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Download: New Motorola DROID Froyo FRF84B Build

We broke the news yesterday that a select Motorola Droid test group was receiving Android 2.2 and it appears now, that the version hitting those devices has been leaked as build FRF84B.  Time to get your updated Droid Froyo on!

This is essentially a ROM as it has root included plus a custom kernel so it’s tough to call it “official,” but it’s pretty close.

*Currently for rooted users only.  Rooting instructions here.



1.  Download the FRF84B-Released.zip file to your SD card.
2.  Open ROM Manager and choose “Install ROM from SD card.”
3.  Navigate to the location you just downloaded the file to.
4.  Tap on the file.
5.  Check the box to create a backup in case something happens with the install.
6.  No need to wipe data and cache if coming from another Froyo ROM.
7.  Allow your phone to boot into recovery and work some magic.
8.  First reboot could take a while so be patient.
9.  Enjoy!

Drop your comments, questions or issues below!

We’ll have more coming as we have some time to play around with this new build.

Source: MyDroidWorld

  • does this work for the droid pro??

  • Paul

    I tried installing but it won't work, even tried wiping data, thoughts? Coming from 57.

  • Paul

    I tried installing but it won't work, even tried wiping data, thoughts? Coming from 57.

  • Xeroseductive18

    installed fyne running good. first time root…how come some people have 3d cube menu and i dont?

  • Rjisnumber1

    How to i get to ROM Mode? Also if i download this build, when the official OTA comes out, can i download it?

  • Daniel

    my phone is stuck on the Motorola sign on bootup. i tried system restore through SPRestore and at this point I believe i'm screwed. Anyone have a solution? If not, if i brought it into verizon they will find out i custom put on SPRestore. please help.

    • Gattor33

      did you do a back up before you did this?? if so go back and restore your phone to the original settings and then try doing it again and follow some of the videos on you tube on how to root your DROID!!!

  • Gattor33

    can anyone tell me how to do a root to get the 2.2 version for the MOTO DROID, i have had this thing since they first launched the DROID; i am using a macbook and cannot figure out how to do it on here…..
    please HELP!!!!!

  • Gattor33

    is there a way to do this on a mac computer

  • mattcrecelius

    Running BB v0.4 with Blue Energy theme on Chevy ulv 1.2ghz and everything looks great and is running smoothly

  • Firtermish

    GPS is not working for me either. Tried Bugless Beast v 0.3 and v 0.4 and in neither of them was I able to get GPS to work.

  • Gehobday

    followed all instructions, but now am in endless boot loop – HELP!!

    • Gehobday

      Worried that I now have a brick… is there a manual re-boot, prayer, pledge envelope, or something I can do??

      • Gehobday

        Recovered with CM, went back to back-up ROM… will wait for further inspiration…

  • Jayrod718

    GPS doesnt work. Any ideas? i had the frf57 and wiped and cache and loaded this.

  • So this is an “Official” early build from Motorola? What kinds of features does it look like we might be getting in the DROID's Froyo update Kellex?

  • So, I happened to notice this morning that this 2.2 rom seems to be missing the “apps to SD” option in settings. Anybody else notice this? Or is it hidden somewhere and my powers of observation are zilch?

  • RealGame22

    Tested out the new build. At 500MHz I had gotten a score of 1009 'Quadrant'……WoW!!!

  • Sniper04

    Hi everyone.I'm your average joe here with just enough understanding to perform the tasks you outline on this site. You guys are great Droid!!!! on thing I want to bring up about this rom. After i installed it my dock (Multimedia dock) wont display the weather anymore. Also it goes to some screensaver after a few minutes. Not a deal breaker…just an fyi . Anyone else see this?

  • Okie dokie.. I did this all is great, but how do revert back to my stock android 2.1? Some of the apps, that I was using dont work =(

  • is there a reason i can't run my Black Ice theme with this OS because it just stays on the Motorola screen after it reboots from ROM Manager

  • Abmack

    does this feature wireless teathering?

    • Wojo

      Dont know but the new BB V0.4 does and it works flawlessly!

