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A year has passed since we last asked which US wireless carrier you are currently attached to, so it is time for an update. Thanks to never-ending promos with “free” phones, updates to unlimited plans with more “freebies,” the US carrier situations is ever-evolving. But do people change or do we all stay put for the most part?

In last year’s poll, we saw Verizon still maintain its lead with DL readers at 40%, with T-Mobile continuing to gain ground at 31%. The rest of the crowd around here is spread out between Google Fi, random prepaid options, and AT&T.

Since last year, we saw the return of truly unlimited data from both T-Mobile and AT&T. I talked about how I stayed with Verizon on one of my lines and actually switched to one of their newer plans, almost entirely for the freebies it offered. We also saw a big mid-band 5G push that might actually make 5G a real thing to care about. A lot happened over the past 14 or so months.

So tell us, which US carrier are you currently with? Any particular reason other than coverage? Did you make a switch over the past year?

Your Current Wireless Carrier Is?

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