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Galaxy Fold

Video: Our Favorite Galaxy Fold Features!

Now that we have reached a full week with the Samsung Galaxy Fold in house, our time with this first foldable from Samsung is coming to an end. To wrap-up coverage, we'll have a write-up with some final thoughts, as well as this here, a video of our favorite...
Samsung Galaxy Fold

Drop Test Confirms, Don’t Drop the Galaxy Fold

We're going to be sharing a lot of Galaxy Fold thoughts over the next week, but if there is one piece of advice we can shed upon you today, it's that dropping Samsung's foldable phone is an awful idea. Because we would never intentionally drop one ourselves,...
Samsung Galaxy Fold

My Galaxy Fold Display is Not Damaged After a Day

3 days with the Fold I think I have been asked on an hourly basis if my Galaxy Fold is broken yet. I am pleased to report back that no, my Galaxy Fold is not damaged after a day of use. In fact, I'm almost at three days worth of usage at this point, and me,...