  • onfuture builds can the dev people please program so that we get free tethering I like this build a lot but i will be needing tethering in the near future

  • locsta

    I was running frf84 bugless beast v0.3 and I upgraded to frf84b and then installed bugless beast v0.4 and now my 3d-like cube menu is gone. wassup wit that? how i get it back?

  • eddieonofre

    kellex kellex wake up drink some coffee and take ur droid
    Lord of the Roms Pete has just release the new BB v0.4 and of course is based on frf84b
    so it time to post about it to see what is new in this version I'm right now installing it.
    Pete + Droid = Froyo
    Droid + Droid Life = Complete Power Over The World… hahahahahaha
    well over our phoen at least, but tonight is the phone tomorrow the world!!!!!!

  • Josh121779

    BB v0.4 now available… with FRF84B.

    • do you need to wipe data & cache like it says? and what features does it have over the version that Kellex posted?

  • tonytbone7883

    Anybody know how to put in your name on the lock screen where it says “phone belongs to:” I can't find where to input your name.

  • eddieonofre

    I'm trying this build but I'm missing the Voice Recorder that BB does has.
    It pretty weird coz if u loos in the apps folder there is the app voice recorder? why this build and actually all teh other build have the SoundRocerder.apk but can not run it?

  • YES! 2.2 is kickin' like kickin-wings!

  • Digbob

    Holy crap! I just looked in ROM manager, and Pete already has BB v.4 up with the frf84b build… I just got v.3 yesterday, and it rocks… cant wait to see what this one can do

  • This is wonderful – I am already 2x as fast as my rooted 2.1 was. Beautiful!

    However, is anyone else still having the market missing app problem with this, specifically MLB At-Bat? I tried the fix a few times and it didn't work. Any ideas? Did people who had an earlier build of froyo, installed the fix, and then updated with this build, are you having the market problem?

    My thought is to flash a lower build, flash the fix, then flash this ROM. Ideas?

    • titanium backup off a old rom with mlb back it up and restore it in the existing rom

      • thanks Phil! I thought of that…after I went over to installing BB0.4, now it's super smooth, all apps there, but likely because I restored things with titanium — although it seems that BB has fixed the market issue as it showed up no problem.

  • aarynk

    I tried this one out this morning but the problem with some apps not showing in the market again made me switch back to BB V0.3 with Nex Theme…

    Bugless was running better on my phone anyways plus I was getting better linpack 17.2 average and Quadrant scores of close to 1400. This new leak made those scores suffer

    Thanks for posting the leak though! It was ok on my phone but Bugless all the way right now for me!!

  • Plzkkthx

    Sry but … where can i get that background for my desire?? 🙂

  • SecurityNick

    Tried it for about 30 seconds, then went back to good 'ole Blueberry Kangerade from JRummy. Side bar: Anyone else notice that Disqus doesn't really like Droid? I can't ever get it to sign in and the screen never sizes right.

    • lakerzz

      Same here, and somebody told me to try a different browser to no avail…I even tried setting my browser to be detected as desktop…again to no avail…I have to wait until I get home from work to comment. I thought maybe it was just my particular Droid, or maybe just me..Idk

      • Chris Nimon

        i had that problem so I went to disqus website (on my droid) and signed in there. I have not had a single problem since.

        • lakerzz

          Cool, thanks a lot Cris…I'll try that.

        • lakerzz

          Just commented from my “good 'ol” Droid….it worked, thanks again Chris!!

          • Chris Nimon

            Glad it worked. I just realized last week i could get txt notifications when someone commented on one of my posts. I kinda felt like an idiot so i thought id put that info out in case anybody could use it.

          • lakerzz

            Just when I thought my Droid couldn't get any better…it just did, and my girlfriend is going to hate my Droid even more…haha

  • Any note on what actually changed?

    • eddieonofre

      on the build name only
      I haven't found any real difference
      I would say so far that the BB V0.3 is better (it has more stuff like nexus one live wall, DI ringtones, BBToolkit, etc)
      But ill play with this versin for a while to see if is worthy other wise I'll go back to BB

      Lord of The Droid Pete what about a new BB with this Build??

