Google Pixel 5 Display Could Feature 120Hz Refresh Rate

Google Pixel 5

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Google confirmed this week that a Pixel 5 is coming this fall. They gave us a teaser image with a side profile of the phone too, but left out any other details, instead telling us to stay tuned for more. While Pixel 5 rumors have been quiet this year, a new piece of info is suggesting a big upgrade in the display over the Pixel 4.

According to Ross Young, a display industry analyst and insider, at least one of the upcoming Google Pixel phones will have a 6.67″ display from Samsung and feature a 120Hz refresh rate. Young did not say the name “Pixel 5,” and I know that the display size sounds massive, but I can’t imagine the Pixel 4a (5G) getting such an upgrade.

If true, this would be a bump up from the Pixel 4’s 90Hz display experience. The 120Hz refresh rate would match other 2020 devices like the Galaxy S20 and OnePlus 8 Pro, leading the way to even smoother viewing for users.

I will say that I’m somewhat hesitant to fully dive in here and believe that Google will release a Pixel 5 with this large of a display. I say that because in the teaser image for the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a (5G), we’re pretty sure the Pixel 5 is the smaller phone on the left side (above). A supposed CAD-based render of the phone showed a display that’s about a full inch smaller as well, though the legitimacy of that render has been called into question.

On the flip side, should Google ditch their Motion Sense radar technology and go with a hole punch display setup like they did with the Pixel 4a, a display at 6.67″ would surpass last year’s Pixel 4 XL in size yet could still sit in a smaller overall body. I guess it would be possible.

  • UPDATE August 5: Young weighed in with an additional Tweet this morning saying that the name is the Pixel 4a XL and now, well, take this all for what it is – rumor.

The only other thing to cause pause here is the rumored price we’ve referenced a number of times in recent weeks. We know the Pixel 4a (5G) will cost $499 and that a survey suggested the Pixel 5 might cost $699, but with a 120Hz display, I’m worried at how Google could keep the price down. Now, we know a Snapdragon 765G could help there, plus Google could cut other corners (not go nuts on RAM or storage or battery size or number of cameras) to still reach that desired price point. And that may be the plan – to offer an exceptional display without going nuts elsewhere.

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