Google Deletes Your Google Play Music Library Tomorrow

Google Play Music Dead

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The final day has come for Google Play Music.

Google has been warning you off and on for several months now that your Google Play Music library needs to be moved over to YouTube Music, or else. You see, Google doesn’t want to continue storing libraries for a music service that has been laid to rest, especially when they have another music service available as a replacement that will gladly take on your library.

They told us a couple of weeks ago that February 24 was the absolute final deadline for you to either move to YouTube Music or download the library through Google Takeout for safe keeping. Well, we’ve reached final day status. It’s now or never, folks. Google plans to delete “all of your Google Play Music library and data” tomorrow.

You should have received the email below with that date and instructions for doing what you need to do. Again, you can transfer everything over to YouTube Music one last time or download it all through Google Takeout.

Google Play Music Dead

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