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Mobile Mix Report: Android Matches iOS Share in Smartphone Market

In last month’s Mobile Mix report, Android eclipsed iOS in ad revenue for the first time.  In this month’s report, it jumped 8% to match iOS as the top mobile phone OS.  As you’ll see in the chart above, both came in at 37% giving us a great representation of the behemoth that Android has become.  I’m not sure that a year ago, anyone in the industry would have predicted such a turn around.  It’s pretty amazing to see it jump up to numbers like this in what seems like no time at all.  

Some other highlights from the report:

  • We have 4 DROID branded phones in the top 30 mobile devices list.
  • Motorola is now #3 for manufacturers.
  • Android is still #2 for smartphone sales.

Feel free to check out the rest of the report here.

Thoughts?  Talk about some big news for Android, right?

  • One of my favorite artists, thank you! A thoughtful insight and ideas I will use on my blog.It's good for abdroid, but it's only for smartphones, iOS are in iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that's selling, thanks

  • The math doesn't add up the chart says iOS has 37% of smart phone market and smartphones have 61% of the mobile device market. Assuming the iPhone is the only smatphone running iOS (iPad and iPod Touch are listed as connected devices). If there are 37% of smartphones running iOS and 61% of the mobile devices are smart phones there should be 22.57% iPhones in the mobile device market, but they only show 15.96%. This means somebody got there numbers wrong somewhere or they were counting more than just smartphones when they where counting operating systems.

  • Eriik

    one thing about the iphone is that it is only on one network. android is on almost every network. once the iphone comes to other networks, like verizon, the iphone will probably take the lead again

  • Doronster195

    The top 30 list is biased. All devices but the iphone are split into their separate versions (droid and droid2 vs iphone)…

    • Jeremy Gentry

      Really? i*hone is ranked number one on the list and your still complaining that its biased? how far will i*hone users go to think their device is better than android, do you have to completely DESTROY the competition? i mean come on? yes there is rank for droid 1 and droid 2 but as far as i know there is only 1 sh!itty i*hone device slapped together multiple times, they probably just combined it all into one…and there is no time stamp on the chart it just says october which means there was only 1 kind of i*hone device for sale IN OCTOBER

      • Doronster195

        Someone has a hard time reading…
        I argued that the iphone is too high because they grouped all the phones together rather than each separate version.. Aka iphone, iphone 3g, iphone 4, etc.. While for the droid they didn't group then together, both droid 1 and 2 appear separately.

        • Jeremy Gentry

          ok, i checked it out on atnt website and it looks like you can buy both i*hone 4 and i*hone 3gs so the fact that they werent split up eludes me it is a possibility that they combined them into one and thats why it took first? who really knows the chart isn't that great to begin with,

  • Tabe

    (insert awesome pro-iphone comment here)

  • And to think that Android accomplished all of this in pretty much 3/4 of a Contract period.

  • lilbigboi

    It's good for abdroid, but it's only for smartphones, iOS are in iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad that's selling like can P**sy. (you thought I was gonna hot cakes) it's good for phones, but what about everything else, is it the most popular smartphone os or most popular mobile device os?

    • Jeremy Gentry

      Well…the pie chart clearly states “smart phone OS mix” so i'm assuming thats excluding all that other crap that has iOS

      • lilbigboi

        I'm well aware of that. But what I'm asking is I keep hearing is that android is the most popular os, and it might be…but why is it they only say android. iOS is in 3 high selling devices and people kind of don't like talking about that. I understand this pie chart is only on smartphones.

        • Jeremy Gentry

          Yes, i do understand what you are saying, lets face it iOS has been out WAYYY longer than android which makes it more polished and yes overall probably still more popular, but that doesn't go without saying Android has been in the marketplace for a little over a year now “i think” and already matched most popular OS for mobile devices, to me thats a HUGE feat in of itself. i can't imagine what the new year will bring, i can see it now 2011 we are all drinking “Android” brand energy drinks LOL

          • lilbigboi

            It's actually been a little over 2years now

          • Jeremy Gentry

            That makes sence, because i think i'm due for an upgrade for my “OG Droid”, but all things asside. We all know the reason Android has matched iOS in mobile popularity, its because SOOO many Mobile devices have android on it compared to the 3 or 4 different kinds of i*hones.

          • Drew_VA

            Technically yes, but until 2.0 and the Droid came out a year ago it wasn't really a real player in the game. I consider everything before that kind of a beta. 2.0 was when the Android OS matured into an actual OS that people would buy. They also didn't really market it that much until the Droid. What was the market share in October 2009? 1%?

  • Jeremy Gentry

    We all knew this day would come 🙂