  • thegod

    CAN ANYBODY UP THE Neural Network Live Wallpaper with Google Colors FROM THE LAST FROYO BY PETE

  • easy21

    First and my first also

  • JDub429

    Define “First reboot could take a while…” please. I tried to install it and my phone sat at the M logo for about 20 minutes. Then did a battery pull and restarted my phone, everything was normal. Should I wipe cache? I'm really not sure what Rom i'm using. My build is FRFxxx 33333 test build. Could that be the problem?

    • friedricho

      To see what Rom you are using go to settings – about phone – then to bottom where it says build number. I had trouble installing through rom manager so after I had the file downloaded I booted directly into recovery and installed from there.

      • JDub429

        I'll try booting directly from recovery. I put my build number. It's been awhile since I've installed ROMs or themes so I couldn't remember which it was or where I got it. I'll update with what happens just so people will know since everyone is so concerned! ;P

        • JDub429

          So far when I try to go into recovery I'm still stuck on the M logo. Holding X and waiting I'm stuck. I believe what I did was installed one of the earliest versions of Froyo that was on DL. Hence the build FRFxxx 33333test build? I then installed droptheme through metamorph on top of it. So from ROM manager using that recovery and SPF recovery or trying to go through reboot recovery I get stuck on the M logo. I think I'm just going to wipe my phone and try to install this over top. My phone still works and everything I just don't seem to be able to install a newer version cause I can't go into recovery. Any other suggestions?

          • No matter what recovery you are using you get stuck on the M logo? Did you flash SP recovery and then re-flash ClockworkMod recovery?

          • JDub429

            Yes, I did. I flashed SP tried to recover..then battery pulled and reflashed CM and tried again. No good.

          • friedricho

            Flash a few times then go into Rom manager and choose REBOOT INTO RECOVERY. Sometimes that works for me when all else fails (like holding x).

          • JDub429

            No luck for me. I'm gonna wipe tomorrow i think.

          • Stiwrx07

            you have to flash clockwork like 3 times then flash sbrecovery like 3 times just flash it over and over lol. then do reboot into recovery it worked for me

          • French

            This is crazy…..ROM manager seems not to work reliably. I get the same thing as many others. I go through all the steps and………. Nothing.. same FRF57.

          • Jstrege34

            I am stuck at the M logo as well. Any help out there?

          • JDub429


            Here's what I'm working with. Tried a factory wipe from settings…stuck on M logo. It seems as though my recovery is broken? I'm really not sure. Like I said…I can still use it everything is working fine except for the updating the FRF part. Can't get into recovery to wipe, install, or anything.

      • JDub429

        So far when I try to go into recovery I'm still stuck on the M logo. Holding X and waiting I'm stuck. I believe what I did was installed one of the earliest versions of Froyo that was on DL. Hence the build FRFxxx 33333test build? I then installed droptheme through metamorph on top of it. So from ROM manager using that recovery and SPF recovery or trying to go through reboot recovery I get stuck on the M logo. I think I'm just going to wipe my phone and try to install this over top. My phone still works and everything I just don't seem to be able to install a newer version cause I can't go into recovery. Any other suggestions?

    • You aren't sure which ROM you're using? WTF? You were the one to install it, right?

      • JDub429

        I know I know….noob I am. See following post…

  • bigstick23

    how is the signal strengh for calls on this ROM is it better than the leaked version of Froyo, because the leaked version drops some calls for me but everything else is good

    • eddieonofre

      I didnt have any signal problem with any of the froyo roms so far. I installed the frf57, frf83 by pete (BB V0.1) and this new one FRF84b and I havent seen any problem with the signal

      • I started having signal problems too…but not until after I ran the baseband update…before that everything was fine…

  • drew wegamnd

    I like it! All I need now is and overclock kernel anyone wanna help me out with that?

  • El El Kool J

    I am running this now.. Seems to be running smoothly.. and very fast too. Needs some themes though..

  • Carlo

    I have to say I’m running bb 0.3 w/ lv-125-1ghz kernel and the new and improved nexus theme and my Droid is loving it and so am I!

