Monday Poll: What Should the Motorola Tegra 2 Device be Called?

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All signs are currently pointing to a super Motorola Droid Tegra 2 phone making an appearance at January’s CES, but that’s all we really know at this time.  The device we can assume, will run on 4G LTE, have a front facing camera, a screen bigger than 3.7″, no phyiscal keyboard, be running Gingerbread and basically have the specs to crush any other phone on the market.  What we don’t know at all is what this device will be called.  Rumors suggest that it is the most locked up device on the planet and testers with it are scared to death of the NDA’s, meaning there isn’t a chance in hell they’ll be leaking it.  Well, not yet anyway.

How about we toss around some names?  What about “T2” or “Terminator which Android and Me has been using?  We had heard “Venus” but that turned out to be the Droid Pro.  Other thoughts?  What would you next Droid name be?


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