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Verizon Roadmap: DROID CHARGE and Incredible 2 Headed for April – BIONIC, X2, and Revolution in May

Been a while since we saw a big roadmapped leaked out from Verizon, but today, our friends over at Phandroid appear to have the latest which details more phones than I think any of us can even comprehend at this point.  Over the next 2 months, we are expecting to see at least 7 above average Android handsets (some DROID, some not) that will easily keep Verizon on top of the game throughout the rest of the year and this is only one half of it.

So here we go!  

  • Samsung DROID CHARGE: April 7 (next Thursday) – The 1GHz 4G LTE device we saw at CES, but for some reason still lacked a name.  We broke the news on it being called the DROID CHARGE over a week ago, and truthfully, are surprised this phone received the “DROID” tag.
  • Sony Xperia PLAY:  April 14 – The “Playstation” phone that will launch with what we’re hearing is stock Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).
  • HTC Incredible 2:  April 28 – It’s just the Incredible S from Europe, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be awesome.  A bunch of pictures and system images have leaked out already, leaving almost no surprises for us come the 28th.
  • LG Revolution:  May 5 – Another of the 4G LTE phones that debuted at CES.  It does have one potential trick up its sleeve though; the first Android phone to ship with Netflix support.  Guess we’ll know in a month?
  • DROID BIONIC:  Some time in May – Ahhh, the phone that people have been waiting so long for.  I guess those April rumors that we ignored weren’t so credible?  We’ve been hearing May/June since the beginning and this may have just confirmed that.
  • DROID X2:  Some time in May – While we were huge fans of the first DROID X, this phone looks like it may be one giant bust.  A tiny processor upgrade, more RAM, and a slightly nicer screen isn’t going to bring out the crowds like the original.  Possibly 4G?
  • Samsung Galaxy S2:  Some time in May – Should be a beast of a phone, but Fascinate owners will tell you to run screaming from it.  Possibly 4G?

Everyone, there is your Verizon visitation schedule for the next 2 months.  Looks like a lot of trips into your local store to be testing and playing with phones, but I’m sure you are all fine with that

Via:  Phandroid

  • Guest

    Very happy with my TBolt. Hope I feel the same way next summer, as I went with a 2-year contract haha

  • I’m probably going to get the BIONIC unless Verizon switches to “tiered pricing” before I can get one, and in that case, I’ll probably take my account (and the 3 lines attached to it) to Sprint as soon as I’m out of contract.

  • Anonymous

    Most people who see an Android phone will immediately do two things: swipe through home screens and scroll through the app list. If they see lag and choppiness they inevitably compare to the *Phone and assume that the phone as a whole is not as fast and responsive; end-of-story for them.

    If extra cores make browsing buttery-smooth, I’m all for it.
    They shouldn’t be drawing extra power from your phone unless they are getting some tangible use anyway. (that is assuming some level of power-gating)

    I like GPU acceleration too, but there is no reason to ditch a wider architecture because it’s effects are not immediately discernible by people browsing phones in the verizon store.

  • waiting for the quad core targa

  • Anonymous

    I agree, Devs need to catch up,and I’m sure they will update and design functional software .

    About NFC:
    On the most basic level, whipping out a credit card to pay for something takes just a few seconds. So taking out a phone, opening an application and then waving it in front of a reader isn’t going to save a whole lot of time, if any. And even if carrying just a mobile phone and no wallet does become more efficient for some people there are other mobile payment technologies that work well already.

    Specifically, SMS is being used by lots of people to make payments — especially outside of the U.S. People are doing things like topping up their phone accounts with credit, or transferring money via texting — where their phones are associated with a carrier plan. NFC really offers nothing unique.

  • Craigg

    And which of these new models will be a 4G global phone? At present I see nothing exciting about any of the new models. What would be nice is if Verizon launched the Motorola Atrix with CDMA support 🙂

  • Ahh, this is 2 months, so i’m guessing still around xmas time for the Targa?? Booo..hope it comes out before then. I like my OG Droid but these new devices just crush it, especially the ones with 4G capability.

  • So, galaxy s 2 will have bing won’t it?

  • d-roids

    booooo why are the 2 phones im considering coming out in may!?!?! wack