Googel Duo Notes

Google Duo Gets a Sweet New Notes Feature

Google Duo, an app I've never used but is apparently all the rage with Google folk, is getting a fun new feature today that lets users send notes to contacts. I don't know that it has an official name, but you'll now be able to doodle on screen to send over a...
Pixel 4

Pixel Phones are Getting a Bunch of New Features

Google announced that its Pixel phones are getting the first ever "Pixel feature drop" this week, which is mostly Google saying that a batch of new features are coming to your phone. The first "feature drop" brings new features to the Pixel 4, Pixel 3, Pixel...

Duo Gets a Low Light Mode for When Your Lighting Sucks

For when you or your friend's lighting isn't ideal, Duo is introducing a Low Light mode, designed to artificially brighten up a user's face and surroundings. As Google explains, "Low light mode helps people connect with each other face to face, even when the...
Google Duo Web

Google Duo Calls Arrive on the Web

Google Duo calls can now be made on the web, within a browser. All you have to do is click the link below, login with your Google account, and then call someone. You can do video or voice calls and it looks solid enough. Cool. Google Duo Web // Android Police
Google Duo

Google Duo Gets Easier-to-Send Video Messages

Earlier this year, Google added a video messaging feature to Duo that let you leave short video messages if someone didn't pick up a call attempt. Now, Google is just going to let you avoid having to chat live and send video messages out-the-gate. The new...