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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Tab Headed to Verizon November 1?

We already know that the UK version of the Galaxy Tab will be released on November 1st, but what about to the U.S. carriers?  We’ve learned from 2 sources over the weekend that the Verizon version is also tentatively set to launch on November 1st.  Maybe we’ll just have one giant coordinated Tab launch throughout the world that day?  Would be pretty nice, although there was another rumor out Friday suggesting the Sprint version won’t land until the 14th, so our dreams may not come true.  At least the VZW version will be first though right?

And we’re off digging for further confirmation…

  • Elgordo123

    I would much rather get the archos 101 even though it wont be on 3G. (But could if I got a mifi to just like you need here!)

  • does not work for VZW

    I've heard nothing announced yet….& I SWEAR i don't work for VERIZON

    (who has the best Broadband network in the universe)

  • Hey, if they mess with us and try to sell a downgraded version in the U.S. without the phone option… Forget it! NO PHONE NO DEAL…. I'll wait to check out the new Dell's coming out later this year… Bad move on Samsung's part…. The fat phone companies don't want us to have devices that will combine our older now out dated ones…. But that's what I'm looking for!… Damn, I'm just a consumer….What do I know? The European version comes with the voice option…. That looks like a decent business gadget…. A smartpad… Good for the European commuters… But we can only get a lame one!!!… Shame on you Samsung… Give the people what they want…

  • Crap

    What's with the thick border? Wasted space if you ask me.

  • Russr1123

    Can someone explain to me why anyone would get this device? With a $399 price tag with a 2 year data contract and a $600 price tag without a contract, it's pretty steep. With dual core tegra 2 processor tablets equipped with Honeycomb and possibly LTE on the way in Q1 2011, this tablet seems like a waste unless you have money to burn.

    • big $$$

      i have money to burn and to wipe my ass with. if you have no money why are you on these sites ? you should be on sites where you can learn to be a man and make some real money.

  • niteperson

    A Verizon store rep told me “November.”

  • KorE_MoneY

    if it was $350 ill copp 2 for me and the misses but @ $400 i'm not sure…. + the BB playbook is on the horizon so that leaves plenty of options open

  • Waiting in the Midwest

    I love the 7″ form factor (think 10 is too bulky, I'd rather just carry my lenovo x201s). But since I've heard they've disabled the phone call capability in the US models I've decided it's not worth it anymore. I wonder if Dell's 7″ tablet will keep the calling features of the streak.

  • DarthRogue

    As much as I want a nice, pocketable android based tablet, and I think that 7″ is just the right size… I don't see the point in buying ANY verizon device right now with LTE right around the corner. It's going to be WAY faster, and I don't see why anyone would spend their money on a device that they're going to want the new model of once LTE comes out. I LOVE my DROID X, but I still have wait about a year to be eligible for upgrade. I will however be getting a one year contract, because as long as people keep making new devices, I'm going to want them. And in all honesty, who wouldn't?

    • Gamingprophet

      Just because LTE is launching this year, doesn't mean everyone will get it this or next year. They will do major cities in major states first. If you live in TN like I do, LTE (or any 4G) more then likely wont get to East TN until next year (for Sprint) or even 2012 for the other companies (earliest late 2011, depending on how much money they willing to spend). So if I bought the Tab now (for Verizon) when LTE comes my way I'll be able to get a new device.

  • Would be very tempting, even though I'm not a Samsung fan. Might also wait for something with a bigger screen. Thank God for two lines that are up for upgrades. LOL!

  • SecurityNick

    After playing around with my Dad's Samsung Facinate (I convinced his work to go to Android Phones instead of BlackBerry and they chose to buy the Facinate), I don't think I'll get this regardless when it comes out. I am not a fan of the UI. Hate the sideways scrolling App drawer, hate the bloatware, hate hate hate forcing Bing. I know all that could probably be changed if I rooted it (which my Moto D1 is rooted), but something tells me that it may be a little bit before people start to work on rooting all these tablets that are coming out. Is anyone else excited about the Archos 101? It really seems like a legit device to me and the most comparable to the iShmad. The only thing that kind of stinks on it is the lack of the Google Market, but I have a feeling that might change down the road. Plus, the price point is awesome and I don't want to pay another monthly bill to get 3G. Thoughts?

    • You should check out the Notion Ink Adam. Comes with the market and also has a 10.1″ screen and the price point is really good too. IMO, the best option for the first wave of high end tablets. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_tablet

    • FortitudineVincimus

      did you notice in the second row of apps, last app… Market

      odd they would show that as I have always understood that the current Market would not be deployed on tablets as an OEM app. I have read you can hack it on to some tablets, but odd they put it in the photo.

    • big $$$

      bro, this tab was rooted some time ago

    • Yann

      When the Archos 101 will be available, you'll can easily access to the Android Market by installing the free application gApps4Archos just out for the new generation of tablets Archos …

  • palomosan

    I wanna see this tabs running and performing before jumping the gun.

    Besides the way they're gonna drop I just don't like it, $399.00 with a two year contract or $600+ with no contract, way too expensive.

  • mikem

    I want one also, but not at $400 and a 2yr contract

  • Will this require a contract?

    • Michael_NM

      Yesterday, my second favorite an.droid blog reported that this will be $399 with a two-contract and $649 full-retail at T-Nomobile (after $50 rebate). I would expect something similar on VZ, but would still like to hear some news on a WiFi only version.

  • Mikeyoungblood84

    I could break my samsung security clearance, but…. I like my paycheck! 😉

  • If this thing is coming out in Nov. I will indeed be a happy camper because I do declare that I will get it.

  • Lee Salisbury861

    me to i want one

  • I would think Verizon would want to market it to more than just the tech blog community drooling over [Rumor] tags. Releasing in a couple of weeks doesn't allow for much marketing of a new product.

  • Michael_NM

    I want 1 Nov. 1!

    • Ka_Solo

      Nice job there… 😉

    • I see what you did. Nice.

      I was excited about this thing when all the announcements were happening, but then I discovered the Notion Ink Adam. Bigger 10.1″ screen (same res) with the awesome new dual mode Pixel Qi option instead of just an LCD and a dual core Tegra 2 1GHz processor. Wifi and 3G options, and the most expensive version will only be $498. I'll be getting the wifi only model with the dual mode screen when it drops in late Nov. for $449. Now that's a deal!