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Incredible HD Not Coming Tomorrow

Our favorite sneaky LTE engineer Panda dropped this tweet over the weekend to help confirm that November 23rd as a possible release date for the Incredible HD was a pretty ridiculous rumor.  We’ve heard from quite a few various sources that 4G LTE Android devices likely won’t be out for at least a couple of months, so just know that if you are expecting one before the holidays, Santa may leave you unsatisfied.  If you have an upgrade available, you may want to just hold onto it and wait for the barrage of 4G LTE devices that we are sure to see in early 2011.

  • Rousellbrandon

    Maybe I'm reading wrong . The only thing this clears up is the version he has won't be available. Which could mean they do a reg. Hd and then a global Hd ?(d2) Or a 3g then 4g?

  • Dawn

    Doesn't mean the Mecha HD isn't coming out. No one even knows what this phone is truly called

  • Mrpicolas

    Santa's only worried about satisfying Mrs Claus and he's probably an iph*ne user. LOL…

  • otsrocks

    I may head to a 4g phone on sprint or T-Mobile in February when my contract is up . 145$ per month is killing me

    • Whiteboy3 Bw


      • Jeff

        lol…traitor* Unless you meant that he's trading his phone in =P

  • Murphy

    Holding onto my upgrade 🙂

  • EC8CH

    pretty obvious, but here it comes… *Sad Panda*

  • Doolidg