Wear OS Adds UV Index to Your Wrist

Pixel Watch - Wear OS UV

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Google is so weird. They make a wearable operating system called Wear OS that we all know is barely supported and has essentially been on life support for some time. It hasn’t seen a significant update in years, Google despises it so much they won’t even make their own watch for it (Pixel Watch!), and fewer and fewer partners want anything to do with it.

But then you get days like this, where the Wear OS Twitter account crawls out of a cave to let us know that changes are inbound. Apparently, we now have UV Index in the weather app! Well that’s cool.

Thankfully, there is some hope on the horizon. We’re pretty sure Samsung is returning to Wear OS to give us watches that can show us this UV Index. A company that licensed Motorola’s name is likely to bring us new watches that can do the same. And when (if?) those watches show up, it could be alongside a spring Wear OS platform update. Still, we need Google to tell us that big things are coming. Give us the goods, Google.



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