You Can Now Share Your Stadia Games With a Family Group

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Stadia announced this week that subscribers can now share their purchased games to their Google account’s Family Group, which is totally sweet.

This means, should you be in a Family Group, anyone attached to that group can access your list of titles and play those games on their account, even if they aren’t a Stadia subscriber. The only note from Stadia is that, “if you share a game that you claimed with your Pro subscription and your subscription ends, the game will stop being shared with your family group.”

If this is something you’d like to do, the Stadia subscriber simply enables family sharing via Stadia, then the family member simply accesses the games from their own library and they’ll see a label “Shared by family” appear under a game’s title.

Very cool, sorta how video games used to work back when things were physical. We’re going full circle, people! Google says you’ll see this roll out to all users within the next week.

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