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Video: Regina 3D Launcher Laughs at SPB Mobile Shell

When a reader sent over this new launcher called Regina 3D last night, my first impression was, “Hey, that’s sweet…total SPB Mobile kang…cool…probably too complicated.”  But now that I’ve actually had more than a couple of minutes with it, I have to admit that it’s pretty damn impressive.  This thing has more goodies built in than almost any launcher I’ve seen to this day.  It’s definitely complicated, but once you get a grasp on how it works, it’s pretty fun.

Oh and the best part?  It’s free.  Take that SPB Mobile.  

Download Link

*Note – I should point out that you’ll need multiple Regina apps from the market to get the full experience.  You’ll see them all when you hit up the download link from above.

YouTube Preview Image

Via:  XDA

Cheers Ryun!

  • Kevin

    Not sure the author is talking about spb in a right way. the concepts are different. As far as visual effects, spb is far more refined. personally, I don’t think regina makes it with the same quality. If the “free” price is your major concern, why not try cc 3D launcher, which is quite similar to spb shell in the concept, but a free one.

  • Geno Dickinson

    I really like the launcher BUT it needs to support scrollable witgets for quick contacts Its a bummer i cant use a quick contact on a work space 🙁 ALSO… you can not resize witgets.. If these two things are implemented it will be the best launcher out there

  • Kevinthorn

    I’m loving this. Working great on my Dinc. One problem, I found my region code for my town, Clearwater, FL. And it does locate it..but the clock changes to the wrong time! 5 hrs. ahead of time. Right now its 10:03am. When I put in the code, the clock changes to 3:03pm! I can’t figure out how to fix that. ( by the way, for anyone having trouble finding region code, click on “help” in “add custom city” settings for the clock. It will explain it there.)

  • Buckgrad

    Aside from the earlier mentioned horizontal app scroll, and the lack of a rotating screen, I just ran into a couple of issues. When hitting the back key after being in my browser, Regina launcher has to re-initialize and reload the apps list. Not a huge deal, but they do need to fix that.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t tried it yet, but can you hide apps in the tray like you can with LauncherPro?

  • Erg….horizontal app drawer…anyone know how to make it vertical? That’s a deal breaker for me

    • Buckgrad

      Agreed. Too much like iPhone, and I’m more used to the vertical.