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verizon unlimited plan

Friday Poll: Are You on an Unlimited Data Plan?

2017 sure seemed to be the year that unlimited data made its triumphant return to the US wireless ecosystem. While T-Mobile and Sprint may have jumped out to a head start the year prior, we saw Verizon and AT&T step back in with their own unlimited plans....
best cricket wireless unlimited deal

Cricket Adds More Data to a Couple of Its Data Plans

Cricket announced this morning that its two lower tier plans are getting an extra boost of data come November 5, without a price hike. Their 1GB-$30 plan will now have 2GB "high-speed" data, while the 4GB-$40 plan will jump to 5GB "high-speed" data. Yes, I...
where to buy galaxy note 8

Where and When to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

As you may already know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been announced and goes up for pre-order August 24 (tomorrow). If pre-ordering isn't your thing, in-store availability kicks off on September 15, with the Galaxy Note 8 available at all major US carriers,...