Galaxy S23 Reservations Get You $50 Extra, Hopefully More Later

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For those who missed this the other day, Samsung did more than announce that February 1 is the date they’ll officially show off the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Ultra. They also did their standard reservation system launch, which is your first opportunity to tell them how excited you are about their new phones, even if they haven’t told us what they are yet. It’s a weird thing, but we’re used to it happening.

The Galaxy S23 reservation system is like all those that came before it. It’s a free system (here) that lets you show Samsung your interest in potentially buying their new phones. We believe those new phones will be the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. By filling out Samsung’s form, you are by no means committing to buying a Galaxy S23 and are instead simply saying, “Hey Samsung friends, I might want to buy that if the launch deal is good enough and if the S23 has some surprises that’ll win me over.” That’s it.

Most years, Samsung tries to sell you on reserving by offering additional pre-order goodies on top of the other pre-order goodies they have planned. As an example, they were giving out a bonus $100 trade-in credit with reservations for the Galaxy Fold 3, up to $200 in credits for the Fold 4 a few months ago, and an extra $50 in credit to spend alongside the Galaxy S22.

For the Galaxy S23 launch, Samsung is once again doing that bonus $50 credit, although you can double that to $100 if you tell them you also might want their new Galaxy Book too. We don’t yet know what other launch or pre-order bonuses Samsung will push out, but they are typically pretty good. During the Galaxy S22 pre-order period, they were giving out up to $200 in credit to spend on accessories, plus up to $700 instantly off with trade-ins. I’d bet we’ll see something similar this year.

Again, the system is free to use and it doesn’t lock you into anything. Samsung uses your info to gauge interest and then will send you an email once pre-orders open.

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