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galaxy s9 first 10 things

Galaxy S9: First 10 Things to Do!

As we mentioned yesterday, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ pre-orders have shipped with some arriving as early as today. Because of that, we get that a number of you are going to have your phones out of the box and setup within minutes of their arrival. Soooooo, we'...
galaxy s9 pre-order ship

Galaxy S9 Pre-Orders Shipping Nice and Early

Like we've seen for a number of years now, Samsung is shipping pre-orders of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ nice and early. That should lead to many of you having the newest Galaxy S well before launch day, which is this Friday, March 16. In previous years, we...

Video: Galaxy S9+ Unboxing!

Woohoo, look what we've got! It's a Galaxy S9+! We'll review it at some point down the road (hopefully within a couple of weeks), give you all the fresh tips and tricks, camera shootouts, etc. Before we get there, though, we figured we might as well keep the...