This Screenshot is Probably From a Pixel 4a

Pixel 3a

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Google’s Rick Osterloh shared a new personal Fitbit goal of his today, where the soon-to-be-Google-owned fitness tracking service says he has now walked 7,900 miles, which is “akin to taking a journey through the center of the earth.” While congrats are in order there (Congrats, Rick!), the screenshot he shared is likely from a Pixel 4a.

How do we know? See the notification shade below and how the clock and notification icons are shifted off to the right? The Pixel 4a is going to have a left-corner selfie camera hole punch in that very spot, which is why we are seeing all of the information shifted over. Hole punches move things, as you can see here from a OnePlus 8 Pro screenshot.

Unfortunately, Rick didn’t confirm to us when the Pixel 4a would launch, how much it will cost, or why it has a 2-year old camera that I’m sure will be fine. He didn’t even acknowledge the phone, even though I’m sure he knows exactly what he was doing.

Give me one, Google.



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