    My latest quadrant score is just under 1300 and my linpack scores slightly over 15mflops!

    Also, this new kernel seems to have nearly tripled my wifi download speed. I would get on average 3.5mbps, but now I get close to 9mbps! Wifi does hang for a few seconds before it kicks in but it flies like a rocket!

    This was definitely worth the wait!!

  • bigstick23

    How is the call quality with this build, I know the first leaked version of Froyo the signal strength wasn't all that great, which caused me to drop some calls.

    • tonytbone7883

      Did you install 1.43 baseband? That should improve call quality. This build comes with 1.43 it seems so your call quality should improve

  • tonytbone7883

    Whats the difference? Any new kicks and giggles or is it pretty much the same. My FRF57 2.2 is working great, should i change it?

    • eddieonofre

      seems to be faster…. but that is pretty much all the diferences I have found.
      Another thing that seems to have is better use of the Ram memory
      I use Home++ and before every time I kill all the app that where running I end up with some 80ish free memory but now seem I get to 90ish free memory.

      • tonytbone7883

        I'm running FRF57 with a P3 1.25GHz kernel, launcher-Pro 6.3, and Black Ice from Chaos, and it's running really smooth and no issues. I think I'll wait a couple of days…. 🙂

        • eddieonofre

          are u running that on the Droid???
          when I got the build frf57 I set it to 1Ghz and it in end up freezing after a while tried with 900Mhz same. So i just stay with 800MGz and still smooth but sure on 1MGh is even smoother

          • tonytbone7883

            Yeah, Droid. FRF57 … I'm running FRF57 with a P3 1.25GHz kernel, launcher-Pro 6.3, and Black Ice from Chaos. I wish I knew how to post it on the web I would

          • tonytbone7883

            I set my CPU 700 min and 1100 max. Seems to work.

          • tonytbone7883

            I set my CPU 700 min and 1100 max. Seems to work.

          • eddieonofre

            700 to 1100…. maybe that was my bad to leave the min on 250 and set the max to 1000
            but I dont want my phone. I might try to do that. But before one question… how long does ur battery last? I think if you set it like that the battery wont last a whole day am I wrong?

          • tonytbone7883

            It actually depends if i use my Flash 10.1 allot, If I'm watching allot of flash video then it won't last very long but normal use it will last a day easy. I always carry a spare battery anyway. http://www.cellphoneshop.com and bought one for 22.00 and a charger for the battery only for 7.99. Works out good. Never had to use spare battery yet. 🙂

      • tonytbone7883

        I just ran my Quadrant. 1371

        • eddieonofre

          But I'm pretty sure that is not on the Moto Droid, If im not wrong the Moto Droid only supports up to 1Ghz

          • tonytbone7883

            I just ran quadrant again but set my CPU to 1100 min and 1250 max and it hit 1570, :O nice. I may stay at 700 min and 1100 max just to be safe.

  • PyroHoltz

    I'm waiting for CyanogenMod v6, bring it on Koush.

  • Chris Nimon

    Im waiting till the fully functional roms from this build come out. Im sure it wont be long but I have everything working right now with jrummys first build and pulled a 1739 on quadrant.

  • vegaswa

    I'm in! Now just need the faster kernel. 1st attempt failed…had to do a full wipe. 19 mins later, back with all my apps and configs.


  • Nwolfe

    Is anyone else having problems downloading apps previously purchased after installing this ROM?
    I can't re-download any of my paid for apps?

    • rockymtnhigh

      I am sure you need to download the market fix. Its on this site somewhere; or just google froyo market fix.

      • Bkriech

        the market fix has done nothing for my droid, still some apps I can not see

        • rockymtnhigh

          Not sure then.

      • Try a fix permissions

  • rals

    This thing paired with Launcher pro is a lot faster than Kangerade

  • Nice. But I can not get Google Listen to accept either of the 2 gmail accounts I have in my phone.

  • Nice. But I can not get Google Listen to accept either of the 2 gmail accounts I have in my phone.

  • dpu328

    so can I flash a rom over this? like bb or something?

