Final Reminders to Transfer Google Play Music to YouTube Music are Sad

Transfer Google Play Music

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The final days of Google Play Music are quickly approaching, with December, the month that Google told us would mark the end, just around the corner. If you have not yet transferred your Google Play Music collections over to YouTube Music, be on the lookout for a final reminder like the one I just received, letting you know that it’s now or never.

In the “final reminder” emails going out, Google is clear that “You’ll soon lose access to Google Play Music,” and so you need to transfer your membership over to YouTube Music or your music library, uploads, playlists, and recommendations could be gone “within the next few weeks.”

To get transferred, the process is fairly simple and only requires you to click a link and a couple of buttons on the YouTube Music transfer page. Google has made it as easy as possible to move everything over from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, assuming you plan to do that and not switch to something like Spotify.

If you haven’t been following this saga, know that Google has already stopped selling music through Google Play and that a number of users have lost access to Google Play Music completely. They have been slow rolling this end to give everyone plenty of time to make the switch.

We’ll let you know the minute it’s gone for good, but for now, make sure to transfer just in case.

Google Play Music Final Reminder



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