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Exclusive: Motorola DROID 2 Global First Pictures

Say hello to the Droid 2 Global.  (At least that’s what we’re calling it anyway.)  The next Droid device to join our growing family has a new look, white.  We had a pretty good idea this would be launching in something other than black or blue, but these photos just cemented that.

The D2 Global is the first of the “DROID” franchise to hit “world edition” status and will be a key player for those business travelers who bounce from country to country outside of the U.S.  It’s about time right?

There is also this nasty little rumor floating around suggesting that the original Droid 2 may be on the outs in favor of the up and coming Droid 2 Global.  After seeing these exclusive pics of it, we might just believe it.  This device looks identical aside from a color change and what appears to be a purely silver top rather than the gun metal look the D2 had.

Oh, and this is still a 3.7″ screen and not the 4″ version many were hoping for.

Check out 2 more exclusive shots after the break!  

You might want to stay close to Droid Life for more exclusives of this device!

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  • That will chip off so fast.. then your have a fancy phone that looks like junk!

  • android rules the air just like verizon:)

  • it looks just like my d1.

  • if i got that, the back wouldnt be white for long

  • 1bad69z28

    I think HTC did a damn good job on styling for their new phone. Yeah, I am looking at you Motorola, let's get with the program and design something fresh and captivating.

  • droiddoes

    horrible color choices….

  • Iis

    Well I have been waiting for an Global Android from VZW. I am ready for a new phone and will give up my Storm 2 for a Droid. I found that there is up to a 15 min. delay in getting emails except my gmail. Also, I cannot get all mail and text msg in one inbox. That aside, I liked the speed and the way it works over the Storm.

  • JayMack2715

    I don't understand why all smart phones keeps cutting out a set of actual number keys on their qwerty keyboards. I hate having to hit the function key to choose a number on these phones when texting. I loved having the ability to hit a number I needed with out having to hit function button on my ENV Touch. I hope they add in a seperate number row on this new phone!

  • aaronvail

    it looks pretty awesome! This is good for my upcoming global travel:)

  • VZWRocks

    Hopefully they have also beefed up the innards as well 🙂 Passed on the D2 because I am waiting for this baby to launch.

  • How could it be the same size and still carry the GSM radios?

  • Fedxman30

    I just picked up a verizon catalog from the store and it says 'WHILE SUPPLIES LAST' below the D2, along with the Palm Pre, the HTC Imagio and the Storm 2, so the rumor of this replacing the D2 may be true. I'm upgrading to the Droid X in a couple of weeks so no worries for me on the D2, but talk about a short life span…

  • tman

    When will this be out on the market?

  • Goducks168

    Looks more and more like a i*one now. What makes this global – can it take other sim cards? Is it “unlocked”? Or just another VZ marketing ploy?

  • Please come in black too! Wishful thinking right?


  • EC8CH


    • thebourbonnflip


      • EC8CH

        Or get credit :-)~

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          • Lgatorade

            shut up nagger

      • Jettag33

        Yeah cuz no one wants you back….

  • Nick

    It's funny that its for the traveling business user, but android phones won't sync with 90% of corporate email accounts.

    • Dmalcolmcarson

      How do you figure that? I traded in my Blackberry for a Droid 2 and it syncs much better because we have Microsoft Exchange servers, but not Blackberry servers. Blackberry servers cost tens of thousands of dollars each, whereas everyone already has the MS Exchange servers for everything else unrelated to the phones. As long as a phone has a good ActiveSync with MS Exchange, all of the functionality for email, contacts, and calendar are there, and Android 2.2 even supports password protection, remote wipe, etc.

  • El El Kool J

    KELLEX!! I just had a LG representative here in the store who told me that LG will have a 2 new droid phones out around next month or so. One will look like the EnvTouch flip open style with both the outer and inner screen touch with a physical keyboard as well. Also a phone similar to the incredible which will be touch only, but he did mention its not a high end model… 🙁

  • Way to Go, Motorola

    Come to Singapore please…

  • Trophynuts

    i might possibly sell my X for this. I travel out of the US a good bit and i hate having to swap between my X and my BB9650

  • I love it. I love white electronics. Everything I have is in white (PS3, PSP, NDS, WII, TV) It looks nicer. The only glaring exception is my Droid 1 which I love too much to give up for anything. Sill, this thing is really really lovely.

