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DROID Pro Priced at $179, DROID 2 Global at $199

As we had expected, that original price of $299 we pulled from Verizon’s test site was only a set-up number and the real price according to new reports, has the Droid Pro set at $179 on new 2-year contract.  And actually, if you were to buy it at full retail, it might only run you $479 and $349 on a 1-year extension.  Not bad right?  That’s pretty tempting, although I’m not sure how long I could handle a screen that small.

In related news, the Droid 2 Global (first pictures) will come in at $199 on 2-year contract which is pretty standard stuff.  Again, it will come in 2 colors, have global roaming just like the Pro, and should replace the original D2 any day.

And for some ridiculousness, we should point out that the Samsung Continuum pricing has been set at $199, which seems a little odd since the device only a 3.4″ screen.  It does include a second screen called the “Ticker”, but why wouldn’t someone just go for the Fascinate and its 4inches of glory?

Thoughts on the Pro and Global pricing?

Via:  Engadget, Android Central

  • sylent101

    Four inches is never glorious.

  • The350zWolf

    If I learned my lesson right and read correctly the time window for the pricing, then I'll wait until April or May of next year to get myself a D2G free or dirt cheap. My OG Droid is still rockin' and I just picked up a free D2 from BestBuy. Enough ammo to hold me off. I really, really, really want a global phone, and I want to see what pans out with the LTE. My upgrade on my OG Droid is 11/11, by then the whole scenario will be completely different.

  • R.Collazo (Posted with D2)

    Seems like the Droid Pro is an effort to dominate the Blackberry targeted customer/market…?

    • JP

      Absolutely right, and I think they are going to be very successful. Most corporate users like the Blackberry for three reasons – 1. keyboard, 2. e-mail/calendar/PIM integration is dead simple and rock solid, and 3. battery life. Everything else sucks (or at least lags competing platforms), even in OS 6.0 from what I've heard.

      IT departments are getting pressure from executives and business users to support alternatives to Blackberry, probably mostly i*hone, but also Android. Putting a device like the Droid Pro in the hands of a CTO makes perfect sense. It's Android so it should satisfy business people who want a modern OS, but has a Blackberry hardware feel and keyboard, huge battery, and Motorola beefed up the Exchange and corporate networking software to be more robust than stock Android. Slam dunk for Verizon and Motorola!

  • Majestepic

    so I talked to the vzw rep today and he said there wouoldnt be any lte phones until the 3rd quarter…of next yr….

  • Chris G

    I have to say I'm temped to go from D1 to D2G. But I really feel like its foolish to buy new anything until LTE and Gingerbread are available.

  • Chris.Go

    I need tech news not pricing if I wanted a price I would call them with CC in hand.

  • qmartman711

    With so many devices ending their 6-month shine, I wonder what VZW will bring us come May!!! Hopefully this i*hone bs doesn't cause a new baby focus. Stupid little brothers…

  • Miguel Caballero


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      • AnDroidSepTIX

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  • AnDroidSepTIX


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