Tuesday Poll: Do You Use Android Auto?

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I was discussing Android Auto with Kellen yesterday and this guy had the audacity to joke that Android Auto is not that good. He was actually kinda harsh about it, playfully of course, but I got the sense that he isn’t a big fan of Google’s phone-powered infotainment platform.

For me, I love Android Auto, but I wouldn’t say it’s all that good. All I use it for is Google Maps and Spotify, so I feel like maybe I’m missing out on a bit of what it does. My main gripe is whenever I have to talk to Google Assistant to send a message or have it read out notifications. It’s never a fluid experience. For example, here’s how the process goes.

Android Auto (AA) after reading message aloud: Would you like to reply?
Me: Yes.
AA: What’s the message?
Me: Blah blah.
AA: I heard “Blah blah,” would you like to send it?
Me: Yes.
AA: Sending.
Me: Google lord, 2 hours later! I could have done that so much quicker by just breaking the law for a moment and picking up my phone. Damn!

And it’s not so much the conversation, but the hesitation and waiting between each response while the system attempts to understand what I’m saying and all of the background processes. It grinds my gears, people. But again, I for some reason love Android Auto!

Anyway, I got really sidetracked here. What’s your take? Do you use Android Auto?

Do you use Android Auto?

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