  • RichardJHauser

    Is this the Droid Pro?

  • John

    Why would anyone think this would be more than just a D2 with world radios and a new name. You people expect way too much out of motorola.

    On the other side though, I would totally expect Motorola to be able to color match the farkin battery cover.

    • John

      I'll eat my words since it looks like a 1.2ghz cpu under the hood!

  • Charles

    I get the idea of having a banner in the pictures to mark the origin, but seriously, right through the phone? The only thing I want a close look of?

  • Jake

    That thing is damn ugly.

  • Gchild

    Looks good but most people have a case over the phone so fail

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Looks nice…Very unique. Maybe Just because of that White Rim

  • If it is a World phone. Does that mean a SIM card slot. I wonder how long until a ROM is released that this thing is running on ATT or T Mobile

    • Guest

      North American markets use different broadcast bands for GSM than other parts of the world, so there will never be a chance to use this phone on US GSM.
      It's not the software- it's the hardware.

      • The blackberry storm was a world phone and I was able to unlock it and it worked both on ATT and T-Mobile.

  • The350zWolf

    Personally, I think that this is very disappointing. So far the only changes that I can see is the skin, which honestly I don't like, and perhaps that it will offer GSM. Very big negative not having the 4″ screen. What are the specs? 1GHz cpu? Just the D2 with a new name.

  • kulz

    it's only a facelift with a SIM…looks nice but FAIL ;

  • DroidGirl

    I can't wait for this phone! Hopefully you'll have a release date soon. Thanks for the info!

  • Plzachar

    I have a DROID 1 and the 3.7″ screen is too small. Very eyestraining. A 4″ screen would be much better. I was really hoping for the 4″ screen and would upgrade to a DROID with a 4″ screen. I'll just have to be patient, I guess.

    • BullDroid

      Eyestraining??? yeah maybe if you need glasses.. and you are trying to tell me that .3in or 3/10in is a big enough of a difference that it wont be eyestraining?? lol wow go ahead and whip out a ruler and look at what 3/10 of an inch looks like. I'm thinking if this 3.7in screen is so eyestraining to you, that you probably really just need to get an I*ad… lol

      • Guest22

        Lol I read this early and thought that exactly, Good call.

      • Jay

        Yes.. It is.

      • Dmalcolmcarson

        Or maybe learn how to zoom and double tap to get the font size right.

    • droidr

      get the fascinate or droid x

  • JubbaTheHutt

    I'm actually digging the color contrast far more than that of the current Droid 2. And even though it would seem silly to phase out the Droid 2, especially so early on since it's release, it would be a no-brainer for Verizon, considering their Global phone offerings are pretty shit-tastic to say the least.

  • Mrpicolas

    Same insides as d2 with international capabilities ie..sim card maybe?

  • Romma1

    If I had to back to a Moto Droid, this would be it..

  • rals

    It would have been better if it was all silver.

    • Anonymous

      like your teeth ?

  • Coko

    So why can't Apple make a white phone again? everyone else is doing it…

    • Doolidg

      Because steve jobs would have to wear a white sweater….and that'd just not going to happen…you guys watch movies the evil ones are always in black.. :-O

  • What about a DX World Version?

    • JubbaTheHutt

      Motorola mentioned that they have thrown the idea around of releasing a global version of the X, but honestly, I wouldn't hold your breath. Especially considering how dominating the Galaxy S has been globally as an Android device.

  • 7th!!!! lol

  • droidrev71

    Lol..looks cool. Curious what the inside has?

    • Other then world capability, the exact same insides as the Droid 2

      • droidrev71

        Are u sure?

        • Tarman

          This phone will more than likely come preloaded with a Vodaphone SIM card installed since that pretty much works everywhere. Although, I do deploy to OEF, as I am currently deployed here, and would prefer the phone to be Network Unlocked so that I could use Roshan. It’ll be much nicer to use the tools on my Droid and make calls from it instead of having to carry 2 phones.

  • Big0Droid


    • BigODroid

      Original name. To uncreative to put your own?

  • I think it's pretty darn sexy! 🙂

  • BigODroid


    • not so much friendo

    • Doolidg


    • BigODroid

      That darn comment wasnt there when I put mine in. WIN WIN WIN!

  • Doolidg

    Good mornin