  • jahpickney

    Are scripts available for this rom?

    • friedricho

      yes – check out the new bugless beast toolkit that comes pre installed

  • Logically, if this is a leak pushed OTA to testers, there should be an UNTOUCHED copy of it somewhere that is signed and can be installed on UNrooted droids. Anybody know where the source file for this leak is?

    (not for me, I'm rooted – but there are obviously tons of people that want 2.2 but don't want to root)

  • Almighty1

    I know with the other 2.2 source builds, facebook sync is broken as well as other things. Does it work with this? Also, is the market fix required to see some apps?

  • IMA_210

    I installed this ROM, I think it is a far cry from any “official” status as it has been worked over pretty good by MyDroidWorld with the custom kernel and all. It is a sweet ROM by all means!! No disrespect intended. I tested my Quadrant scores against BB V0.3 running @ 1000MHZ clock vs. this “official” ROM running at @ 1100MHZ. Quadrant scores “FRF84B” 1226 vs. BBV0.3 1350. While I was at it I also ran GLBenchMark on both ROM's same base setup the FRF84B build scores: Pro – 4.1Fps ES – 40.1Fps. BBV0.3 Pro – 5.4 ES – 38.8. I have switched back to Pete's BBV0.3 even though I am running it stock as well, there is just something I really like about Pete's ROMs. Thanks so much MyDroidWorld for another Great choice in custom ROM's!!! Kellex you are the man!

    • Paradise

      I got a 1632 Quadrant score on BBV0.3!! I'm using a P3 1200MHZ kernal. That's by far the highest score I have ever gotten from a rom.

      • Tony

        Thats fast I'm at 1371 w/ 2.2 frf57 same kernel. BB sounds like the difference

      • Kmarker

        Quick Question, I was wondering where yu got the BBV0.3 cause when I checked rom manager I only saw BBv0.4

  • Hmm I think I'll be stayin with BB

  • Tgfree

    I loaded it….and immediately removed it. I was tethering my laptop and it came to a Verizon subscription page to signup for the verizon tethering plan…

    • geekabilly

      whoa, that's a deal breaker…

    • rockymtnhigh

      WHOA. Definitely don't want anything to do with that. Thanks for sharing.

    • hyatari

      how about you just use wireless tether or various other tethering apps out there instead?

    • El El Kool J

      there is free tethering apps on the market even if your not rooted.. so maybe ur new to this idk??

    • Tgfree

      Reloaded Bugless Beast V0.3 …. everything is back to normal. Tethering and the Verizon page did not appear when I went online. Scared me for a min.

    • PD

      Have other people had this issue? On MyDroidWorld several people claimed to have tethering working normally, so I just thought I'd check.

      I'm really happy with FRF57, so I don't want to upgrade if this really does break tethering.


  • Maizekid

    Nice better by the day.

  • I am running the latest Jrummy. 20100624.225849 test-keys
    I am having troubles rebooting into recovery to apply the update.zip folder
    Got any ideas/

    • bluengreendad

      What's happening? Are you rebooting and its not going to recovery? If that's the case, go back into rom manager, flash to sprecovery and then flash back to clockwork. That should do it if that was the case.

  • Hey I am runny the generic_sholes-userdebug 2.2 MASTER eng. jrummy.20100624.225849 test-keys
    In order to get this latest one. Do I have to rename the folder update.zip and reboot?

    Also, I am having troubles bringing up the recovery mode to do so. got any ideas>?

  • ericsorensen

    That's a huge jump in Gradiant speed score. I can't wait to see what the Motorola X (shadow) will post after it get's 2.2. Looking at the comparison phones, and assuming 2.2 will give the same boost as it did the Nexus and original Droid, we could be seeing a huge differnce between the X and the closest competitor.

  • dpu328

    it booted into the quick launcher app. Pressing home doesn't give me an launcher options

    • Rblakes247

      go into settings-applications-launcher and click “clear defaults”. when you click home youll be able to choose your launcher

  • Don

    Any one out there running openvpn got this working? I haven't been able to get it working on any froyo yet.

