year or in my state.  When something like that happens, it’s heavily advertised.  Although I still always forget when I’m doing mental math. 5% was a lot easier. :/

          • Baronfel124

            No, but the store doesn’t have a contract with me guaranteeing a particular price for the goods I’m buying.

      • mrdoon

        EVERYONE should call and ask to be released from our contracts.  When they have to refund approximately $75,000,000, maybe they’ll stop being such pricks!

      • Beka27

        So what we need is for 104 million people to call in this week and demand to be reimbursed the $0.72.  I honestly don’t give a flying F about the 3 cents a month… I probably have 100 times that rolling around under couches and beds in my house… but as with most things… IT’S THE PRINCIPLE.  Therefore, maybe I will give them a call.

        Now is this fee PER LINE?  So $0.03 for one line, $0.06 for two lines, etc…  Would people need to call and separately get this reimbursed for each line?

    • Anonymous

      Actually there is a material adverse effect. If I pay that extra 3 cents and then get refunded, I’ve lost potential income on that money. I could have invested those 3 cents and had growth on that money. Therefore, material adverse effect.

  • JD

    Smart on their part.

    Verizon to Customers: “If you don’t like it, leave once your contract is over, but not before. Here’s your  $0.72.”

  • Im_angry_now


  • Rory W

    It’s not a “material adverse effect” if the cost to you doesn’t change, i.e., has no effect.

    I know we’re all tired of VZ beating us over the head with their legalese and would like to strike back with some of our own, but this isn’t going to be the opportunity to do that.

  • Matt

    I tried to get out of my contract… That is all they kept telling me as well.. That in refunding the .72 cents they didn’t have to let me out of my contract even though that is what their terms and conditions state.. after talking to 3 people higher up than the other… I finally got hung up on…

    …. Jerks

  • There is no material adverse effect because they are paying the fee. If I raise your contract by 50$, but then give you $50, there is no effect on you.

    • Anonymous

      They said you have the right to cancel the contract. Not the right to call them and ask them that the fee be waived.

    • Anonymous

      I will have to disagree with you. If you get charged the extra 3 cents on your next bill and pay it, that is a change to the contract. Like he says above, they aren’t automatically crediting you; you have to call and request it.

  • Mr.Joe

    an additional .03 cents a month I have to pay?


    I’m going over to Sprint where I don’t have to pay this .03! 


  • ChrisI

    Corporatism at its finest. They change the contract, no harm no foul. You change the contract, penalties and fees up the @$$. I’m not surprised though. I sense a class-action lawsuit though in the coming years if Verizon holds firm. A corporate lawyer will jump ALL OVER the opportunity to sue Big Red over something like this. A contract is a contract is a contract.  

    • MattInPDX

      Except in sports.

    • Agreed.  The corporate lawyers are going to smell blood in the water…

    • Anonymous

      Which is why I have in writing that I(not in a contract) will be able to upgrade to 4g now and keep unlimited data.

  • Anonymous


  • tbaybe

    go big red… dodging another bullet