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Flash 10.2 Updated: Includes Hardware Accelerated Video and Enhanced Browser Integration for Android 3.1? (Updated)

An update to Flash 10.2 is available in the market and it looks to be a big Honeycomb enhancer.  Hardware accelerated video and enhanced browser integration are the stars, making the overall experience on your new XOOM or Transformer much more enjoyable (we hope).

Update:  As I clearly overlooked, this Flash update talks of Android 3.1 which is not out yet.  The Honeycomb currently running on the XOOM is just 3.0.1, meaning things just got a lot more interesting, didn’t they?  Was that new XOOM update from Verizon supposed to be 3.1?  Is @GoogleNexus about to announce 3.1?  I’m so confused.  

Update 2:  The market listing has changed and just says “Android 3” now.  Whoops!

Update 3:  The “3.1” reference was more than likely a big boo-boo and shouldn’t have been in there, yet.  Adobe just let us know that this Flash 10.2 update will include all of the features listed there, but none of you will be able to utilize them until a new Honeycomb update is released which we’re now assuming will be 3.1.  This could have been the update that Verizon told us was coming, but it doesn’t mention anything about new hardware acceleration or Flash support.   So confusing.

Today we are releasing Flash Player 10.2 for Android Honeycomb devices, available for download from Android Market. This final release will take advantage of Google’s enhancements in an upcoming update to Honeycomb, including hardware accelerated playback of 720p high-definition video referenced in our earlier blog post. Users of Android 3.0.1 will not experience these improvements until their devices receive the update to Honeycomb. In addition, this Flash Player 10.2 release includes a security update addressing the Flash Player vulnerability announced on April 15th for all versions of Android.

Stay tuned!

Market Link

Cheers @KrazyRod and @dscarfogliero!

  • Flash never ends….!

  • It’s better with the 10.2 version 😉

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  • Does it support firefox 4.0?

  • Anonymous
  • Fully functioning Hulu.com using Adobe Flash Player for any rom – April 28, 2011 provided by yours truly

    See post #191 in the following thread:

  • Anonymous

    Those of us that have the wifi only xoom have to wait only for motorola to update it right?

  • Finire

    It sounds to me like 3.1 may be what we are all waiting for enabling full support of everything to include the microSDHC slot. Now, just to get a release time-frame…

  • Anonymous

    I want my binky.

  • Android 3.1 coming on the LG Nexus Tablet (which will be given away at I/O). You heard it here first – you’ll probably hear it from their twitter account soon.

  • Anonymous

    A typo on 3.0.1 seems most likely.

  • Anonymous

    Give me some iCecream

  • Rt

    There is no Whooops!!! they knew what they were typing because google let adobe have the current build of honeycomb… which is why google says” we won’t release honeycomb to devs until it is fixed” or what ever the exact words were… point is, there are always updates to the android OS, it is Slow VZW who won’t release such things…

  • FortitudineVincimus

    great, so get an update that has value… but who knows when and how far off and for a limited hardware sect of the population?

  • Anonymous

    Still says 3.1 on my XOOM. Man, this whole update thing just seems so disorganized, and there’s no real communication from Moto or Verizon whatsoever. They need to address the situation!

  • Anonymous

    hahaha @kellex, your thunderbolt is plugged in.
    oh battery life, silly goose.

  • Anonymous

    they changed it. look at the market. they call it
    “android 3”

  • epixhd plays in the browser before it did not play it froze. The quality of star trek looks great.

    • Zeadaplaya

      i can finally play facebook flash games!

      • Flash game is people’s choice always! In facebook flash games are played most of the time…………….

  • Anonymous

    Yea, defiantly coming next month. No doubt about that. Hopefully it’s for smartphones, too.

  • Zeadaplaya

    OMG THIS MAKES FLASH SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SMOOTH!! Sites like droid-life.com load on my XOOM with NO LAG whatsoever!!!

    Greatest. Update. Ever.

    • Zeadaplaya

      im on 3.0.1 and it seems to take advantage of hardware acceleration. ive tested like 5 flash sites. there all SOO smooth!

    • Zeadaplaya

      lol moderator doesnt trust the link i posted 😛

  • Jeremy Gentry

    YAY! android 3.1 is going to get released soon no doubt! 😛