  • dpu328

    it just booted without a launcher

  • Pastateco

    Running Bugless Beast with Droid X theme. Think I'll stay with this til my actual Droid X comes in.

  • James Zannetti

    Loaded FRF84B and it is pretty fast. No issues yet. Some apps retained root access and others did not. Weird!

  • Pair-0-Dice

    Does this rom change the default clock speed of the droids processor from 550mhz?

  • dmmeado

    Looks like I am stuck in a boot loop. Anybody else have that issue?

    • root4life

      no probs here

    • I had it too, restored to backup.

      • Did a wipe data/cache and it installed without any problems.

    • MAK

      I Likewise am stuck in a boot loop. UN happy. Restoring to backup now. Anyone know the cause? Is it worth trying again after the restore hopefully works?

    • kJaggy

      boot loop here too. restoring to backup. very thankful i made the backup. i think it's a conflict with one of the “fixes” for frf57 – either the market fix, the maps fix, or the custom kernel overwrite for overclocking (the p3droid ones).

    • kJaggy

      if you're stuck in a boot loop, try again but select “wipe DATA and CACHE” … it'll have to reinstall all your apps (does this automatically, DO NOT OPEN MARKET until it's done), but it worked for me!

      • MAK

        ditto and ditto. all set now. What's with the crap ass launcher? The 3d launcher in the last froyo was the smoothest I've seen

    • Coaster36

      boot loop here too. First time ever having any trouble with a rom. restoring back up now, hopfully its no big deal.

      • did a wipe and worked fine. i hate doing them but you got to pay to play.

  • If I were to root and install this, when the OTA update comes, would I still receive that?

    • nkhex19

      Most ROM's block OTA updates so most likely no.

  • wonbin

    erm….When can Malaysia get Android 2.2 update?

  • will this not work with spr recovery of I rename it update.zip?

    • Ak_617

      I just tried that and got a boot loop between the Droid logo & Droid eye. I had to do a battery pull to stop it. I tried to clear cache and reboot and still looped. I did an SP recovery and everything is as it was. I want this but don't want to bother with Rom manager how can I do this?

  • Johnny

    Does this have the same frustrating vibrate/silent arrangement as the other Froyo builds? I'm really wishing for the 2.1 arrangement where I could just toggle between silent-vibrate-ring using the volume keys.

    • aczm1988

      I know its a pain for some (i personally like it) but you can use the Beautiful Widgets vibrate and silencer and it works just as easy.

      • Rob

        Funny, I LOVE the Froyo arrangement. I no longer accidentally mute my phone.

        Personally, I assumed it was a bug and was changing back, but maybe not?

    • Coaster36

      you should be good to go. I just looked. you now have setttings for vibrate only in silent mode and only when not in silent mode. so only when not in silent mode, when you slide the slider it goes to silent, its like windows 7 for android. they listened to you johnny!! you created froyo

    • I downloaded an app called “Mute” (original, eh?) from the Market. I leave vibrate on for my “silent” mode, and I use the app when I want to go completely silent (except for alarm). A bit stupid, I agree, but it does the job.

  • Does this one have all the apps?

  • EV

    what's the difference between this build and bug less beast?

  • root4life

    sham wow. i got a 1426 benchmark

    • Ak_617

      What overclock?

  • Gorman Larry0

    does this 2.2 ROM have the Wifi tether?

    and if so, is it a ad hoc connection?

    • Chris.Go

      it will always be ad hoc

  • mkregs

    I am on stock 2.1 (never rooted)…

    Question: If the test group received this OTA, then why would FRF84B-Released.zip be for rooted users only?

    I'm not being a smart ass…It's a serious question.

    • Because it has root access. You can only install a rooted version if you have root 2.1 or one of the other 2.2 roms.

      • mkregs

        Are you saying that the OTA the test users received had root access? Probably not…right? That's why I was curious why this release requires root access.

        • wes

          because you have to be rooted to install it

          • mkregs

            You're missing the point in my question…

            I have never rooted, but when the OTA started being incrementally released, I chose to load the update.zip that was posted on this blog. That was done without needing to be rooted. Let me re-phrase my original question:

            If there was a OTA that was released to a test group, then why isn't there a copy of it that can be loaded by non-rooters (similar to what was available when the 2.1 OTA started rolling out)?

