T-Mobile’s Truly Unlimited Magenta Max Plan Now Available for $85

T-Mobile Magenta Max Plan

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The time of truly unlimited data plans has returned this week with T-Mobile’s introduction of the Magenta Max plan. As detailed a few days ago, T-Mobile is billing this as a plan that gets unlimited data on both 4G and 5G networks, with no throttling at any time or place. It’s now available if you want to put those claims to the test.

T-Mobile Magenta Max costs $85/mo for a single line, $70/mo for 2 lines, $47/mo for 3 lines, and $43/mo for 4 lines. In order to get those prices, you’ll need to sign-up for autopay, but also keep in mind that those are the prices you pay, since T-Mobile is still including taxes and fees in their pricing.

On the features front, the big sell here is (again) that you get truly unlimited data. T-Mobile lists Magenta Max as having unlimited “Premium Data” and says “Smartphone speeds can’t slow based on usage.” That should mean usage of hundreds of GBs or TBs of data, right? I hope so! I can’t find any sneaky limits mentioned in any of the terms on T-Mobile’s website, and I’ve looked.

Outside of the never-ending stream of premium data, Magenta Max includes 40GB of high-speed data for tethering, 4K video streams, unlimited Gogo in-flight WiFi and texting, lots of international bonuses, and free Netflix that varies depending on how many lines you have.

Are you ready to dive back into a world of unlimited data? This is your chance.



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