Question: At What Price are Foldables Worth the Plunge?

Motorola Raz

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Foldables are a costly investment, and due to their construction, they’re best not left to someone who would consider themselves to have butter fingers. I personally loved my time with a Galaxy Fold review unit, but at around $2,000, is it a device I would purchase with my own money ? Nope. It’s cool, but not $2,000 cool.

Now we have the new Razr foldable from Motorola. Priced at $1,500, this device piques the hell out of my interest, given its sturdier looking design, plus, that price could even be considered reasonable for a foldable phone. The issue then comes down to its specs. For a $1,500 smartphone in late 2019, they plain suck, but it’s still a foldable and there will be no shortage of fans who claim, “It’s the future!”

Motorola Razr 2019

My question to you is, at what price are you willing to take the foldable plunge? I know for a fact that cost is one of factors that might’ve kept you away from the Galaxy Fold. Is $1,500 closer to where you want to be to get your hands on futuristic bendy display tech? Will an eventual (albeit far down the road) sub-$1,500 price be the sweet spot for foldables?

What’s your take on foldable pricing?



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