          • Ben

            I see you point and here's the 2 part answer to your question.
            1. The official FRF84B release is probably available somewhere for download in an unmofided version that will install for you using an alternative install method other than the OTA release which may take some time to rollout to the general masses. You're looking to install it as an early adopter of the plain/vanilla/stock 2.2 Droin release.

            2. The reason why the releases you are seeing have been modifed from the offical release is that many people who are performing these early installs do not want to lose the privledge access they have now on the modified and early releases, a.k.a. root access. In order to perform these tasks without a ton of effort root access and alternate recovery/install methods are used which is granted by having root. Hence to keep root these modifed versions are being distributed.

            Make sense?

          • mkregs

            Thanks Ben…I'll take option 1 please. 🙂

          • Chipstack

            Thing is, this is a leaked rom “rumored” to be the soon-to-be ota. The ota has NOT been released officially yet, and to install this rom, you need to have a custom recovery installed. Custom recoveries have root access, so it doesn't matter if you flash a rooted or non rooted rom if you've got rooted recovery.

            If you flash something that doesn't come from verizon, you will be violating your service contract, so you might as well have root. Also, If you don't have a rooted recovery and flash this and something goes wrong, you will need a custom recovery to fix it unless you SBF flash back to 2.01, which is also a violation of contract but also technically illegal because RSD lite is not officialy available to the public.

          • mkregs

            I understand all of that…and I understand that the FRF84B-Released.zip is a “leak” with a custom kernel and that it can only be used by those with root access.

            Correct me if I'm wrong, but the OTA that was released to the test group (by Google) should be a pretty “official (beta-maybe-not-quite-final) build”…if it was a pretty “official (beta-maybe-not-quite-final) build” then wouldn't the users, whom were lucky enough to receive it, have to be non-rooted to install it?

            I think Ben understood best what I was getting at…ok, I'm done beating a dead horse…moving along

            oh, non-rooters are people too darnit 🙂

          • Was there a release of Froyo to the Droid as a test? I know it was sent to select NO users, but I wasn't aware of it going to DROID's

          • Honestly last thing i heard was that nexus 1 had the OTA update FRF84B not the droid, so that can be why droid can use it without root access due to modifications for use with a rooted droid.

          • Chipstack

            Not trying to beat a dead horse or anything, but you did say correct you if you were wrong. The point is that those lucky testers got this from Verizon, not Google and not from P3. If you want to install roms that come from somebody else, you are taking the same risks as you would if you were rooted and P3 probably isn't willing to be responsible for people who think they are getting around those risks somehow, so I wouldn't hold my breath for a non-rooted, unmodified version of this that doesn't require the user to assume full responsibility for errors, if they arise.
            I'm not trying to treat you like you aren't a person, just want to clear this up for people. If you don't want to root, you really shouldn't worry about flashing roms that you don't get from Verizon. I mean, who will you call if you get stuck in a boot loop?

          • andrew401

            lol chapstack i think your taking this a little too far.

          • JB

            Technically you don’t need to be rooted. You can just flash a custom recovery, i.e. SPRecovery, on your phone and then install the rooted ROM which will give you root access. You only need to be rooted if you are going to use the ROM manager method which is stated above.

    • I was thinking the same thing… Seems odd.

    • zepfloyd

      because the only thing that separates the two are a rooted kernel, these releases must have the kernel's swapped with the ones we already have before being blasted over these blogs

  • djenks24

    Just loaded BB but we'll do a nandroid and give it a try. Downloading now!! This is the fun stuff!!

  • guest

    Do I need to root before I install this?

    • root4life


  • Noob question here, When I install this over the Froyo I already have, will it erase my apps/themes/settings?

    • apps no. themes yes. setting no.


      • aczm1988

        Soooooo did u have a taste of the Petes new froyo yet ? V0.3?

