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Moto 360

Wear OS is in a Sad State

Wear OS is one of those initiatives from Google that has never failed to disappoint, yet it continues to stay alive through minor updates and name changes. I keep thinking that Wear OS is worth Google paying attention to, though, particularly because it's a...
Fossil Sport

Fossil Sport Still $199 Thanks to Valentine’s Day

Fossil Sport, the Wear OS device we're currently recommending to basically anyone shopping for a smartwatch, is still on sale priced at $199 (down from $255) for a short period of time because of Valentine's Day. To briefly recap the device, the Fossil Sport...
Best Wear OS Watch

Which Wear OS Watch Should You Buy?

To answer that question - "Which Wear OS watch should you buy?" - we are going to skip by the conversation over whether or not you should even consider a Wear OS watch at all. I'm assuming that if you got to the point where you want to buy one and are looking...