Software Update Brings Galaxy Z Fold 2 Features to Original Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold

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Samsung announced this week that it’s shipping a ton of the Galaxy Z Fold 2‘s features off to the original Galaxy Fold, which should make owners quite happy.

Inside, you can expect quite a few things and I think the best way for me to get the info to you is just to list it all out. It’ll save you a ton of time, trust me.

What’s New

  • App Pair – Launch up to three of your favorite apps together in your preferred split screen layout.
  • Multi-Active Window – Arrangement of the Multi-Active Window layout can now also be done horizontally, giving you more flexibility for multitasking.
  • Auto Framing – Feature automatically zooms camera in or out to ensure target(s) stays in frame. Also tracks motion to keep subject centrally framed.
  • Capture View Mode – Gives you the option to check your shots as you shoot.
  • Dual Preview – Shows preview of the photo on both the Cover and Main Screen of the Galaxy Fold. Also works with video and can be activated in Pro Video mode.
  • Rear Cam Selfie – Allows you to use the rear camera and its “wide range of advanced functions” for selfies.
  • Pro Video Mode – Now comes with more shooting (21:9 ratio and 24fps video) modes and assistant functions (histogram, focus peaking). Single Take also added.
  • Direct Share WiFi Passwords – You can now directly share the password of the WiFi you are connected on to trusted Galaxy devices that are near you.
  • Nearby WiFi Speeds – Shows you the speed of nearby connections (Very Fast, Fast, Normal Slow) to help users find what’s best.

See? It’s a lot of new stuff.

This update will begin rolling out in select markets this week. We can’t say for sure when each US model will see it, but we imagine it’ll be quite soon. Be on the lookout.

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