        BADASS lol 😀

        • skltr21

          im so spoiled by custom themes now that i don't want to download any of the froyo stuff until it's themed. kangerade didn't work for me….. so im waiting for BB to be themed. =) and im waiting for him to update it to this official version.

          • aczm1988

            Well as far as themes go, i use Onix Concepts customizer and only download the theme. It works great over the new bugless beast v0.3. Now waiting for him to update it to this? I wouldnt wait his new rom is fast as hell and better then ever before. Remember he has the source code. 🙂

          • skltr21

            so i tried applying some of those themes and they don't change anything??? the notification bar is still white…. none of the colors of anything change???? am i doing something wrong???

      • Thank you!

  • I heard that some DROID owners are receiving froyo for testing.

    • root4life

      old news bud

    • kellex

      This would be that test build. 🙂

  • rockymtnhigh

    What does this have-built-in? Do you need to download a different kernel to OC? Any details in terms of the actual rom? And benefits of going to it from Kangerade 1.1? (I am currently running the stock flavor of Kangerade). A little more detail kellex – please. 🙂

  • tyson184

    If I have 2.2 FRF57 38829 – is there any advantage to move to FRF84B?

    • Tom

      Said this before, and I'll say it again… FRF57 was a LEAKED build that was kanged to work on the Droid. Thus the FRF57 builds are unstable and generally buggy. FRF84 is the official build from the source that Google has provided. Anything that uses that source will be much more stable and will have less bugs, if any at all, than anything before it.


    • overclockable to 1ghz

  • droidroks

    This is great. Any chance they might release a different version to the mass?

  • Pastateco

    Wow! Just loaded BB.

    • Adam

      Just loaded buglessbeast too, not gonna bother with that one

      • LobbyDizzle

        I'll stick with Pete as well.

        • jawa5636

          Me four!! BB all the way. Running like a champ so far!!

          • JayferX

            Same here, just loaded BB today, smooth as ever not going to bother upgrading to this yet

  • Ray

    Hey guys I been missing in action for a whole week but I just got my replacement droid this morning so its good to be back what did I miss

    • You missed nothing at all.
      A few Froyo releases. The new 0.3 BB and a new UI for SetCPU.
      That's about it 😛


  • kerrhome

    Kellex, for your performance test, are you overclocking or is that just Froyo that gives you that huge jump?


    • kellex

      I dropped the kernel down to 600MHz and still got those numbers. It's Froyo at work for sure.

      • Cyberdemon

        probably because Froyo is using JIT?

        • Mhmmm 🙂

          Gotta love the complier! lol

          • briderx

            BB .3 @ 800mhz and only getting 800's.. ??

    • Nölff, esq.

      I've been out of the loop for a while. What app are you using to benchmark?

      • JC13

        Quadrant Standard Edition

  • Can we update the Fav Icon with the new logo….?? My Google Reader would be very thankful. 🙂

  • EC8CH

    I'll wait for Pete to spice it up a bit for me first…

    • eddieonofre

      I agree I want to see what lord of the droids pete build with this rom. I like the BB V0.1 he built.
      SO come on Lord of The Droids you are taking too long….

    • Chipstack

      You're wait is over. BBv0.4 is now available. Pete is the man!

      • The_Other_Ray

        Have you installed it? If you have how is it

      • EC8CH

        Thanks for the heads up! Pete actually tweeted that something even newer was comming out tonight, so I think I'll hold off and see what's available tommorow, as I'm already on BBv0.3

    • I have use pete's BB V0.4 and i love it the only problem i am having is playing video's in my gallery it keeps freezing

  • A1-cars

    Damn it I have a milestone



    • OMG, if the Hero beats the Droid….hell must be freezing.

    • kellex

      Hah I'll post in a bit, no worries. Once we take to it, it'll be no contest.

      • briderx

        I just voted.. Hero is up by a decent edge.. Lets see what you can do for the Droid Kellex!!

  • Kraymanbauer

    4th still sweet!

  • Sean

    I see no need to change from Kangerade.

  • Changes from the initial Froyo release?

  • NIIIICE! Guess we retain root in this?

  • slackerjoe

    WOOO First!! =)