Samsung Really Might be Close to Launching Wear OS Watches

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

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I’m still not sure my mind is ready to believe it, but the folks who dig deep into software to find hints of upcoming goods are convinced that Samsung really is making Wear OS watches again. In the latest leak of sorts, Samsung has apparently left evidence of the way these watches will connect from the Galaxy Wear app through Wear OS and your phone.

The info comes from Max Weinbach, who dug into the latest build of the Galaxy Wear app and found references to two supposed Wear OS watches, the sizes of their cases, and the plugin that ties them together.

The latest Galaxy Wear app contains a new plugin called “water” that Weinbach refers to as the new “Samsung wearable/Wear OS compatibility layer.” For those who have owned a Samsung wearable or pair of earbuds before, this is likely a similar plugin to the one you had to install when you first connected your device. It’s an obnoxious step that Samsung has as a part of their wearable ecosystem, but it probably keeps the Wearable app size down. It looks like their Wear OS watches will need a similar plugin.

That “water” plugin has references to “fresh” and “wise” within it, which are the codenames of the watches we believe to be Samsung’s new Wear OS watches. The thought here is that Samsung will release Watch Active 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 models running Google’s wearable OS. All of these references were accompanied by something Samsung calls “newos.”

Finally, the Galaxy Wear app mentions 40/41mm and 44/45mm watch sizes as well as Bluetooth and LTE models for these new watches. Sounds about right for a Samsung watch line-up.

Y’all as ready as I am for Samsung to save Wear OS? With plugins showing up inside new app versions of Samsung’s wearable software, we have to be close, right?



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